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I wanted to start out today by letting everyone know that I’m not going to be writing about Kobe Bryant. It’s a terrible tragedy that he was killed in that helicopter crash with those other people on board. To ne completely honest I just don’t feel comfortable writing about something like that and while I’d like to pass my condolences along to everyone who lost someone they cared about in that helicopter crash, but that’s all I really want to say about the whole situation.

Do you believe that the Cincinnati Reds are contenders?

The Reds added Wade Miley as a free agent to their starting rotation. They also acquired former top prospect Jose DeLeon from the Tampa Bay Rays, but it’s unclear right now where he’ll fit in. DeLeon pitched in just 3 games last season due to injury. He also missed the entire 2018 season while recovering from Tommy John surgery. Miley should fit in as the 4th Reds fourth starter behind Sonny Gray, Trevor Bauer and Luis Castillo. Anthony DeSclafani should start the season as Cincinnati’s 5th starter.

The Reds added Japanese outfielder Shogo Akiyama as an international free agent and it appears as though he’ll be their everyday centerfielder. Early in free agency they also added Mike Moustakas to play 2nd base. Then just yesterday Cincinnati added free agent outfielder Nicholas Castellanos.

With Akiyama and Castellanos joining last seasons breakout performer Aristides Aquino in the outfield the Reds will have to make a decision on what to do with Nick Senzel who played 96 games in centerfield after being called up to the majors. Senzel’s name has been rumored in trade talks this off season; so maybe he’ll end up being part of a deal before the season starts. Senzel is recovering from a shoulder injury, but he should be ready for spring training.

Right now Freddy Galvis is penciled in as the Reds starting shortstop, but there are lots of trade rumors circulating around different shortstops the Reds might acquire. Cincinnati has been rumored to be interested in dealing for Francisco Lindor of the Cleveland Indians. Lately there has also been a rumor of a three team deal involving the Reds, Indians and Los Angeles Dodgers. In this deal Lindor would end up with the Dodgers and Corey Seager would be dealt to the Reds.

Galvis is an above average defender, but isn’t anywhere near the hitter that Lindor or Seager is. Lindor and Seager will be a free agent in two seasons; so you’d think if the Reds do make a deal for either of these two players they’d like to get them signed long term.

Add in Eugenio Suarez and what I’m sure the Reds are hoping will be a bounce back year for Joey Votto and the Reds look to have a potent offensive line up. The catching situation may be the weak spot in this Reds line up. Tucker Barnhart is the left handed hitting catching option while Curt Casali and Kyle Farmer look like they’ll be the right handed catching options.

The Reds will have to jump three teams in the National League Central to win the division and that can be a tall order. Do you think that the Reds have done enough to win the division? There’s an outside chance that they can contend for a wild card spot, but it’s going to be difficult task to beat out the National League East team that doesn’t win that division.

With Castellanos off the board it appears that Yasiel Puig is the last top remaining free agent out there.

It’s a bit of a surprise that Puig is still available. He has 20 plus home run power and has one of if not the best outfield arm in baseball. Now he can be a little bit of a head case, but you’d have to think that the right team with veteran leadership would be able to keep him under control.

When free agency started I thought the perfect fit for Puig would be with the Miami Marlins. A Cuban born player in a market with a high Cuban population might help attendance. The Marlins still aren’t anywhere near contending for a playoff spot; so anything that would improve attendance would be a good thing. The Marlins where the worse drawing team in baseball last season averaging just 10,016 fans per game. The Marlins might improve on the 57 wins they had last season, but will their attendance improve? At this point in free agency I’m sure they could bring Puig in on a lower money short term deal if it’s something they’re interested in doing.

Is there another fit out their for Puig?

It’s possible the Texas Rangers might be a landing spot for Puig, but I’m not sure that he’s the centerpiece player they’re looking to build around. Now the Detroit Tigers are interested in bringing in another outfielder, but they came out and said that they have no interest in signing Puig. With the trade of Starling Marte the Pittsburgh Pirates could probably use an outfielder, but there’s very little to almost no chance that they’d make this type of signing. I do believe there is still one contender that might be interested in Puig’s services and that’s the St. Louis Cardinals. The Cardinals let Marcell Ozuna and his 29 home runs go in free agency and right now it appears as they’re going with some of their younger players to fill that roster spot. Puig would probably be a much better fit for a team that’s looking to contend. By signing Puig it would also allow the Cardinals to move Dexter Fowler out of rightfield as Puig would be a defensive upgrade over Fowler.

With spring training right around the corner do you see Puig signing with a team before spring training start? If you do see Puig getting signed; which team do you see him signing with?

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  1. I think that Cincinnati will wind up 2nd in the NL Central. It’s a tough call, but I’m predicting the Cardinals will repeat.
    It’s a good thing the Pirates are in the division or else the Cubs would wind up in the basement.
    I think Puig’s reputation is hurting him quite a bit right now.


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