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Depending on how big of a fan you are football season may be sneaking up and you along with your fantasy draft. Slowly but surely I’ve been trying to take a look at which players I should target and which players I can let go. Now I’m just getting started on this; there is something I’ve notice. We run our league through the Yahoo website and as I was looking at their player rankings the one thing that jumps out is that running backs are back. Last season the rankings featured the wide receiver, but coming into this season running backs take up six of the Top 10 spots in the rankings. They also hold the first two spots with David Johnson of the Arizona Cardinals at #1 and Le’Veon Bell of the Pittsburgh Steelers at #2. This is quite a change from last season.

Now it’s not like the wide receivers have went anywhere. The Top 20 spots are split evenly with 10 wide receivers and 10 running backs holding down those spots. In case your wondering the first quarterback comes in at #30 and that’s Aaron Rodgers of the Green Bay Packers.

Now in our leagues where we actually start two running backs a week it can be tough to find guys and you normally have to hit your second running back to compete. Last season I was a big believer in LeSean McCoy of the Buffalo Bills and he paid off big for me. Of course after the way he played last season I won’t be able to sneak him by anyone this season. So where do we go looking for running backs.

Maybe you’re buying one of the rookies and you’re going to try and land Leonard Fournette of the Jacksonville Jaquars or Christian McCaffrey of the Carolina Panthers. They should be the first two rookie running backs off the board. Then there’s Joe Mixon of the Cincinnati Bengals. I’ve really seen a lot of the fantasy experts high on Mixon, but he’s in a crowded backfield with Jeremy Hill and Giovanni Bernard. Are there enough carries to go around? As we get closer to the regular season we might be able to add Dalvin Cook of the Minnesota Vikings into the conversation. Depending on how the Latavius Murray injury goes Cook could pick up some carries. Now one more rookie running back to check in on could be Samaje Perine of the Washington Redskins.

If you’re not sold on one of the rookie running backs maybe you’re looking for a veteran player who needs to bounce back. C.J. Anderson of the Denver Broncos was a solid running back going into last season, but was slowed by an injury. He could be a bounce back type of guy. Can the San Francisco 49ers be improved enough to make Carlos Hyde a fantasy value this season? Adrian Peterson is another guy coming back from an injury, but he’s with a new team that throws the football more than they run it. It’s going to be interesting to see how he fits in there.

Now there are some old faces in new places to take a look at besides Peterson. Marshawn Lynch has returned to the NFL and is now with the Oakland Raiders. Eddie Lacy is with the Seattle Seahawks. LeGarrette Blount is now with the Philadelphia Eagles while Mike Gillislee is with the New England Patriots and the oft injured Jamal Charles is a member of the Denver Broncos.

Now with all the movement at the running back position it looks like there are two guys who could really benefit from it and pay off for you in fantasy. Ty Montgomery looks to be the #1 running back in Green Bay and Spencer Ware appears to be the #1 running back in Kansas City. If they get the touches a #1 running back would get both of these guys could be good fantasy options.

Now I’m sure there’s a running back or two I left out here, but as we get closer to the regular season will take another look at the position and try to come up with some type of draft order for these guys. If there’s a running back you think should be included please leave their name in the comments.

While we’re on football it’s being reported that the Atlanta Falcons have signed running back Devonta Freeman to a 5 year contract extension worth $41.25 million dollars. The deal also includes a $15 million dollar signing bonus. On average Freeman will make $8.25 million dollars per season. The only running back who will make more this season is Le’Veon Bell of the Pittsburgh Steelers. Now Bell is under the franchise tag and will make $12.12 million dollars this season, but as far as running backs under multiyear deals Freeman is now the highest paid of them all. Freeman unseats LeSean McCoy of the Buffalo Bills as the highest paid running back. McCoy will make $8.010 million dollars in 2017. Doug Martin of the Tampa  at Buccaneers is next on the list as he’ll make $7.15 million dollars for the 2017 season.

Freeman is a two time Pro Bowl player and has put up back to back season of over 1000 yards rushing. Freeman also scored 11 rushing touchdowns in each of the last two seasons. Freeman is also an asset in the passing game as he’s caught 157 passes in his three year career.

Out of all of the four major sports baseball has to be the toughest one to predict on a game to game basis. Here’s just one example for you.

The Houston Astros are considered the best team in the American League while the Chicago White Sox have the worst record in baseball since the All-Star break. The Astros sent a Cy Young award winner in Dallas Keuchel to the mound on Tuesday night while the White Sox countered with 5-11 Derek Holland. The Astros are 30 games over .500 while the White Sox are 24 games under .500. So with everything pointing to what should’ve been an easy Astros victory the White Sox go out and beat them 8-5. Now this is something that happens multiple times in baseball on a daily basis which makes it so much different than any other sport. It’s rare in the other three sports that a team that is at the bottom of the standings beats a team that’s at the top of the standings unless it’s the NBA and the better team is sitting it’s top guys out. Now it’s true that most of the time the better team wins the game, but a situation like this is one of the reasons that baseball is always interesting to watch.

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