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Posted: August 8, 2017 by Daniel Kupres in baseball, football, sports, Sports Time Radio

It’s been many moons since I’ve put the “pen to paper” but a couple stories really sparked my interest and I just had to put my two cents out there.  I may be a couple days late but whatever.

IMG_0390 The Hawk

Hawk Harrelson says he’ll never go back to Wrigley Feild.  Well lets get the obvious out of the way, Who cares!  He’s been broadcasting full time with the White Sox since 1990 and it takes him until now after announcing that he will retire after next season to say what a joke the facilities for the broadcasters and the visiting clubhouse are.  If it was so bad, why didn’t he just not go this year?  Like others have brought up, does it have anything to do with the fact that he can’t hold the White Sox World Series wins over Cubs and the fans?

Now anytime that I’ve mentioned how he annoys the hell out of me and it actually ruins me from watching White Sox games, Big Jack brings me back to Earth to remind me that he is the last of the old school broadcasters that are not cookie cutter and actually show some emotion and enthusiasm for the team.  I began to put my attitude for him to the side and respect that he is the end of the old school broadcaster that we wil never see again.

Now don’t get me wrong, i am not going to sit here and tell how great the Cubs television broadcast team are because they are not.  Casper fits that defininition of the cookie cutter and JD, well I never understood how when he was brought in, Theo and company kept talking about the Cubs way this, Cubs way that, bought the color announcer is a long time Astro.  Not to mention the fact with some things he says makes its hard to believe that he even played the game.  I digress but in the end, The Hawk should just take an early retirement and personally, I think it would be amazing if the White Sox went retro and just let Steve Stone call the games by himself, Vin Scully style.

Jay Cutler Jay Cutler

Now, Sunday was to many a baffling day to many, the Miami Dolphins went and signed Jay Cutler.  I don’t know a whole lot about the situation down there but my thoughts good for Jay.  What I think is hilarious is Chicago radio and the Super Bears fans who worshipped this guy when Lovie was Coach but now he’s trash.  Whether you like him or not, unless Mitch makes it 10 full seasons as the Bears starter, Jay will go down as one of the greatest QB’s in Bears history.  Now, I can sit here and list the records he holds but will you can use Bing and see for yourself.

Now I’m not back peddling and saying I was his biggest supporter because I wasn’t.  I think what Bears fans don’t want to recognize and I understand why, Loyalty to the Bears and being a life long fan of the team, but at some point we have to realize when it came to the Bears and Jay Cutler, they had no clue and still haven’t shown they have a clue as to what the hell they are doing when it comes to building an offense.  Let’s not forget Jay had a new coach every couple years and new coordinators and a line that couldn’t protect him.  They wanted him to be the QB he wasn’t.  When they used his arm, they overused it.  I’ll say it, I think he had all the talent but not the leader you needed to win a Super Bowl and sadly the Bears couldn’t find that coach was that man.

After it is all said and done, I think it will be interesting to watch both the Dolphins and Bears this season, but I really can’t wait until he retires and we give it some time and the response he will get when he comes back to Chicago as a Bears Hall of Famer but will he be an NFL Hall of Famer?  Only time will tell.

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