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We’ve spent some time here looking at the NBA top teams and how the playoff match ups might go. Let’s turn our attention to the other end of the standings and teams that will be in the draft lottery. I started thinking about this after I heard some experts on television debating if the Boston Celtics should “tank” the rest of the season to get back into the draft lottery. The Celtics currently hold the 8th and final playoff spot in the Eastern conference. So your team gets into the draft lottery and by chance they win the #1 overall selection; great right. Not so fast; do you know the last #1 overall pick to win a NBA championship was LeBronJames. James was the #1 overall pick by the Cleveland Cavaliers in 2003. Of course the catch to James winning the title was he didn’t do it with the Cavaliers, but with the Miami Heat. The last overall #1 pick to win the NBA¬†championship with the team he was drafted by was Tim Duncan. The San Antonio Spurs selected Duncan #1 overall in 1997. Now before your team wins that right to make the 1st selection in the draft here are the last 10 #1 overall draft picks. Andrew Wiggins in 2014, Anthony Bennett; 2013, Anthony Davis; 2012, Kyrie Irving; 2011, John Wall; 2010, Blake Griffin; 2009, Derrick Rose; 2008, Greg Oden; 2007, Andrea Bargnani; 2006 and Andrew Bogut; 2005. There’s a MVP on this list. Players who have been in a number of All-Star games. Some players who look like they are on their way to becoming big stars. A couple of players who were busts and one who had his NBA career cut short do to injuries. The one thing that all of these overall #1 draft picks have in common; they are yet to win an NBA championship.

While we’re talking about the NBA and we’ve looked at MVP candidates before let’s look at the rookie and see who might win the Rookie of the Year award. Andrew Wiggins leads all rookies in scoring average at 15.8 Points Per Game (PPG) for the Minnesota Timberwolves. Elfrid Payton is handing out 6.2 Assists Per Game (APG) for the Orlando Magic. Nerlens Noel is leading all rookies with 7.9 rebounds per game, 1.9 blocks per game and steals per game with 1.8 for the Philadelphia 76ers. Noel is technically still a rookie since he was injured last season and didn’t play in any games. Langston Galloway is the only other rookie besides Wiggins to average double digit PPG with 11.1 and also puts up 3.0 APG for the New York Knicks. Would you consider a player like K.J. McDaniels of the Houston Rockets? McDaniels averages 8.2 PPG, grabs 3.4 rebounds per game and averages 1.2 blocked shots per game. McDaniels is averaging just 23 minutes a game, but he is the only one on this list playing for a team with a winning record and going to the playoffs. I left Jabari Parker of the Milwaukee Bucks since he only appeared in 25 games do to an injury.

Last night (Friday) we had Ian St Clair from Ian is the beat writer for the Denver Broncos and we talked to him about the Broncos off-season. The Broncos haven’t made a big name signing in free agency, but they’ve handled their salary cap well to give themselves a little room in case there is a player or two they still might like to add. Ian predicted the Broncos would let Julius Thomas go. They did as Thomas signed with the Jacksonville Jaquars. To replace Thomas the Broncos brought back tight end Virgil Green and also signed Owen Daniels. Offensive lineman Orlando Franklin signed with the San Diego Chargers. So the Broncos sign offensive lineman Shelley Smith. The Broncos let Terrance Knighton and Mitch Unrein go in free agency. Knighton signed with the Washington Redskins and Unrein joined Franklin in San Diego signing with the Chargers. To help replace those two the Broncos signed Vance Walker. Linebacker Nate Irving signed with the Indianapolis Colts; so the Broncos re-signed Steven Johnson and brought in Reggie Walker to fill that spot. Safety Reggie Walker signed with the Houston Texans; so the Broncos tendered an offer to Tony Carter to hopefully keep him in Denver. Of course the Broncos franchise tagged wide receiver Demaryius Thomas to keep him in Denver next season for sure and give them a chance to work out a contract. It’s always tough to give a team an off-season grade since you haven’t seen any of these guys on the field yet, but it does look like the Broncos were able to fill the positions where they lost players at. Denver still has the draft and there are quite a few free agents still out there to fill any needs they think they might still have or to maybe upgrade at a position. If this is Peyton Manning’s final season in the NFL wouldn’t it be perfect if he could go out on top.

So how was your week?

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