This Old Stub: Miami!

Posted: October 27, 2014 by Sports Time Radio in basketball, football, sports
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It has been a long time since I did one of these, you remember, This Old Stub. Obviously, I took that from good ole Bob Villa, i’m sure I just dated myself with that reference. Either way like all great tales, it starts with a reflection…Christmas 2013. The months preceding, my wife would periodically text me questions about sports but the one that stood out was when she asked me, what my favorite teams were and players on that team. So, in true Fanatic tradition, I threw out there: Carmelo Anthony, Joakim Noah, Brandon Marshall, Adrian Peterson, Adrian Gonzalez, Buster Posey, Patrick Kane and even Jonathan Quick. Christmas Eve comes and she decided to let me open my gift…I tear through the jingle bell paper and rip the top off the box, through the white tissue paper I see black and what looks to be red and orange? Confused I pull out a Dwayne Wade T-shirt and a snapback. If you read my previous blog from a couple years ago, Fitted Hats are bettter than Snapbacks, you’d know, I do not wear snapbacks at all, ever. She then looks at me, “There’s more.” I pull out an envelope with a homemade ticket that says Heat vs Pistons but we live in Chicago. That is when I discover that my gift is seeing the Miami Heat live and in color in Miami! To top it off it’s a work trip for her so am I going solo? Nope her 19 year old nephew is meeting us in Miami and going with me. Flash forward, we arrive in Miami and are put up in a plush resort with two pools and a private beach. Oh yeah, and golfing. Apparently, Dan Marino was at this resort once for a golf outing. It is Super Bowl Sunday and her company threw a Super Bowl Party! Yeah!!! Yea I wasnt all that excited about it because you know how those things go. Nobody is there to watch the game…Theyre just their for the food and social aspect. Me, I’m there to watch Peyton Manning win a Super Bowl. Not only that, here at Sports Time Radio, we make predictions each year on who will the Super Bowl. I chose Denver to go all the way, while Big Jack picked Seattle. I really wanted to see Denver win so that the Big Jack would have to buy me a Tshirt. Mind you, my wife made me buy her a Seahawks T because she likes their colors better. Once the game was over and the party wound down, I snatched up as many of the pennants I could off the tables to take as “souvenirs.”


Monday morning, my wife is gone for work and my nephew, Justin and I go to the mall for lunch and hit the beach. Which if I had known, we’d be by a mall I would have waited to get my New Era 5950 Miami Heat Fitted Cap size 7 & 5/8 (In case you want to send me one). She returned the snapback because I would not ever ever ever wear it. Back to the hotel to shower and change, the concierge clapped for a taxi and $50 later we were in Miami, for $150 i could have had a car pick us up and wait for us but I saved the $50 for Heat merchandise. As we walk up to the American Airlines Arena, we see a bus pull into the garage, from what Justin could make out it was the Pistons but we were too late plus security wouldnt let us approach the bus. So, we take our pics in front of the stadium and wait out front for the doors to open. As we people watch, all walks of life are here to see the Heat and some of these people are very interesting like the 2 grown men in matching Addias polyester jump suits. We even met a die hard Seahawks fan from Canada, Eh. He really said Eh.


Finally, the doors are open, as we get passed security, we are handed little mini poms, which Justin turned down…never turn down a free gift with no catch! Plus I love free gifts. Our tickets were up top, where the real fans sit. I say that because before attending this game, I did not know that it is Miami tradition to show up late and leave early. I can’t imagine what season tickets cost but I would want to get my money’s worth. When I got home, the first thing Big Jack asked me was, “Did the Heat fans show up late and leave early?” Hence, when I learned of this “tradition.” From where we sat, you could see all the action and as a plus we were on the stationery camera for TV, so the introductions were done facing us. Even though we were all the up top, you could still feel the Heat from the fire they used during the Heat’s introductions. Entertaining as it was designed to be as well as the whole experience surrounding the game. They had a DJ, which I thought was unique. He played music through the breaks which included a dance by the Heat Girls. This is where I discovered the “referee’s timeout.” But hey if a referee’s timeout is just going to bring out the Heat dancers, I’m not objecting. My favorite part was towards the end of the game, the hype crew came up to our section. These are generally the same guys that were warming up with the Heat before the game. They brought up the Big LeBron head and the letters H E A T. I was write by the T. They are the ones that get the crowd chanting “Let’s Go Heat!” & “Defense!” I have to be honest I turned into a little kid. If I was on TV or not, I don’t know but It was for lack of a better word, AWESOME! As I write this, LeBron has left for Cleveland, seemingly taking the Heat out the finals, I still recommend going to see the Heat at the American Airlines Arena. If you’re in Miami, just go there for any event. That place is amazing. Miami is truly an international city and it showed from the food they served. Now I am not sure if your ticket restricts you to your level but I saw everything from hot dogs to a Hibachi Grill. We ended up with the cheapest thing we could find $15 Sirloin Burgers, We spent so much time looking at everything, we ended up there. There were tons of different souvenirs, I settled on a Back to Back Championship T-shirt. How can you go wrong with Championship anything. If I lived in Miami, I may have wasted my money on the giant heads of the different players.


Basketball is such a fast paced game, it’s difficult to break it down like you can with the MLB. The game went as any game does and being in Miami, there were some calls that went the Heat’s way. Big Jack and I have discussed how NBA refs can determine the outcome of the game with there calls by their mood. It’s not right but it happens and to be fair, Ive seen calls against the Heat on the road because it was the Heat. It was a great time, the Heat won, I was given a free pom pom from the Heat, got a championship Tshirt. It was a great time, I would definitely go back, and with Pat Riley I don’t think the Heat are out of the West just yet. Now, I’d really like to see them win, with out James. If you’re in Miami, Go! but for the next time I’m there it will be at Marlins game. I have to see that crazy bright green stadium.

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