7/9/14 Let’s call it Wednesday

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The baseball trading deadline is at the end of the month, but the Oakland A’s and the Chicago Cubs got things started on July 5th. The Cubs traded two starting pitchers; Jason Hammel and Jeff Samardzija to the A’s and received shortstop Addison Russell, Billy McKinney, Dan Straily and a player to be named later or cash considerations. Living in the Chicago area this has been talked about quite a bit. I’ve heard a lot of baseball people say the Cubs got a great deal, but did they? Hammel and Samardzija are top of the rotation pitchers while the Cubs have potential. Straily started the season in the Oakland rotation and was so bad he was optioned to Triple A. McKinney is in Class A ball; that’s a long way away from being in the major league. The best player baseball people say the Cubs got in the deal was shortstop Russell; who was in Double A at the time of the trade and injured. For this trade to come out good on the Cubs end doesn’t Russell have to be a break out major league player? Shouldn’t McKinney at least get the majors and be a solid player. Shouldn’t Straily be a 4th or 5th starter for the Cubs. There are so many if’s involved in this deal for the Cubs I’m not sure you can say it’s good on there end to start with. Now it may work out to be a great deal for the Cubs, but can you call it that way right now or should you wait to call it a great deal. Remember you don’t always get John Smoltz for Doyle Alexander or Mark McGwire for T. J. Matthews, Blake Stein and Eric Ludwick. I gave Cubs fans a break there and they all know what I’m talking about. Or course having Hammel and Samardzija wasn’t going to get the Cubs into the playoffs any time soon; so they might as well move them for prospects who might be major league ready when and or if the Cubs ever improve. Does this trade have to get the A’s into the World Series for it to be a good deal for them? The Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim also made a trade on July 5th. The Angels got left-handed pitcher Joe Thatcher and outfielder Tony Campana from the Arizona Diamondbacks for outfielder Zach Borenstein and minor league pitcher Joey Krehbiel. I’m not quite sure if this move by the Angels is equal to the move that the A’s made, but it should make the American League West fun to watch. The Diamondbacks made another trade the next day sending starting pitcher Brandon McCarthy to the New York Yankees for pitcher Vidal Nuno. You have to believe the Yankees where looking for a veteran starting pitcher since it looks more and more like C.C. Sabathia will be lost for the season. The Yankees still have a shot at being a playoff team and they’ll need a veteran starter like McCarthy in their rotation. As the deadline gets closer their will be more and more trades made as team try to get ready for a playoff run.

If you listen to the show you know I’ve been very tough lately on Chris Bosh. Bosh was offered a 4 year $88 million dollar deal by the Houston Rockets and hasn’t taken it yet because he apparently is waiting to see what LeBron James does. If you don’t remember Bosh used to be a Top 10 or maybe even a Top 5 player in the NBA now he’s an after thought in Miami. Bosh’s last year in Toronto he averaged 24.0 points per game. He’s never averaged over 20.0 points per game with Miami. I think Bosh needs to get out of the shadows of James and Dwayne Wade. While Wade isn’t the player he used to be he’ll always be the face of the Miami Heat. Wade was their draft pick and won a title before James and Bosh got their. I’m telling Bosh to go to Houston take that deal and try to win a title with James Harden and Dwight Howard. If Bosh passes up the Rockets deal and signs a veteran exception or whatever the NBA calls it then he’s a coward and he has no confidence in his own ability. It would be sad for Bosh if I thought he had more talent than he thinks he does.

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