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Here we go with the now 2nd annual Sports Time Radio All-Stars. Dan the Man, Mr, Fantasy, Schaumburg Stu and I have all picked the players we think should be playing in this years All-Star game. Here’s how the voting was handled. A player got 8 points for a 1st place vote. 6 points for a 2nd place vote. 4 points for a 3rd place vote, 3 points for a 4th place vote, 2 points for a 5th place vote and 1 point for a 6th place vote. We picked 3 players each at Catcher, 1st Base, 2nd Base, Shortstop and 3rd Base, 6 Outfielders, 6 Starting Pitchers along with 4 Relievers. We ended up with four players being unanimous selection; three in the National League and one in the American League. Here’s how the voting came out. The point total a player accumulated will appear in parentheses next to his name.

Catcher: American League
Salvador Perez (24) Kansas City Royals; Kurt Suzuki (22) Minnesota Twins; Derek Norris (14) Oakland A’s; Yan Gomes (12) Cleveland Indians.
National League:
Jonathan LuCroy (28) Milwaukee Brewers; Yader Molina (20) St. Louis Cardinals; Buster Posey (14) San Francisco Giants; Miguel Montero (6) Arizona Diamondbacks; Evan Gattis (4) Atlanta Braves.

1st Base: American League
Miguel Cabrera (32) Unanimous, Detroit Tigers; Jose Abreu (18) Chicago White Sox; Edwin Encarnacion (18) Toronto Blue Jays; Brandon Moss (4) Oakland A’s.
National League:
Paul Goldschmidt (32) Unanimous, Arizona Diamondbacks; Anthony Rizzo (18) Chicago Cubs; Freddie Freeman (12) Atlanta Braves; Adrian Gonzalez (6) Los Angeles Dodgers; Justin Morneau (4) Colorado Rockies.

2nd Base: American League
Jose Altuve (28) Houston Astros; Robinson Cano (26) Seattle Mariners; Ian Kinsler (14) Detroit Tigers; Brian Dozier (4) Minnesota Twins.
National League:
Dee Gordon (22) Los Angeles Dodgers; Anthony Rendon (14) Washington Nationals; Daniel Murphy (12) New York Mets; Scooter Gennett (8) Milwaukee Brewers; Chase Utley (8) Philadelphia Phillies; Neil Walker (4) Pittsburgh Pirates; Matt Carpenter (4) St. Louis Cardinals.

Shortstop: American League
Alexei Ramirez (26) Chicago White Sox; Alcides Escobar (18) Kansas City Royals; Derek Jeter (12) New York Yankees; Erick Aybar (8) Los Angeles Angels; Xander Bogaerts (4) Boston red Sox; Elvis Andrus (4) Texas Rangers.
National League:
Troy Tulowitzki (32) Unanimous Colorado Rockies; Hanley Ramirez (14) Los Angeles Dodgers; Starling Castro (10) Chicago Cubs; Brandon Crawford (6) San Francisco Giants; Dee Gordon (6) Los Angeles Dodgers; Jhonny Peralta (4) St. Louis Cardinals.

3rd Base: American League
Josh Donaldson (26) Oakland A’s; Adrian Beltre (20) Texas Rangers; Kyle Seager (12) Seattle Mariners; Evan Longoria (8) Tampa Bay Rays; Lonnie Chisenhall (4) Cleveland Indians.
National League:
Todd Frazier (32) Unanimous Cincinnati Reds; Casey McGehee (22) Miami Marlins; Matt Carpenter (10) St. Louis Cardinals; David Wright (4) New York Mets; Anthony Rendon (4) Washington Nationals.

Outfield: American league
Mike Trout (30) Los Angeles Angels; Jose Bautista (17) Toronto Blue Jays; Micheal Brantley (16) Cleveland Indians; Yoenis Cespedes (9) Oakland A’s; Adam Jones (8) Baltimore Orioles; Melky Cabrera (6) Toronto Blue Jays; Nelson Cruz (4) Baltimore Orioles; Alex Gordon (3) Kansas City Royals; Alex Rios (2) Texas Rangers; Jacoby Ellsbury (1) New York Yankees.
National League:
Andrew McCutchen (28) Pittsburgh Pirates; Giancarlo Stanton (24) Miami Marlins; Yasiel Puig (17) Los Angeles Dodgers; Carlos Gomez (10) Milwaukee Brewers; Charlie Blackmon (7) Colorado Rockies; Hunter Pence (4) San Francisco Giants; Ryan Braun (4) Milwaukee Brewers; Mike Morse (1) San Francisco Giants; Billy Hamilton (1) Cincinnati Reds.

Starting Pitching: American League
Felix Hernandez (25) Seattle Mariners; Masahiro Tanaka (22) New York Yankees; Mark Buehrle (12) Toronto Blue Jays; Max Scherzer (12) Detroit Tigers; Yu Darvish (8) Texas Rangers; David Price (8) Tampa Bay Rays; Chris Sale (4) Chicago White Sox; Scott Kazmir (4) Oakland A’s; Jon Lester (1) Boston Red Sox.
National League:
Adam Wainwright (30) St. Louis Cardinals; Clayton Kershaw (18) Los Angeles Dodgers; Johnny Cueto (16) Cincinnati Reds; Zach Greinke (12) Los Angeles Dodgers; Julio Teheran (5) Atlanta Braves; Tim Hudson *4) San Francisco Giants; Josh Beckett (2) Los Angeles Dodgers; Tim Lincecum (2) San Francisco Giants; Madison Bumgarner (2) San Francisco Giants; Steven Strasburg (1) Washington Nationals/

Relief Pitchers: American League
Greg Holland (26) Kansas City Royals; Fernando Rodney (24) Seattle Mariners; Koji Uehara (9) Boston Red Sox; Glen Perkins (8) Minnesota Twins; Wade Davis (4) Kansas City Royals; Dellin Betances (4) New York Yankees; Jake McGee (3) Tampa Bay Rays; Joba Chamberlain (3) Detroit Tigers; Casey Janssen (3) Toronto Blue Jays.
National League:
Francisco Rodriguez (30) Milwaukee Brewers; Huston Street (17) San Diego Padres; Craig Kimbrel (10) Atlanta Braves; Kenley Jansen (10) Los Angeles Dodgers; Trevor Rosenthal (6) St. Louis Cardinals; Aroldis Chapman (4) Cincinnati Reds; Sergio Romo (4) San Francisco Giants; Jean Machi (3) San Francisco Giants.

Felix Hernandez would be our starting pitcher for the American League while Adam Wainwright would be our National League starter.

There are our choices for this years All-Star game. Agree or Disagree?

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