6/7/14 How was your Week?

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So we’re into June and finally the NBA and the NHL seasons will be coming to an end. While I’ve enjoyed the NHL playoffs quite a bit this season and Game 1 of the Stanley Cup finals was an overtime thriller the season is just too long. The same goes for the NBA. These finals can be great, but it’s June and it’s baseball season with football mini camps right around the corner. There has to be a way to end these seasons soon than they do, but I’m not sure either league would be will to try to do those things. I still don’t understand why the playoff series games aren’t every other day. I know television has a lot to do with the scheduling and the leagues aren’t going to turn down that money, but you’d think the networks would be willing to work with the leagues. I’m under the impression that the NBA and the NHL think the playoffs going longer are a good thing and maybe I’m the only guy who’s lost some interest in them. I guess it’s one of those issues someone will have to let me know about.

We’ve been having some fun on the show (Sports Time Radio)) as Dan the Man and Mr. Fantasy have been picking the playoff game winners and some other random games that I’ve been throwing at them. Schaumburg Stu even picked some games when he filled in for Dan. Mr. Fantasy had a rough Friday as he went 0-3 and their record fell to under .500 at 24-25. Now since Saturday is an off day for the show I did have Mr. Fantasy make some picks for Saturday. He selected Maria Sharapova to win the French Open woman’s title. The match is actually being played as I write this. He took Mark Buehrle to get a win in today’s game for the Toronto Blue Jays. Now if Buehrle takes the loss or gets a no decision that will be a loss for Mr. Fantasy as Buehrle has to get a “W”. His third pick was the Los Angeles Kings to win Game 3 of the Stanley Cup finals. Not only have Dan the Man and Mr. Fantasy to pick the NBA and NHL playoff game winners they’ve had to select winners in WNBA games, NASCAR races and as you read a sentence or to ago professional tennis. Along with, if certain baseball players themselves will do certain things during a game. A couple of predictions they had to make was, would Nelson Cruz or Jose Abreu homer in the game they where playing that night. As you see somethings it doesn’t boil down to just winners and losers, but what will happen in a game. Like will Mark Buehrle get the win today? Of course the tag line for Sports Time Radio is any sport any time and we’ve proved that.

It’s been reported by ESPN that former University of North Carolina basketball player Rashad McCants has said while playing at the school that he rarely went to his classes and that his tutors wrote his papers for him. McCants was the 2nd leading scorer on the North Carolina team that won the national championship in 2004-05. McCants also said that he made the Dean’s list in 2005, but didn’t attend any of the four classes he received A’s in. Those are just a couple of the statements McCants made about his time at North Carolina. None of his former teammates have come out to back up these statements and North Carolina’s head coach Roy Williams has denied knowing anything about these allegations. While I had never heard much about academic issues with the North Carolina men’s basketball team the football team did have some issues with this. The NCAA sanctioned the football program for improper benefits and academic misconduct involving a tutor, but the athletic department’s sports programs largely emerged from the academic scandal penalty-free. As sad as it is to say I actually do believe that this goes on in big time college sports programs, but that doesn’t mean that McCants is telling the truth in this case. I’m sure there will be some type of investigation and will have to wait and see what comes out of that.

I was happy to see the Baltimore Orioles call up two time Cy Young award winner Johan Santana even though he had to go right on the disabled list. Santana has been recovering from arm issues that forced him to under go two major shoulder surgeries. While he wasn’t ready to pitch for the Orioles his contract had a set call up date in it and the Orioles had to either call him up or let him go. As we know the Orioles called Santana up and placed him on the disabled list. Santana was in extended spring training in Florida when he suffered another injury. This time it was a torn Achilles tendon that will end his 2014 comeback attempt before it even gets going as Santana will have season ending surgery on the torn tendon. I hope he’s healthy and given another shot to make a comeback for the 2015 baseball season.

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So how was your week?

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