3/29/14 How was your Week?

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After floating his name in the trade market the Philadelphia Eagles just decided to release wide receiver DeSean Jackson. The Eagles sited Jackson’s work ethic and attitude along with rumors that he is affiliated to some gang members that have been connected to two homicides since 2010. Jackson released a statement denying he is a gang member and calling the reports “misleading and unfounded.” Jackson had 82 catches, 1332 yards and 9 touchdowns last season for the Eagles. With the re-signing of Jeremy Macklin and Riley Cooper this off-season and the trade for Darren Sproles, you wonder if the Eagles felt Jackson was expendable. There have been some rumors that the Eagles like the crop of wide receivers in this coming May’s draft. A report came out yesterday saying six teams had contacted Jackson 30 minutes after he was released. In March of 2012 the Eagles signed Jackson to a five tear $48 million dollar deal. With the release of Jackson the Eagles will take a $6 million dollar salary cap hit this coming season.

Is it just me or out of the four major sports does it seem like the NFL has more arrests than any other sport. In another example San Francisco 49ers cornerback Chris Culliver was arrested Friday morning in San Jose California for felony hit and run and weapons possession. According to police reports Culliver hit a person on a bicycle and then fled the scene. As a witness attempted to stop Culliver from leaving the scene he got out of his car with a pair of brass knuckles. Then to add to the matter Culliver hit the witness’s car as he was fleeing the scene of the accident. The 49ers where aware of the situation and released a statement saying “We will remain in contact with Chris and the local authorities as we continue to gather the facts regarding this situation. As this is an ongoing legal matter, we will reserve further comment at this time.” If you’re having trouble remembering who Culliver is; he was the player who made headlines two years ago during Super Bowl week with his anti-gay comments.

Five teams have clinched Stanley Cup playoffs spots so far. The Boston Bruins and Pittsburgh Penguins in the Eastern conference and the St. Louis Blues, Anaheim Ducks and San Jose Sharks in the Western conference. only one point separates the Ducks (102) and the Sharks (103) for 1st place in the Pacific division. The Chicago Blackhawks (99), Colorado Avalanche (98) and Los Angeles Kings (92) should lock up playoff spots in the Western conference soon, but the other two spots will be up for grabs. The Eastern conference is much less clear. The Montreal Canadians (91) should clinch a playoff spot, but after that their are seven different teams in the 80 point range. With five playoff spots for these seven teams the race in the Eastern conference will heat up as the regular season gets closer to the end.

With the Miami Heat and the Indiana Pacers both struggling a little in there last ten games do you give any other team in the Eastern conference a chance to beat either team in a seven game series. The Pacers are 6 – 4 in their last 10 games while the Heat are 5 – 5. The Pacers have a three game lead over the Heat for home court advantage in the East. It’s going to be difficult to get by either of these teams in a seven game series, but would you give the Brooklyn Nets or the Chicago Bulls a chance. How about the Toronto Raptors who look like they’re going to win the Eastern conferences Atlantic division and get the 3rd seed in the playoffs. In the Western conference the San Antonio Spurs are on a 16 game winning streak and our looking like they’ll get the #1 playoff seed in the West. It’s going to be the 8th spot in the Western conference that’s going to be interesting. The Golden State Warriors, Phoenix Suns, Dallas Mavericks and Memphis Grizzlies are all separated by two games. Plus the Portland Trailblazers are just a couple of games ahead of this group. One of these teams with a record above .500 will miss the playoffs.

The Los Angeles Dodgers and the San Diego Padres open the baseball season Sunday night. Yeah I know there where two games played between the Dodgers and the Arizona Diamondbacks in Australia, but that was a stupid idea by major league baseball and I’m not counting that as the start of the season. Clayton Kershaw will miss this start for the Dodgers with back inflammation, but it’s not something that should hold him back from making his next start. Andrew Cashner will be the opening day starter for the Padres. Let’s play ball.

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So how was your week?

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