How was Your Week? 03/08/14

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So if your Mike Woodson how do you feel that the New York Knicks offered their head coaching job to Phil Jackson. Jackson turned the job down, but the Knicks turned right around and offered him a position in the front office. Of course with the situation the Knicks are currently in I don’t know if the Zen Master himself can help them out. Carmelo Anthony is free agent after the season and while I fully expect him to resign with the Knicks, but by bringing Anthony back, will they have any money left to sign any other free agents. I know the Miami Heat have been able to bring players in with Pat Riley in the front office, but they had a better product on the floor then the Knicks have right now. Now Jackson hasn’t accepted any position with the Knicks right now, but the offer is out there.

It’s Mr. Fantasy’s favorite time of year; free agency in the NFL. Teams will start releasing players to get themselves under or close to the salary cap; so they can try to sign free agents. In the last two days the New Orleans Saints have released a couple of veterans. On Thursday it was being reported that after eight seasons with the Saints wide receiver Lance Moore was going to be released and then news broke yesterday that the Saints would also be releasing running back Darren Sproles. If your team is in need of a defensive back there are a few out there to choose from. T.J. Ward of the Cleveland Browns, Alterraun Verner of the Tennessee Titans and Aqib Talib of the New England Patriots are a few of the top defensive backs on the open market. Eric Decker appears to be the top wide receiver in free agency, but maybe your team could use a Hakeen Nicks or a Julian Edelman at receiver. Players can start negotiations with teams on Tuesday.

Spring training is fully up and running for all major league baseball teams. The Kansas City Royals announced that starting pitcher Luke Hochevar will miss the entire 2014 season because he needs to have Tommy John surgery on his pitching arm. In 1974 Dr. Frank Jobe came up with the surgery that took a tendon from pitcher Tommy John’s right forearm and replaced the damaged medial collateral ligament in John’s throwing arm. John went on to pitch 14 more seasons after this surgery. On Thursday Dr. Jobe passed away at 88 years old. They did a study in 2013 that 124 active pitchers have had “Tommy John” surgery. Before Dr. Jobe came up with this surgical procedure this injury was considered career ending. Pitchers like Stephen Strasburg, John Smoltz and now Hochevar will be able to come back and continue their careers because of the procedure Dr. Jobe invented. The baseball Hall of Fame has a wing for people who have contributed to the game. I’d like to see baseball put Dr. Frank Jobe in Hall of Fame for coming up with this surgery and saving countless pitching careers.

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So how was your week?

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