It’s your (Sports) Fantasy

Posted: February 23, 2013 by Sports Time Radio in baseball, basketball, football, hockey, sports
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I’d like to think I’m an avid fantasy player and hopefully one of the better ones out there. I regularly play baseball, football and hockey. Now I did take this hockey season off because of the strike, but I’ll be back next season. I’ve even played basketball any kind of March madness pick’em, Nascar and even a PGA golf league. I don’t think I would call myself a fantasy expert, but I have a lot of experience in fantasy leagues. Now this actually all started when I bought myself a new car. If you’ve listen to the show you know I bought a 2013 Chevy Sonic LT. When I bought the car they gave me a free subscription to Sirius XM radio. Now I’ve enjoyed having this and have had a good time flipping channels. Well I found the Fantasy Sports channel. What has surprised me the most about this station is how many people play in very, very small fantasy leagues. The experts take calls and give advise and very, very rarely do they get a call from someone who’s league is bigger than 12 teams. Now for me these are way to small for baseball leagues and it takes the fun out of it for me. Most fantasy league rosters have 20 to 25 players on it. Now there are 30 teams in Major League baseball with 25 players on a roster. Now my math isn’t always the best, but I believe there are 750 players on major league rosters. Now you’re wondering about my league; well it’s 20 teams with 23 roster spots per team. I believe this really makes our league better. We do suffer from time to time with teams who stop changing line ups but every league has those type of problems. Trust me I understand the difficulty in researching baseball with everything going on and it’s easier to get into a small league. If you love baseball do the work get into a bigger league and have fun with it. Don’t jump up and down when you win your league and it has 10 or 12 teams in it; jump up and down when you win your league and it has 20 teams in it. Just like Mr. Fantasy does when he wins a league; I’ve known him long enough to know he does this. Anyway I’ll reach out to you guys who take the time to read this and by the way thank you for that. We have a 20 team league with some openings right now; so sign up and give it a try. It’s a free league we run through Yahoo. Here’s all the information you’ll need to sign up.

It’s Yahoo Fantasy baseball

The League name is Touch’em All

The league ID# is 33024

The league password is payup1

I hope to see you in the league and good luck.

The Big Jack


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