Who Ya Got; Defensive Player of the Year (NFL)

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When you mention the award for Defensive Player of the Year two guys come right to mind. They could really be 1 and 1a and I wouldn’t be surprise if at the end of the season they end up splitting the award. I didn’t take the easy way out like that and I went with one over the other. There’s still one game to go and if one of them went nuts it could have a huge effect on voting. Anyway, here’s my ballot.

I went with J.J. Watt, defensive end for the Houston Texans. Watt sits at 20.5 sacks right now and like I mentioned there is one game to go. The Texans are 12-3 and are looking at a bye in the playoffs. The Houston defense is giving up 20.2 points per game and Watt is a big part of that. Watt is also putting up these numbers even though Brian Cushing was lost for the season.

Aldon Smith is second on my ballot. Smith is only one sack behind Watt at 19.5. Smith is a big reason the 49ers defense ranks in the top ten in all the major stats. Third in points allowed at 17.3; fourth in passing yards allowed at 199.7; sixth in rushing yards at 96.8 for an overall ranking of second at 296.5 yards per game. The 49ers are in the playoffs this season and are 10-4-1 with a game to go.

As I look past sack totals for the third spot on my ballot I’m going with Luke Kuechly. Kuechly is the middle linebacker for the Carolina Panthers and while the Panthers have had a down year at 6-9; Kuechly leads the NFL with 151 tackles. Last time I checked tackling was an important part of the game. My guess is Kuechly will be over looked on most ballots, but I believe he belongs on the list.

Von Miller and his 17.5 sacks ends up in the fourth spot on my ballot. He’s the leader of the Denver Broncos defense and that defense has helped the Broncos go 12-3 this season. The Broncos are third in yards allowed per game at 302.2 this season; fifth in points allowed per game at 19.1 and third in rush yards allowed per game at 91.0. All good reason to include Miller in the Defensive Player of the Year talk.

Charles Tillman fills out my ballot for Defensive Player of the Year. While Tillman has just three interceptions all three of them have been returned for touchdowns. Tillman does much more for the Bears defense. Tillman has 71 total tackles so far this season, but he has forced 10 fumbles making him dangerous to be around with the football.

It’s always tougher to pick a Defensive Player of the Year, so let me know Who Ya Got? You can follow me on Twitter @Burketime

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JJ Watt
C Tillman
A Smith
L Kuechly
V Miller

  1. Stewart Silverman says:

    I think that Smith of the 49’ers is a good choice but I’m not sure how well he did in last weeks game against Seattle. But Seattle is awfully tough to beat at home no matter how tough the opposition is.


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