Who Ya Got; Coach of the Year (NFL)

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This is a tough award to pick and may be the toughest of all to select a top coach. There are quite a few good candidates for this award. Everyone has a favorite coach; so here’s the way I have them for this season.

My choice for NFL Coach of the Year is Bruce Arians of the Indianapolis Colts. To tell you the truth I don’t even know if he qualifies for the award. His job is offensive coordinator but he’s filled in this season as head coach while Chuck Pagano recovers from cancer treatments. The Colts are 10-5 while Arians has filled in and are in the playoffs. Pagano came back to his job Monday but Arians did a fantastic job while filling in. Not to mention the work he did with Andrew Luck. If he doesn’t qualify for the award they should change it and just give this award to Bruce Arians.

In any other year Mike Smith of the Atlanta Falcons would probably win Coach of the Year. The Falcons are 13-2 with a game to go and I believe have clinched home filed advantage throughout the playoffs. Smith and the Falcons still have a lot to prove even though they’ve done so well in the regular season. I think the Falcons need to win a playoff game or two and even though they say it doesn’t affect these awards I think in a voters mind I think it does. Anyway Smith has done a good job with the Falcons this season and should get a lot of votes for Coach of the Year.

3rd on my ballot is Gary Kubiak of the Houston Texans. The Texans are 12-3 and at times have looked like a Super Bowl contender. The Texans a lot like the Falcons have to prove something come playoff time, but for the regular season Kubiak keeps this team winning. Houston maybe the most balanced team in the NFL and of course that’s where coaching comes in. If the Texans can get a win this week (@Indianapolis) and clinch home field though the playoffs in the AFC that could help Kubiak get so extra votes.

Mike Shanahan of the Washington Redskins comes in fourth on my ballot. The Redskins are 9-6 and have a win and you’re in-game this week against the Dallas Cowboys. Shanahan has a rookie quarterback in Robert Griffin III and a rookie running back in Alfred Morris but even with that the Redskins have a chance to win their division. There may have been some doubts about Shanahan without having John Elway under center, but this season has helped change some of that. Will see how many ballots Shanahan ends up on.

Maybe Pete Carroll should be higher on my ballot than fifth but that’s where I have him. Seattle is 10-5 so far this season and no one wants to play them in Seattle. Carroll went with a rookie quarterback in Russell Wilson over free agent signing Matt Flynn and the choice turned out to be right. Carroll also has the second leading rusher in the NFL in Marshawn Lynch. The Seahawks are a playoff team this season and that helps put Carroll on my list because I don’t think anyone had Seattle in the playoffs at the start of the season.

There you go feel free to compare my picks to yours and as always follow me on Twitter @Burketime

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  1. Stewart Silverman says:

    Those are all good choices. If I had to pick right now, I’d go for Pete Carroll of Seattle. Or maybe Lovie Smith because of the great job he’s done over the last eight games of the season!


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