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It’s Masters weekend in Augusta Georgia. Tiger Woods is injured and not playing and yesterday Phil Mickelson missed the cut. The Masters rolls on without two of the biggest stars in golf. Ratings where down without Woods in the field and you have to wonder if Mickelson missing the cut will hurt the ratings even more. There still is some good golf being played and Bubba Watson has the lead after two rounds at -7. John Senden is three shots behind at -4. There are also four players at -3 going into this weekends rounds.

While the marquee game in the NBA last night (Friday) was the Miami Heat against the Indiana Pacers the real intrigue is in the Western conference. The race for the 8th and final playoff spot is getting interesting. The Dallas Mavericks, Memphis Grizzlies and Phoenix Suns are fighting for the final two spots and are separated by 1/2 game. With the schedule the way it is these three teams are almost playing a round robin set up to decide these last two playoff spots. The Mavericks have two regular season games left. Tonight (Saturday) at home against Phoenix and then they go on the road to play Memphis April 16th. The Grizzlies have three regular season games left. Sunday night there on the road against the Los Angeles Lakers. They have to turn right around and play again Monday in Phoenix against the Suns and then they close the season with that April 16th game at home against Dallas. Phoenix has three regular season games left as well. They have tonight’s meeting against the Mavericks in Dallas. Then they have that home game April 16th against Memphis. Phoenix ends the regular season April 16th on the road against the Sacramento Kings. In the Friday night battle for the #1 seed in the Eastern conference LeBron James scored 36 points and the Miami Heat beat the Indiana Pacers 98 – 86. The Heat took a 1/2 game lead over the Pacers for that #1 seed, but with the way the Pacers have struggled down the stretch seeding might not be an issue.

Dan the Man and I where talking on either Wednesday or Thursday’s show about the Houston Astros television rating. It was being reported that the Astros got a 0.0 television rating for a recent game. This early in the season this is incredibly sad and if the rating is right there has to be a better home for the Astros than Houston. How about the Montreal Astros? There have been some rumors that major league baseball would like to get a team back in Montreal and if fans I Houston don’t want to watch baseball maybe the fans in Montreal would. While the Expos didn’t make it in Montreal that had a lot more to do with ownership and a terrible stadium than anything else. The Expos had some great players in the teams history, but ownership couldn’t afford to sign the players and had to trade them for prospects. The Astros have been rebuilding for a couple of seasons now and could grow with Montreal on their way to being a better team. It’s embarrassing to think that a baseball team got a 0.0 television ratings and if you live in Houston or the Houston area you should be ashamed of that television rating. How do you like the sound of the Montreal Astros?

I have to tell you I’m not a fan at all of inter – league play starting at the beginning of the season. At first inter – league play was interesting to watch, but now the bloom is off the rose; so to speak. When they could build it up and make it seem like a big deal it meant something. Now there are inter – league series all season long and there have been times already this season that I didn’t even realize in was watching an inter – league series. How do you feel about the way major league baseball is handling inter – league play?

So how was your week?

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