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#1 Los Angeles Rams Jared Goff, Quarterback (California). The Rams gave up quite a bit to get the 1st pick in the draft. Goff can be the face of the franchise with their move back to Los Angeles.

#2 Philadelphia Eagles Carson Wentz, Quarterback (North Dakota State). The Eagles also gave up quite a bit to move up and they’re looking for a future starting quarterback. I said future; so someone tell Sam Bradford to shut up.

#3 San Diego Chargers Jalen Ramsey, Cornerback (Florida State). I doubt the Chargers thought they’d be this position. Ramsey may be the the best player in this draft and while he listed as a Cornerback he has the skills to replace Eric Weddle at Safety.

#4 Dallas Cowboys Joey Bosa, Defensive End (Ohio State). The Cowboys let Greg Hardy go and they have a need for an edge rusher. While Bosa’s combine numbers weren’t what people thought they’d be he can get to the quarterback.

#5 Jacksonville Jaquars Laremy Tunsil, Offensive Tackle (Mississippi). There is lot of talk that the Jaquars would like to deal this pick, but I’m not going to try and factor in trades. If they keep this pick why not protect Blake Bortles.

#6 Baltimore Ravens Myles Jack, Linebacker (UCLA). There are a couple of ways the Ravens could go with this pick, but they know defense; so they might as well pick the best defensive player on the board.

#7 San Francisco 49ers Laquon Treadwell, Wide Receiver (Mississippi). Quick; name a 49ers wide receiver. Chip Kelly needs a weapon for his up tempo offense and receiver is a huge need in San Francisco.

#8 Cleveland Browns DeForest Buckner, Defensive Tackle (Oregon). This is another spot in the draft that might be dealt as there where some reports that Cleveland would be willing to make another deal. If they hang on to the pick Buckner is a good player to build a defensive line around.

#9 Tampa Bay Buccaneers Vernon Hargreaves, Cornerback (Florida). This is a position of need for Tampa Bay; so it makes sense for them to take Hargreaves; he’s the best defensive back on the board.

#10 New York Giants Ronnie Stanley, Offensive Tackle Notre Dame. Eli Manning isn’t getting any younger and the Giants need to keep him upright and healthy. Stanley has slipped down the board and he’s a good value for the Giants here.

#11 Chicago Bears Reggie Ragland, Linebacker (Alabama). The Bears wasted their 1st round pick last season; so let’s hope they’re smart enough to not do that again. Ragland is a classic Bears type of linebacker.

#12 New Orleans Saints Shaq Lawson, Linebacker (Clemson). Lawson can be the good pass rusher for the Saints and it seems as though ever season New Orleans needs defensive help. One of these years they’ll help the defense.

#13 Miami Dolphins Ezekiel Elliott, Running Back (Ohio State). Lamar Miler is gone and they weren’t able to sign the running back they wanted in free agency; so Elliott can fill that void. He’s a 3-down back and those are rare in today’s NFL.

#14 Oakland Raiders Mackensie Alexander, Cornerback (Clemson). It wouldn’t be a surprise if they Raiders try to move this pick, but if they stay here at #14 it’s a solid choice to strengthen the defensive backfield. Alexander will be the best Cornerback on the board.

#15 Tennessee Titans Noah Spence, Defensive End (Eastern Kentucky). The Titans can use another pass rusher and while Spence might not be a 3-down guy he’ll be good in pass rushing situations.

#16 Detroit Lions Corey Coleman, Wide Receiver (Baylor) Calvin Johnson retired and there’s a big hole to be filled  there. While Coleman probably isn’t the next Johnson he’ll be able to help out filling those shoes.

#17 Atlanta Falcons Josh Doctson, Wide Receiver  (TCU). It’s back to back at the wide receiver spot as the Falcons add one to help out Julio Jones. With Jones there it’s a good landing spot for a rookie to step right in and help out.

#18 Indianapolis Colts Leonard Floyd, Linebacker (Georgia). Floyd was a little light when he weighed in at the Combine, but he can still get to the quarterback. Floyd might not be a big help against the run, but pass rushers are important.

#19 Buffalo Bills Robert Nkemdiche, Defensive Tackle (Mississippi). This pick has Rex Ryan written all over it. Nkemdiche has fallen down the draft board after his incident at Mississippi’s bowl game, but before that he was in the Top 10 of a lot of mock drafts.

#20 New York Jets A’Shawn Robinson, Defensive Tackle (Alabama). There are some issues with Muhammed Wilkerson’s contract and if he ends up getting dealt the Robinson will be able to help fill that spot.

#21 Washington Redskins Jack Conklin, Offensive Tackle (Michigan State). Conklin’s stock has been on the rise as of late and the Redskins could always use another line man to help protect quarterback Kirk Cousins.

#22 Houston Texans Will Fuller, Wide Receiver (Notre Dame). Fuller had the fastest 40-yard dash at the combine. Fuller can help the Texans stretch the field for DeAndre Hopkins to get his catches.

#23 Minnesota Vikings Braxton Miller, Wide Receiver (Ohio State) Miller only played 1 season at wide receiver for Ohio State, but as a former quarterback he’ll be able to make the adjustments quickly at the NFL level.

#24 Cincinnati Bengals Darron Lee, Linebacker (Ohio State). Cincinnati has a need at wide receiver, but with 2 of them coming off the board right before their pick I think they’d try to shore up the defense by adding a linebacker here. Lee looks like the best one left.

#25 Pittsburgh Steelers Eli Apple, Cornerback (Ohio State). This is pretty much a need pick for the Steelers. They need to get younger in the defensive backfield and Apple will be the best players on the board here.

#26 Seattle Seahawks Kevin Dodd, Defensive End (Clemson). There may be another need here for the Seahawks, but they like to take pass rushers early in the draft; so that’s where I have them going with this pick. Offensive line wouldn’t surprise me here.

#27 Green Bay Packers Willie Beavers, Offensive Tackle (Western Michigan). Green Bay’s offensive lineman went down right and left lat season; so they need people at almost any spot there. Beavers should be on the radar at this pick.

#28 Kansas City Chiefs Michael Thomas, Wide Receiver (Ohio State). Kansas City seems t be in a good spot here and wide receiver has always been an issue. Thomas has started to move up some draft boards; so there’s a chance he’s not here when the Chiefs pick.

The actual 29th pick was suppose to belong t the New England Patriots, but it was taken away from them as part of the Deflategate penalty

#29 Arizona Cardinals Hunter Henry, Tight End (Arkansas). Henry would plug right in as the best tight end on the Cardinals and will add to the passing game right away. Henry is the only tight end with a 1st round grade and he’d be an upgrade for the Cardinals.

#30 Carolina Panthers Cyrus Jones, Cornerback (Alabama). Josh Norman was allowed to leave as a free agent; so there’s a need for a defensive back. While Norman is going to be tough to replace Jones can help Carolina do that.

#31 Denver Broncos Paxton Lynch, Quarterback (Memphis). There’s is just Mark Sanchez and Trevor Siemian on the Broncos roster at the quarterback position. Lynch could be the future quarterback of this team. If the defense is still good Lynch could end up being the starter.

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