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Who’s the ____ Closer

Posted: April 3, 2015 by Sports Time Radio in baseball, sports
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The Best: Craig Kimbrel, Atlanta Braves. 4 straight seasons of 42 or more saves for Kimbrel puts him at the top of the list. While his streak of 42 or more saves may end this season, but not because of Kimbrel himself. The Braves don’t look like they’ll be a very good team this season; so that might end the streak. There is a chance that with the Braves rebuilding on the fly they might deal Kimbrel which would be a big plus for his fantasy owner. While Kimbrel’s value may be a little down this season from the last few he’s still the best closer in baseball and should be the first closer selected in any draft.

Underrated: Huston Street, Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim. It’s tough to believe that you can be underrated after getting 41 saves, but you never hear Street’s name mentioned among the top closers in the game. Street is entering his 11th season and has 275 career saves. Street picked up 24 saves with the San Diego Padres and had an ERA of 1.09 before being traded to the Angels. With the Angels he added 17 saves and posted an ERA of 1.71. Street doesn’t strike out a lot of guys and that may be why experts look past him at times, but he’ll get your fantasy teams saves. How many of you remember that Street was the 2005 RoY while closing for the Oakland A’s.

Bounce Back: Koji Uehara, Boston Red Sox. Uehara’s save total did go up last season from 21 in 2013 to 26 in 2014, but his ERA also went up from 1.09 in 2013 to 2.52 in 2014; he also pitched less games in 2014 64 to 2013 when he pitched in 73 games. With the A.L. East wide open this season the Red Sox need Uehara to be a top closer and approach the 35 to 40 save range. Uehara had some health issues last season; so he’ll need to make sure those are in the rear view mirror as the 2015 season opens. If you think the Red Sox will contend in the A.L. East this season Uehara is a good pick for you. If your thinking the Red Sox won’t be a factor in the A.L. East race you may want to look for another closer.

Stay Away from: Jonathan Papelbon, Philadelphia Phillies. There is actually nothing that Papelbon has done to end up in this category, but it’s the team he’s on that’s the issue. It looks like the Phillies might lose 95 to 100 games in 2015; so how many save opportunities is Papelbon going to get. While Papelbon has lost some velocity on his fastball he has learned how to get major league hitters out with his other pitches and can still close games. If the Phillies decide to move on from Papelbon and he gets dealt to a contender his value as a closer will rise, but as long as he’s closing for Philadelphia look somewhere else for your fantasy saves.

The Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim have acquired Huston Street from the San Diego Padres in a 6 player deal. Prospects Taylor Lindsey, R.J. Alvarez, Jose Rondon and Elliot Morris will head to San Diego while the Angels will also get right-hander Trevor Gott. Street has 24 saves and has only given up 4 earned runs in 33 appearances for an ERA of 1.09. Ernesto Frieri started the season as the Angels closer and did get 11 saves, but had his issues along the way and was eventually dealt to the Pittsburgh Pirates. Joe Smith moved into the closer role after the Frieri deal and picked up 15 saves to this point for the Angels. Street is in his 10th season and the Angels will be his 4th team. He has closed for the Oakland A’s, Colorado Rockies and of course the Padres before the trade. Street has 258 career saves with his high water mark being 37 saves for the A’s in 2006. The back-end up the bullpen was the Angels weakness going into the season, but with the trade for Street they get an experienced closer who should help keep them in the American League West race. The Angels are 1 1/2 behind the A’s in the West and would claim a wild card spot right now. The top two teams in the A.L. West the A’s and the Angels have made big trades. Does this mean the Seattle Mariners have to make a deal to stay in the A.L. West race? The Mariners are currently 9 games behind Oakland, but would be the 2nd wild card team right now.

I’m not sure how many of you where rooting for the New York Yankees this season. With it being Derek Jeter’s last season I thought they might get themselves into the playoffs and Jeter would go out that way. Now with the pitching injuries the Yankees have had I don’t think will get to see Jeter in the playoffs one more time. Masahiro Tanaka has issues with the ligament in his pitching elbow. No one has said the magic Tommy John word when it comes to Tanaka, but you have to wonder if that surgery is down the road for him. The Yankees have also announced that CC Sabathia’s season is officially over. Sabathia is scheduled to have arthroscopic debridement surgery this coming Wednesday. No team can lose it’s top two starting pitchers and hope to compete; so sadly for Yankees fans and Derek Jeter fans it looks like his career will end at game 162 this season.

As you’ve known for a week or so now LeBron James signed a 2 year deal with the Cleveland Cavaliers. Well now James wants Kevin Love to be a Cavalier and the trade rumors have started. Unlike James’s situation when he went to Miami, Love has a contract with the Minnesota Timberwolves; so Cleveland just can’t sign him. The trade rumor I’ve heard the most has Cleveland sending this year’s #1 overall draft pick; Andrew Wiggins, last years #1 overall draft pick Anthony Bennett and a 2015 1st round draft pick to Minnesota for Love. It’s being reported that the Timberwolves want more than this for the Cavaliers for Love. James must realize that the way the cavaliers roster is right now that they’re too young and inexperienced to win and NBA title and adding a player like Love brings the Cavaliers closer to that title. Don’t forget though that the Golden State Warriors have long had an interest in Love. The Warriors are offering a package that includes David Lee and Harrison Barnes. Minnesota would like Klay Thompson in any deal they make with Golden State, but right now the Warriors have been hesitant to include Thompson in any deal. The Chicago Bulls where the 3rd team that had major interest in Love, but with the signing of Pau Gasol and Nikola Mirotic signing the Bulls are out. I mentioned earlier that James only signed for two seasons with Cleveland. Will we have to go through “Decision 3” with James? I don’t think that will happen. Two years is a good signing by James and his people. After that 2nd season the new television contract kicks in for the NBA and the salary cap should go up allowing James to get more money in a couple of seasons. I don’t think Cavaliers fans should panic about the short-term deal for James; I think it was just a smart business move by his agent.

So how was your week?

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