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It had to be a bit of a surprise when the Los Angeles Dodgers designated outfielder Carl Crawford for assignment. Crawford has about a year and a half left on the 7 year $142 million dollar deal he signed with the Boston Red Sox back in 2010. Los Angeles will be on the hook for about $35 million left on Crawford’s contract. The Dodgers do have a lot of outfielders and with Andre Either working his way back from injury and the fact that Howie Kendrick has been able to move to the outfield there just weren’t enough at bats to go around. The Dodgers have quite a few young outfielders as well. Enrique (Kiki) Hernandez and Joc Pedersen are 24, Yasiel Puig (who is out injured right now) and Trayce Thompson are both 25 and Scott Van Slkye is 29. While it’s fair to say that Crawford got caught in a numbers game he wasn’t really producing when he was playing. Crawford appeared in 30 games and was hitting .185. Injuries really took away the speed part of Crawford’s game. While he still was a double digit a year steals player with the Dodgers, he was nowhere close to the 60 steals a year player he was with the Tampa Bay Rays in 2009. You have to think that once Crawford clears waivers and a team can bring him in for the league minimum there will be a team or two that will be willing to take a look at him and see what he has left.

Jhonny Peralta has returned to the St. Louis Cardinals after fracturing his left thumb in spring training. Now to make room on the roster for Peralta the Cardinals sent 2nd baseman Kolten Wong to Triple-A Memphis. Wong finished 3rd in the Rookie of the Year voting in 2014 and last season hit .262 while playing in 150 games. With Wong hitting just .222 in 49 games this season and the good play of shortstop Aledmys Diaz it was Wong headed to the minors. Peralta will be asked to play 3rd base and Matt Carpenter will be moved to 2nd base. The Cardinals are 30-28 and find themselves 10 1/2 games out of 1st place.  Will Peralta’s return give the Cardinals a little bit of a jump start or are they going to be looking to make a trade to try and improve there team.

Has Jurickson Profar finally arrived? Believe it or not Profar is just 23 years old, but it seems like baseball people have been talking about him for 10 years already. The Texas Rangers signed him as an amateur free agent in 2009 and looked to be on the fast track to the majors. Profar had a brief 9 game stop at the major league level in 2012 before appearing in 85 games in 2013. As it was looking like Profar would be an everyday player for the Rangers, he lost the entire 2014 season to injury. The injury was so bad that Profar player just 12 games during the 2015 season. Finally healthy Profar started the 2016 at AAA-Round Rock and was brought up by the Rangers when Roughned Odor was suspended 8 games. Profar has appeared in 11 games for the Rangers this season and is hitting .380. Even with Odor back from suspension the Rangers found a spot for Profar in the line up by playing him at 1st base. It might make it easier for the Rangers to keep Profar at the major league level because he is a true utility player. In his short major league career Profar has played 1st base, 2nd base, Shortstop, 3rd base as well as leftfield. Texas of course is an American League team and while he wouldn’t be the prototypical guy for it Profar could be used as a DH at times. We’ll have to wait and see how the Rangers handle him.

Tonight we get Game 3 of the NBA Finals and if you’ve been listening to The Podcast, you know I just don’t care. Anyway, the Golden State Warriors won the first two games on their home court and they’ll look to take Game 3 tonight in Cleveland. Kevin  Love was hit in the back of the head during Game 2 and did not practice with the Cavaliers on Tuesday. Love is in the NBA’s concussion protocol and while no decision has been made on his availability for Game 3 the term that’s being thrown around is that the Cavaliers are “optimistic” Love will play. The Cavaliers officially listed Love as questionable for Game 3. Before Love can return to action there are several steps that the NBA requires a concussed player to complete before he returns to the court, including tests of physical exertion, agility work and non-contact team drills. Love got his concussion when Golden State’s Harrison Barnes collided with him as the two went for an offensive rebound with five minutes remaining in the second quarter Sunday. No foul was called on the play.

Is Game 3 a must win for Cleveland? Golden State is coming in on a 5 game winning streak since being down 3 games to 1 to the Oklahoma City Thunder. Golden State cruised to easy wins in the first two finals games and a lot of that had to do with the fact that the Cavaliers shot just 35.6% in those games. A return to their home court should help the Cavaliers shooting, but will that be enough to get the Cavaliers a win. Cleveland is undefeated at home in the 2016 playoffs. Don’t forget that Golden State won Game 6 in Cleveland to win the title last season. Who else from the Cavaliers needs to step up and help LeBron James out for the Cavaliers to get a win at home in Game 3. Is a healthy Kevin Love a key or do they need Kyrie Irving, Tristan Thompson or J.R. Smith to step up tonight. Can the Cavaliers find a way to hold down the outside shooting of Golden State. What seemed to be the downfall of Oklahoma City in there series against Golden State was they seemed to trade two-pointers for three-pointers.  Can the Cavaliers stop that from happening to them in Game 3 and get their first win in the NBA Finals?


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In an interview earlier this season Dodgers President Stan Kasten said that the Dodger fans need to see something now as opposed to any 5 year plan for a team. He didn’t say any names but immediately Theo comes to mind. Which he has completed Year 1 of his 5 year plan. Being a life long fan of the Cubs, Theo’s 5 year plan to me means; don’t expect your Cubbies to be a contending team for the next couple years. While I will probably still go to a couple games, I know that I have to find a new team to cheer for in 2013 and what’s better than throwing on Dodger Blue. It’s very close to Cubbie Blue, plus I have never seen the Cubs beat the Dodgers Live. What that has to do with it Nothing but check out my later blogs when I take you back in time through my ticket stubs.
But back to the Dodgers, we all know they have new ownership that includes Magic Johnson, who by all means is Mr LA and wants winning teams in the city of angels. Also, the Dodgers have an exclusive tv deal with Fox and what’s seeming to be a bottomless purse of money!!! Will the Dodgers go all the way to the end. I think they have a huge shot at winning it all in 2013 but there’s a few questionable spots and pitchers possibly out for some or all of 2013. Lets take a look at the tentative 2013 depth chart according to me.

Catcher AJ Ellis -2012, Matt Treanor-2013
1B. Adrian Gonzalez – 2018
2B. Mark Ellis – 2014
3B. Nick Punto/Juan Uribe -2013???
SS. Hanley Ramirez – 2014
RF. Andre Either – 2018
CF. Matt Kemp – 2019
LF. Carl Crawford – 2017

AJ Ellis was drafted by the Dodgers in 2003 but it wasn’t until last year that he seen 133 games behind the plate. His numbers at the plate are still low but he’s great behind the plate defensively. He’s spent his whole career with the Dodgers, but should be be their starter or do the Dodgers look for veteran experience from AJ Pierzynski or Brian McCann.

Adrian Gonzalez back on the west coast. In 5 years for the Padres He averaged about .288 and hit 161 home runs. Moving to the other side of the country didn’t hurt this man at all as for the 2011 season he hit .338 with 27 hrs, 117 RBIs and 108 runs. However, the issues that were going on in the Sox Nation, may have been the cause for his departure. He moved to a team by all means should have been in the playoffs in 2011 & 2012 but we all seen what happened. Barring any injury, he’s going to comeback in 2013 and make that ball fly again out west especially when he returns to his former home at Petco Park. I also see him winning his third gold glove being back in the NL is going to be great for him.

Mark Ellis isn’t going to put up huge numbers but he can be very effective on when on base to be driven in home. But what he lacks at the plate he makes up for in the field. He’s spent most of his career at 2cd Base and will be another piece to the Dodger Puzzle.

Juan Uribe at 3rd base this next season seems highly unlikely. His contract is up in 2013 but will we even see him in the Majors.

Nick Punto, another guy that came over from Boston. He’s spent the last ten years playing the entire field but since 2007 has had barely 100 starts at 3B. Is the guy they are looking for at third. I don’t think that’s the direction they’ll go but keeping him is a must because he can play any position. But if he isn’t the starter then who?? Kevin Youkilis and David Wright are free agents. Both of these guys were their leagues Rookie of the Year in 2004. Defensively, you can’t go wrong with either guy. At the plate these two are very similar both average up to .300 each year. Your going to get 75-100 plus RBIs but your also looking at least 100 Ks from each. Wright is a 6x All Star and Youk’s been there 3x.

Hanley Ramirez played well in MIA until his injury in 2011 and being the star of the show Until Ozzie showed up and the Marlins upper management took the light off him focused it all on Ozzie and Reyes, left a sour taste in his mouth. But after moving back to shortstop in LA he started to have a resurgence. Look for a refreshed Han-Ram next season.

Matt Kemp and Andre Either do I really need to say anything. These two guys are franchise players and as long as Kemps’ hamstring is okay and Either stays healthy Both of these guys are going to do what they do best play Ball.

Carl Crawford will he be a liability or an asset. Injuries have plagued him since be arrived in Boston. Who knows maybe the warmer climate will bring him back to top shape or hell be the Alfonso Soriano of the Dodgers. A healthy Crawford is going to give a .300 batting average while stretching out those base hits into doubles and triples setting the guys behind him for RBIs.

The Dodgers bench would have Dee Gordan, Nick Punto, Luis Cruz, Juan Rivera and Jerry Hairston Jr if he is healthy along with back up catcher Matt Trenor.

Now the mound!!! Probably one of the most uncertain rotation in 2013. Who will be the Ace? Who will still be pitching and who are they looking at in the off season?

1. Clayton Kershaw as I’m writing this. I just confirmed that he will not have hip surgery this offseason. So the Dodgers Ace will be back at in 2013.
2. Chris Capuano-2014 Pitched for average in 2012. Which I believe will keep him in the rotation but being up for free agency. I feel that if he and Aaron aren’t improving in the 2013 season it’s possible that they could be shipped out by the trade deadline of next season.
3. Aaron Hrang-2014 In Dodger Blue he pitched for average which could keep him in the rotation in the 3,4 or 5 spot.
4. Josh Beckett-2014 he was once a 20 game winner but that was also in 2007. Going 2-3 in 7 starts for LA wasn’t impressive at all and neither was the end of his time in Boston. I am not going to blame the chicken & beer incident on his downfall. If they are unable to move him somewhere else-Would the Pen be a place for him. Until we see Crawford. I think the weakest link in the Infamous LA-Boston Deal is Beckett.
5. Chad Billingsley-2015 Still hasn’t been confirmed if he will undergo Tommy John surgery or not. It is reported that the decision will not be made until November or so which would make it in time for the winter meetings because if he has surgery. He will miss the 2013 season.
6. Ted Lilly-2013 after having surgery on his left shoulder. It is possible that he could be ready by spring training.

This off season we will see Zack Grienke and Ryan Dempster in the free agent market and with what it would seem as endless bank account, the Dodgers could pay for both if they wanted. But with the anxiety issues Zack has, is it even possibility of him being in one of the largest markets in the country. Dempster didn’t prove to be all that valuable to the Rangers but NL pitchers switching over to the AL never seem to transition all that well. Plus the Dodgers seemed very interested in him in 2012 but they obviously weren’t willing to give up any prospects for a rent a player.

Jake Peavy has a 22 million option that no one expects the White Sox to pick up. The question isn’t really can they afford it but is he worth it. Will he offer them a discount? Who knows but going back to the west could be good for him.

The bullpen seems pretty solid but they really need a solid closer for the 2013 season. Now my predictions are just that, what I think, but it’s going to make for a real exciting off season. I will be glued to the tv during the December meetings to wait to see what deals will be made. Will the Dodgers be the big talk in December or will another team surprise us. Either way as of now and most likely at the start of the season I will be riding the Dodger train. Who’s with me?


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