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With a couple of games left in the regular season for major league baseball there is still 1 playoff spot that needs to be decided. The Tampa Bay Rays, Cleveland Indians and Texas Rangers are all playing for that 1 remaining playoff spot. We talked about how a tiebreaker would go on Fridays show if all 3 teams ended up with the same record. I got it really wrong on the air but I believe this is how a 3 way tie would work out. Tampa Bay would play at Cleveland; the winner gets a wild card spot and the loser would go to Texas to play the Rangers the next day with the winner of that game getting the second wild card spot. If these teams did end up tied either Tampa bay or Cleveland could end up playing 164 games this season. Of course this all goes away if Tampa Bay and Cleveland win today (Saturday) and Texas loses. The St. Louis cardinals clinched the National League Central last night (Friday) beating the Chicago Cubs 6 – 0. The National League wild card spots go to the Pittsburgh Pirates and the Cincinnati Reds. The game looks like it will be played in Pittsburgh and will have Francisco Liriano starting for the Pirates and Mat Latos taking the mound for the Reds.

Bud Selig has announced that he will be retiring from his role as commissioner of baseball following next season. Now Selig has made this type of announcement before and was talked into staying by the owners. This time it looks like Selig will walk away but there is another season to go. Everyone has an opinion on who should be the one to take Selig’s place. I’m just like everyone else and I think the next commissioner of baseball should be Cal Ripken Jr. Ripken Jr. just kind of embodies the game of baseball to me. He was a Hall of Fame player who played every single day. Who’s your choice to replace Bud Selig?

Mariano Rivera played his last game in Yankee stadium this week. I enjoyed the way the Yankees came out and removed Rivera from the game. Andy Pettitte and Derek Jeter made the trip to the mound to take Rivera out of the game. It took a minute or two before Rivera broke down and started to cry while hugging Pettitte first and then Jeter. A point came up after this that Rivera would like to play centerfield. Now I’ve heard some reports rip Rivera and the Yankees for this and I don’t understand why. The Yankees aren’t in the playoff race and there playing the Houston Astros this weekend; who also aren’t in the playoff race. If he went out and played just 1 inning in centerfield would it tarnish his career. I don’t think so. Not only do I hope Joe Giradi and the Yankees let Rivera play centerfield, I hope he gets the opportunity to catch a fly ball.

I know it’s a lot of baseball this week, but it is playoff time. The NFL is in Week 4 and college football is in Week 5. Did you have the New York Giants at 0 – 3? Maybe you’re the person taking Mississippi to upset Alabama today. We’re previewing all your NFL games Sunday mornings from 10:00 a.m. – 12:00 p.m Central, The Sports Time Radio Pregame Show. We will cover all your fantasy plays and even pick the winners of the games. Picking the winners doesn’t always work out for us but who gets them all right.

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