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#1 Tampa Bay Buccaneers: Jameis Winston, Quarterback, Florida State.

With the release of Josh McNown this week; Mike Glennon is the other quarterback on the roster with NFL experience. Head coach Lovie Smith needs a guy he can call his own. Winston has all the tools to be an NFL quarterback, but his off the field issues make this a very risky pick for Tampa Bay.

#2 Tennessee Titans: Leonard Williams,  Defensive Lineman, USC.

Tennessee needs quite a bit of help and Williams looks like the best defensive lineman in the draft. It’s a good a place as any for them to start building. With all the needs the Titans have a trade for extra picks wouldn’t be the worst move either.

#3 Jacksonville Jaquars: Brandon Scheff, Offensive Lineman, Iowa.

The Jaquars appear to have their franchise quarterback in Blake Bortles; so you need to protect him. Scheff is the best offensive lineman in the draft; so this should be an easy choice for the Jaquars to make.

#4 Oakland Raiders: Amari Cooper, Wide Receiver, Alabama.

The Raiders are another team that looks like it has its quarterback in Derek Carr. Here’s a chance for Oakland to give him a weapon and with the impact rookie wide outs made last season this could be the best pick of the 1st round.

#5 Washington Redskins: Shane Ray, Linebacker, Missouri.

Ray may be the best pass rusher in the draft as a 3-4 down lineman and with Brian Orakpo an unrestricted free agent the Redskins may need a replacement for him.

#6 New York Jets: Marcus Mariota, Quarterback, Oregon.

The Jets hired a new General Manager Mike Maccagnan and a new head coach Todd Bowles. This group didn’t draft Geno Smith and Smith has done nothing to prove he’s an NFL starting quarterback. There are some questions about Mariota’s ability to take snaps under center, but they can tailor the offense to his skills.

#7 Chicago Bears: Dante Fowler Jr. Linebacker, Florida.

The Bears are a team that should have an easy time making their pick. The defense was so bad last season all they have to do is look at their draft board and take the top defensive player on it. Another team with a new GM in Ryan Pace and a new head coach in John Fox.

#8 Atlanta Falcons, Landon Collins, Safety, Alabama.

The Falcons hired Dan Quinn the former Seattle Seahawks defensive Coordinator as their head coach. The Falcons defense can use some help. Collins may be the best player on the board at this point.

#9 New York Giants: Cedric Ogbuehi, Offensive Lineman, Texas A&M.

With quarterback Eli Manning getting older it’s always nice to have big bodies in front of him to protect him. Ogbuehi may not be a left tackle in the NFL, but he should be a solid choice for the Giants here.

#10 St. Louis Rams: Marcus Peters, Cornerback, Washington.

Peters was kicked off the Washington team, but he may be the best corner in the draft. The Rams may have been interested in one of the two quarterbacks, but with them off the board Peters helps the defense out.

#11 Minnesota Vikings: La’el Collins, Offensive Lineman, LSU.

The Vikings are another team that thinks they found their quarterback last season in Teddy Bridgewater; so now they need to protect him. Collins could become a long-term answer at left tackle for Bridgewater and the Vikings.

#12 Cleveland Browns: Bendrick McKinney, Linebacker, Mississippi State.

There are a few different ways the Browns could go with this pick, but the best choice would be to help out a defense that under performed last season. There is a rumor out there that the Browns may try to move up in the draft, but to take who?

#13 New Orleans Saints: Trae Waynes, Cornerback, Michigan State.

In 2013 the Saints took Kenny Vaccaro in the 1st round and he hasn’t help the defensive backs like they had hoped. I believe Vaccaro was even inactive for some games in 2014. Waynes would be a good addition to a defensive backfield that needs some help.

#14 Miami Dolphins: Vic Beasley, Linebacker, Clemson.

The Dolphins where close to a playoff spot last season and their biggest need appears to be at linebacker. Beasley should be the best linebacker on the board when they pick; so this makes sense for Miami.

#15: San Francisco 49ers: Arik Armstead, Defensive Lineman, Oregon.

Jim Tomsula takes over as 49ers head coach and his defense needs help up front. There are a couple of different defensive lineman the 49ers could select here, but I’m going with Armstead as their pick.

#16 Houston Texans: A.J. McCann, Offensive Lineman, South Carolina.

There is a chance that the Texans look for a wide receiver with this pick, but I think their best bet is to get some offensive line help. McCann played guard at South Carolina, but may have the versatility to play center as well.

#17 San Diego Chargers: Randy Gregory, Defensive Lineman, Nebraska.

The Chargers have a few needs and I think they would like to go running back, but #17 is too early for that. I wouldn’t be surprise if they try to trade down, but since I’m not guessing on trades Gregory is a good pick here to rebuild the defensive line.

#18 Kansas City Chiefs: DeVante Parker, Wide Receiver, Louisville.

The Chiefs wide receivers caught ZERO touchdown passes last season. Parker should be the best wide receiver on the board when the Chiefs draft. They should run the pick up to the podium and how he can help the worst receiving core in the NFL.

#19 Buffalo Bills: Shaq Thompson, Linebacker, Washington.

Rex Ryan is the Bills new head coach. It was a little bit of a surprise for the Bills to hire a defensive coach and I think the Bills will be pleasantly surprised to find Thompson still available when they draft. Even a good defense needs some help and Thompson adds youth to that side of the football.

#20 Philadelphia Eagles: Andrus Peat, Offensive Lineman, Stanford.

If the Eagles can’t resign Jeremy Maclin this pick may quickly turn to wide receiver. Nick Foles is a solid NFL quarterback, but not the most mobile. Peat can add some help up front for Foles and this quick pace offense.

#21 Cincinnati Bengals: Gerod Holliman, Safety, Louisville.

The Bengals can use some help in the defensive backfield and Holliman should be the best defensive back on the board; so you’d think this would be the pick. The Bengals could also go Linebacker or Defensive Line with this pick.

#22 Pittsburgh Steelers: Derron Smith, safety, Fresno State.

Smith and Holliman may come off the board the other way, but defensive back should be where the Steelers go. Dick LeBeau has moved on and Troy Polamalu is 33 years old. It’s time for the Steelers to get younger in the defensive backfield.

#23 Detroit Lions: Kevin Johnson, Cornerback, Wake Forest.

Cornerback is the Lions need right now, but if Ndamukong Suh, Nick Fairly, C.J. Mosley and Andre Fluellen leave in free agency the need quickly becomes defensive line. The Lions are saying all the right things when it comes to resigning Suh. If they can cornerback should be the pick.

#24 Arizona Cardinals: Denzel Perryman, Linebacker, Miami (Florida)

A playoff team in 2014 with a strong defense and the addition of Perryman at the spot that needs it the most should keep them in the playoffs next season. I wouldn’t be surprised to see the cardinals take the first running back at this spot, but linebacker would be the best choice.

#25 Carolina Panthers: Reese Dismukes, Offensive Lineman, Auburn.

Under .500, but in the playoffs last season a ton of injuries along the offensive line hurt the Panthers. Dismukes add some depth that they badly need. Keeping Cam newton upright and untouched should be the #1 priority.

#26 Baltimore Ravens: Todd Gurley, Running Back, Georgia.

Justin Forsett had a great season for Baltimore, but he’s a free agent. Plus Gary Kubiak and his system has moved on and former Bears head coach Marc Trestman will try to run the Ravens offense. They’re saying they’ll keep some of the system, but a big young running back can help any system.

#27 Dallas Cowboys: Danny Shelton, Defensive Lineman, Washington.

If Dallas can resign Dez Bryant and DeMarco Murray they’ll have to make some tough choices on the defensive side of the football. They’ll need to have players ready to set in for any salary cap causalities they might have. Shelton can help fill those openings.

#28 Denver Broncos: Devin Funchess, Tight End, Michigan.

The Broncos may have to choose between Julius Thomas and Demaryius Thomas because of salary cap reasons. With Funchess available the Broncos will have a player to take Julius Thomas’ spot if needed. Funchess also has the tools to play some wide receiver; so his game is a lot like Julius Thomas’

#29 Indianapolis Colts: T.J. Cummings, Offensive Lineman, Pittsburgh.

The best thing for the Colts is to protect Andrew Luck. The best way to do that is to build a offensive line around him. Cummings can be one of those pieces that protects Luck for a long time. There is the off chance the Colts look at a running back, but Luck is their man and he needs offensive line help; so Cummings is the pick.

#30 Green Bay Packers: Eric Kendricks, Linebacker, UCLA.

Kendricks can help shore up the Packers linebacking core and allow Clay Matthews to move inside or out where he seemed to play better towards the end of the season. If it looks like the Packers won’t be able to resign wide receiver Randall Cobb they might look for someone to fill his spot, but right now linebacker is the best choice.

#31 Seattle Seahawks: Nate Orchard, Defensive Lineman, Utah.

A quick, fast defense needs quick, fast players and Orchard fits in to the mold of the Seahawks defense. With speed to get to the quarterback he fits a Seahawks need. Of course if Marshawn Lynch decides to retire look for Melvin Gordon of Wisconsin to be the Seahawks pick.

#32 The Super Bowl Champion New England Patriots: Dorial Green-Beckham, Wide Receiver, Oklahoma.

I fully expect New England to trade this pick for more picks and I’m guessing a team that’s looking for a quarterback moves up to take UCLA’s Brett Hundley here. Even if the Patriots keep the pick who really knows what they’ll do with it. Why not give Tom Brady a weapon; so Green-Beckham is the pick.