Let’s call it Wednesday

Posted: November 2, 2022 by Sports Time Radio in sports

Yesterday was the trade dealing in the National Football League. Now generally there’s not a ton of deals that happen, but yesterday there were more deals than there had been in over 25 years. Now the total number of trades still pales in comparison to the other three major American sports leagues, but it definitely was a change of pace for the NFL.

Now it’s always tough to say which trade will have the best outcome because there are always different factors that go into it. A defensive player should be able to have a quicker impact for their new team since they have a little less to learn in a new system. It may take an offensive player longer because they have to learn a whole new playbook and while the plays may be the same or look the same as what his old team did, they will be called something else, and they might be run out of a different formation. It has a be similar to learning a new language.

As we saw when Christian McCaffery was traded you shouldn’t expect too much out of any offensive players that were traded yesterday. If you look at the situation it’s pretty daunting for a player being traded. You’re preparing for an opponent on Wednesday and then you’re traded. You have to get what you can together and get to your new team. Now on top of learning the playbook of your new team you have to find someplace to live and make arrangements to get your stuff there. Then if the player is married with children they’ll have to figure out if the children are going to finish the school year where they are or if they’re going to be moving along with the player. It may actually be the off-field stuff that needs to be taken care of that might be more difficult to deal with than being traded to a new team.

There were 10 trades in total yesterday, but as we know there were more players dealt before we got to yesterday’s deadline. In this case let’s focus on yesterday’s moves.

The biggest name traded yesterday was probably Bradley Chubb who went from the Denver Broncos to the Miami Dolphins. Chubb came to the Dolphins with a 2025 5th round pick in exchange for running back Chase Edmonds a 2023 1st round pick and a 2024 4th round pick. Chubb has recorded 5 1/2 sacks with the Broncos this season and should fit nicely in Miami’s defense as the opposite end to Jaelan Phillips who leads the Dolphins with 3 sacks.

Edmonds was the Dolphins second leading rusher and with his trade it may have looked as though Miami was a little thin at running back. It’s possible that the Dolphins may have been concerned about that as well, so they sent a 2023 5th round draft pick to the San Francisco 49ers for running back Jeff Wilson Jr. He’ll join Miami’s leading rusher Raheem Mosert in the backfield which is now composed of former 49ers running backs.

We also saw a trade yesterday that we don’t see too often as two teams from the same division made a deal. The Detroit Lions sent tight end T.J. Hockenson along with a 2023 4th round draft pick and a conditional 2024 4th round draft pick to the Minnesota Vikings for 2023 2nd round draft pick and a 2024 3rd round draft pick.

I think what the most interesting trade of the day might’ve been saw the Atlanta Falcons move suspended wide receiver Calvin Ridley to the Jacksonville Jaquars. Ridley was suspended for the entire 2022 season for betting on games, but he can apply for reinstatement at the end of this season. In return for Ridley Jacksonville sent two draft picks to the Falcons. Atlanta will receive a 2023 5th round draft pick and a 2024 conditional 4th round draft pick.

In a move that made very little sense yesterday the Bears acquire wide receiver Chase Claypool from the Pittsburgh Steelers for a 2023 2nd round draft pick. While Claypool could be an upgrade for the bears at wide receiver Chicago just dealt top linebacker Roquan Smith to the Baltimore Ravens the day before for draft picks. I understand that the Bears are searching for a #1 wide receiver, but Claypool hasn’t shown he can be that type of player and the Bears might’ve been able to find that type of wide receiver with the draft pick they traded for Claypool.

Some of the other moves we saw had the Buffalo Bills and the Indianapolis Colts swapping running backs. Buffalo picked up Nyheim Hines from the Colts and they sent Zack Moss and a 2023 conditional 6th round pick to Indianapolis. The Bills also added a defensive back as they acquired safety Dean Marlowe from the Atlanta Falcons.

Atlanta was busy yesterday as they also made a third trade that saw them acquire cornerback Rashad Fenton from the Kansas City Chiefs.

Denver added a defensive lineman in a trade with the New York Jets. The Broncos picked up Jacob Marton and a 2024 5th round draft pick from the Jets and in return New York received a 2024 4th round draft pick.

Then the final trade from yesterday saw the Pittsburgh Steelers acquire cornerback Willaim Jackson III and a 7th round draft pick in 2025 from the Washington Commanders for a 2024 6th round draft pick.

It was a busy trade deadline for the NFL, but I’d like to know what you think was the best trade and which team will benefit the most from this trade deadline?

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  1. The Bears have made some questionable moves lately and I really don’t understand the Claypool signed. But I’m just a casual observer so maybe this move will make the Bears an instant contender! (I’ve got some swamp property for sale in Florida also.)


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