Let’s call it Wednesday

Posted: October 26, 2022 by Sports Time Radio in sports

Quarterbacks are always the focus of their football team no matter if they’re playing good or bad. Unfortunately, it seems as there’s more attention paid to bad quarterback play than there is good and this season there are three name quarterbacks that are really struggling.

Tom Brady and Aaron Rodgers seem to be having some trouble adjusting to the new personal that is around now. Both of their teams are currently 3-4, but luckily for Brady even with a sub .500 record the Tampa Bay Buccaneers are still at the top of the NFC South. As for Rodgers his Green Bay Packers are trailing the Minnesota Vikings in the NFC North. The Vikings are off to a 5-1 start and currently lead the division.

Now if one or both teams continue to struggle, we’re going to start to hear talk about if this will be the last season for either Brady or Rodgers. Now Brady is 45 years old, and you do have to wonder how long he’ll be interested in continuing to play football. Rodgers is seven years younger than Brady at 38 years old, but he’s already made some cryptic statements that have led people to believe that this will be his last season.

Obviously will have to see how the remainder of this season plays out and then will have a little better idea of what these two future Hall of Fame quarterbacks might do for the 2023 season. Now there is one more Super Bowl winning quarterback that might be having the worst season of any NFL quarterback this season.

The Denver Broncos realized this past off season that they needed an upgrade at the quarterback position of they were going to compete in the AFC West. That division features Patrick Mahomes, Justin Herbert and Derek Carr as the quarterbacks that the Broncos would have to face twice a season.

Denver decided to make a move at quarterback before this season and they sent five draft picks and three players to the Seattle Seahawks for quarterback Russell Wilson and a draft pick. Even though the Broncos gave up a lot for Wilson it seemed as though everyone was on board with the deal and there were quite a few people who thought that Denver would be a playoff team and might even win their division. Sadly, it hasn’t started off well for Wilson in Denver.

Wilson has started six games for the Broncos this season. The Broncos are 2-4 in those six games. He missed last week’s 16-9 loss to the New York Jets due to injury, but it appears as though Wilson will be on track to play this week against the Jacksonville Jaquars.

Wilson is completing 58.6% of his passes, which is a career low for him. He has thrown 5 touchdowns and 3 interceptions. Wilson has also been sacked 20 times in his six games. In two of Wilson’s six starts he’s thrown for under 200 yards.

The Broncos made a coaching change this past off season. They hired Nathaniel Hackett who they plucked from the Packers coaching staff where he was Aaron Rodgers offensive coordinator. Interestingly with the start that the Broncos have gotten off to there’s talk that if the team doesn’t play better the remainder of the season that Hackett could be fired after this one season.

It’s always difficult to say just what the problem is. Was Wilson just a better quarterback for the system his former team the Seattle Seahawks ran? Or is it possible that he’s just on a downward slope at this point in his career. Wilson is 34 years old, and this is his 11th season in the NFL. There’s also a possibility that Hackett is the issue. There have been some issues that Hackett has admitted to, but that’s one of those things a coach will do so we don’t know if it’s really him or something else.

If Wilson is healthy will have to see how the rest of the season goes not only for him, but for the Broncos. Right now, it doesn’t look like they’re going to live up to the hype coming into this season.

You have to wonder what the possibility is of the 2023 season starting without Brady, Rodgers or Wilson playing.

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  1. Could it be that father time, at long last, is catching up to Brady and Rodgers? Wilson is a lot younger but he could be nearing the end of the trail also.
    Not every team has a young, dynamic QB like Fields of DA BEARS!


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