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Posted: April 16, 2022 by Sports Time Radio in sports

We’re a little less than two weeks away from the NFL draft and I think if you tried you could find a brand-new mock draft from someone everyday either online or on television.

I don’t know about you, but when I think of these mock drafts the first two people who come to mind are Mel Kiper and Todd McShay. They’re the two I see the most when it comes to this subject, and I believe at this point in time they’ve each released four different versions of their mock drafts. As of right now they have a 25% chance to hit on a team’s 1st round draft pick and I’m sure they’ll have at least one or two more mock drafts released before the actual draft takes place.

With all of these mock drafts floating around for people to look at it’s difficult to figure out who your favorite team may draft. The other question is when and where will the quarterbacks be drafted this year.

Last year was a big quarterback draft and those guys went early and often, but this year is a little different. It seems as though most of the mock drafts have three quarterbacks going in the 1st round with the fourth quarterback going very high in the 2nd round.

Now you can find some mock drafts that have a quarterback going as early as the #2 pick to the Detroit Lions, but in others the earliest a quarterback is going is #6 to the Carolina Panthers. It’s also possible that a quarterback could go at #8 or #9 to either the Atlanta Falcons or the Seattle Seahawks. Maybe it’s the Washington Commanders who draft the first quarterback with the 11th pick or maybe will have to wait until the 20th pick of the 1st round when the Pittsburgh Steelers are on the clock. Most people expect the Steelers to select their quarterback of the future with that pick. The Lions come up again with the last pick of the 1st round the 32nd and maybe they’ll wait and select a quarterback with that pick instead of taking one at #2.

That gives us six teams with seven picks to try and figure out where a quarterback may be drafted. Now if there are only three quarterbacks that appear to be going in the 1st round which teams will be the ones to take those quarterbacks? Your guess is as good as mine right now.

Even the order of how these quarterbacks will be drafted is up in the air. Will Kenny Pickett of Pittsburgh be the first quarterback drafted? Or will it be Matt Corral from Ole Miss come off the draft board first? Malik Willis from Liberty is the third quarterback in this group of 1st rounders and maybe his potential will make a team select him as the first quarterback taken.

The fourth quarterback in this mix is Desmond Ridder of Cincinnati. In some mock drafts he sneaks into the bottom of the 1st round, but in most he’s the fourth quarterback drafted very early in the 2nd round. Now I have seen a couple of mock drafts that have Ridder being selected ahead of corral and Corral is the quarterback that slips into the 2nd round.

As you know taking a quarterback in the 1st round can be a crapshoot. Mac Jones was the only 2021 1st round quarterback who had success and helped get his team into the playoffs and he was the last of the quarterbacks drafted in the 1st round. Of course, a quarterback’s success is based upon the players around him and generally when you’re a highly drafted quarterback you’re headed to a bad team. There’s a reason why no rookie quarterback has ever won a Super Bowl.

So, chime in with your opinion here. When do you have the first quarterback being drafted and by which team?

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  1. I don’t look for a QB to be selected until #5 or #6. Before that, some top notch defensive players will be selected. Maybe Pickett will be the first QB to be taken by Carolina but that is just pure speculation. This draft is very difficult.


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