Let’s call it Wednesday

Posted: April 20, 2022 by Sports Time Radio in sports

With the Major League Baseball season up and running and the National Basketball Association playoffs in the official 1st round I’ve noticed something interesting. It seems as though when these games are reported on by the media, they seem to want to make sure they focus on the stats first and they at times seem to leave out who actually won and lost the game. This is obviously due to analytics, but apparently this is the way sports is looked at in today’s world.

Now as an avid fantasy player I’m very interested in stats just like the rest of the people who play fantasy sports, be it daily or weekly. Now I’m sure most fantasy player checks their stats well before it’s ever reported on any television show and since they have shows dedicated to analytics I don’t understand why a show that is supposed to be about highlights spends so much time focusing on the analytic side of the game.

I’m not huge into analytics, but I understand that this is part of the game now and wither you like it or not I’ll have to learn to live with it.

As far as fantasy baseball goes, I was unable to make it to my fantasy drafts this season because of the new position I was moved to at my job. That means that my teams where auto drafted for me by the computer and while I did try to get the players arranged in an order, I liked I had to just settle for what I got. Fortunately for me my teams didn’t end up being too bad, but I did end up with quite a few injured players and I juggled my roster the first chance I got after the draft.

Sadly, I’m not sure if I’ll have a good enough team to win ether of the leagues, I’m in, but I’m going to try and continue to make moves and adjust my roster either through waiver wore pick-ups or trades. I was able to make one trade this season. The computer selected four 1st basemen and I was able to deal one of them for a shortstop since I only had one shortstop on my roster. Hopefully my team can get healthy, and I’ll be able to make some more move, so I can compete in these leagues.

After the first week and a half one of my teams is off to a .500 start and the other one actually won the first week. The first week was an extended week due to the season starting on a Thursday, so this will be the first week that is seven days long. I’ll have to see how my teams do in a regular week.

If you’re a fantasy baseball player let me know what kind of a start your season got off to. Hopefully however many teams you have got off to a strong start.

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  1. i don’t get involved in fantasy baseball but it’s much too early in the season to pay attention to the current stats by the players. Right now, the Cubs might have a great player in Sukuki based on his hot start, but let’s see what happens after he’s been around the league a couple of times and the pitchers start to make some adjustments.


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