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Posted: November 27, 2021 by Sports Time Radio in sports

Thursday was Thanksgiving and it’s generally a holiday for where you and your family get together probably eat too much and enjoy whatever other festivities you have planned with your relatives. Of course, there is one more thing that Thanksgiving is known for. It’s a day filled with football.

Now there are two traditional Thanksgiving hosts for these NFL games the Dallas Cowboys and the Detroit Lions, but a few years back the NFL added a third game and there isn’t really one team that has laid claim to hosting it ever year like the Lions and the Cowboys have.

This Thanksgiving was no different the Lions hosted the Chicago Bears in the first game. Then the Cowboys hosted the Las Vegas Raiders. While the third and final game had the Buffalo Bills at the New Orleans Saints.

Unfortunately, with my work schedule I was only able to watch the first two games this year and while the Cowboys/ Raiders game drew a massive television rating for CBS let’s face it neither of the first two Thanksgiving Day games were very good.

The Bears/Lions game was just flat out boring and the only real drama was would Detroit finally get their first win of the season and would the Bears fire their head coach Matt Nagy after the game. Well neither one of those things happened, but for a brief moment it looked like the Lions might actually find a way to get the first win. The Bears needed a last second field goal to pull out a 16-13 win.

Now at least the Cowboys/Raiders game featured some scoring, but it was marred by 28 penalties being called; 14 on each team. As it turned out one of those penalties; a pass interference call in overtime ended up costing the Cowboys the game as it set the Raiders up for the game winning field goal.

Now I’m sure we’ve all heard how the referees could call a penalty on every play and they almost did in this game. I’m not sure if there were any of those 28 penalties they could’ve overlooked, but it really killed the momentum of the game and made it hard to watch.

The third game seems to have been a blowout as the Bills might’ve gotten themselves back on track with a 31-6 win over the Saints. New Orleans didn’t even put any points on the scoreboard until the 4th quarter and by then the game was pretty much decided.

Now since I didn’t get to watch the Bills/ Saints game you’ll have to fill me in on what kind of game it was because it doesn’t seem like it was a close game at any time.

I’d also be very interested to know what you thought of the first two games. Maybe you enjoyed them because the team you were rooting for or maybe betting on got the win. Or maybe you’re in the same place as I am and just didn’t enjoy them. Please let me know as I’d like to know what you think.

Now growing up even though we lived in the Chicago area I had friends who would root for the Cowboys and Raiders. Both teams won a lot as I was growing up and as a kid you want to root for a winner. Well apparently, those fans and many, many other watched the game on Thursday afternoon.

The Cowboys/Raiders game was the most watched NFL game since 1990 when he San Francisco 49ers played the New York Giants. That game in 1990 drew 41.474 million viewers. The game between the Cowboys and the Raiders drew 38.531 million viewers. That is up 26% from last year’s game.

Where you one of those viewers?

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  1. Wouldn’t it have been fun if Nagy had been distracted by his coaching coaches and missed calling timeout with 1 second to go? And, yes, I was expecting the kick to go wide left.
    Lots of penalties but still an exciting finish to the Cowboys game.
    Is Buffalo once again the team to beat in the AFC?


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