Let’s call it Wednesday

Posted: November 24, 2021 by Sports Time Radio in sports

Now I’m not the biggest college football fan, but I will watch when the teams in my area are playing. Like last night I watched a little bit of the Northern Illinois vs. Western Michigan before I had to turn in since i work overnight. In case you’re wondering Western Michigan won the game 42-21.

Yesterday was also the day that the new college football rankings come out and for the first time a team from a non-power conference made what would be a playoff spot. Cincinnati grabbed the #4 spot, but the question is can they stay there?

Even though Cincinnati is 11-0 they’re ranked behind two 1 loss teams, Alabama and Ohio State. Unfortunately, there’s a better chance of Cincinnati falling out of a playoff spot than there is of them moving up in the ranking even if they win out. That might not sound right, but I’m sure you’ve heard the complaints about Cincinnati’s strength of schedule and that may end up costing them that playoff spot even if they’re undefeated.

Now right behind Cincinnati in the rankings are Michigan at #5, Notre Dame at #6 and Oklahoma State at #7. All three of those teams have a chance to go past Cincinnati in the rankings even though Cincinnati beat Notre Dame early this season.

Michigan’s make or break game is this Saturday against Ohio State. Now Michigan hasn’t had much success against Ohio State, but they’re at home for this game; so that might help them out. If they can find a way to win it would probably push them past Cincinnati in the rankings.

Notre Dame’s best win might have been against #18 Wisconsin, but the thing that may help them get past Cincinnati in the rankings is the fact that they’re beating teams by big margins while Cincinnati is playing close games against weaker opponents. Of course, Notre Dame will have to also win their final game of the season against Stanford on the road.

Oklahoma State may actually be the team that grabs that final playoff spot if they can win the rest of their games. Oklahoma State has wins over three teams ranked in the Top 25 and they have a chance to add a fourth this weekend as they host #10 Oklahoma. If Oklahoma State gets that win over Oklahoma, they would move into the Big 12 championship game where they would meet Baylor who is also a ranked team. Would the championship committee pass up a 1 loss team that would have five wins over ranked teams?

Now it would be terrible if Cincinnati goes through the season undefeated and doesn’t get into the playoff, but you have to remember that this playoff is a made for television event that is not only supposed to draw ratings, but get fans to travel to these games to support their team. While I’m sure if Cincinnati got into the playoff their fans would travel and support the team, but would they draw enough interest from an audience to move those television ratings.

There are actually just three undefeated teams in college football. Georgia is at #1 and is looked at as the best team in college football. Then there’s Cincinnati who is fighting for their playoff lives despite being 11-0. Then there’s the 11-0 UTSA Roadrunners who are nowhere near being talked about as a playoff team. So, what does going undefeated mean? Apparently not much, but again it’s about ratings and money not winning games.

What will be interesting to see is if Alabama picks up a second loss which they might in the SEC championship game would the committee take a two loss Alabama team over an undefeated Cincinnati; sadly, I think they would. It’s just the nature of college football right now. Alabama is looked at as one of the top teams in the sport ever year while Cincinnati isn’t in that category.

Now I’d like to see Cincinnati end up in the playoff just to see how they would do against a team that would probably never schedule them in the regular season.

So let me know how you think this plays out and which four teams you have ending up in the college football playoff.

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Happy Thanksgiving!

  1. I have the feeling that Cincinnati won’t fare very well against some of the other top teams. But at least they should be given a chance to compete against one of them when the playoffs start.


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