Let’s call it Wednesday

Posted: January 6, 2021 by Sports Time Radio in sports

It seems like we’re just sitting around waiting for a Major League Baseball team to make a major free agent signing. There have been some rumors about George Springer talking to teams, but there have been no real attempts made to sign him that we know of. Other than that you’d have to say the biggest free agent signing so far has been James McCann going to the New York Mets on a 4 year $40 million dollar deal.

Now yesterday we did have Robbie Grossman leaving the Oakland A’s to sign with the Detroit Tigers. Grossman signed a 2 year $10 million dollar deal with the Tigers. Blake Treinen decided to return to the Los Angeles Dodgers on a two year deal. Treinen will get $17.5 million dollars guarantee that includes an $8 million dollars club option or a $1.5 million dollar buyout for 2023.

Now these are the type of signings that teams make to round out their rosters, but Grossman and Treinen are hardly big names. Now it does look like will at least have a decision on one of the bigger free agent names out their in a day or two.

Teams are going to have to make a decision on if they’re interested in Japanese pitcher Tomoyuki Sugano. Now there have been multiple teams linked to Sugano, but as far as we know there have been no contract numbers exchanged. It has been reported that Sugano arrived in the United States this week; so you’d think that would point to a signing with an MLB team, but no one seems to be sure what’s going on. Sugano does have a 4 year contract offer from his Japanese League team the Yomiuri Giants waiting for him if there are no MLB teams willing to sign him.

Just about every team who could use some help in there starting rotation has been linked to Sugano. There where some reports that the New York Mets might be the frontrunner to sign Sugano, but the Mets have came out and said that they’re no longer in the bidding for Sugano and it appears as though they’re turning their focus on signing reliever Brad Hand. Even if the Mets are truly out on Sugano there are still plenty of MLB teams that could use some help in their starting rotation.

Sugano is a 31 year old right handed pitcher who is coming off a great season in the Japanese League. Sugano went 14-2 with an ERA of 1.97. He made 20 starts covering 137 1/3rd innings with 3 complete game shutouts. Sugano struck out 131 batters while walking 25 and he allowed just 8 home runs last season.

Do you have Sugano signing with an MLB team? Or do you see him returning to Japan for the upcoming season?

Another player who seems to be generating quite a bit of interest lately has been Yasiel Puig. Last season Puig had an agreement to join the Atlanta Braves, but he tested positive for Covid-19 and the offer was rescinded. Puig ended not playing in the shorten 2020 season, but that hasn’t stopped teams from kicking the tires on him for the 2021 season.

As of now there are at least five teams that have expressed some type of interest in Puig. The Boston Red Sox, the New York Yankees, the Houston Astros, the Miami Marlins and the Baltimore Orioles have all shown varying degrees of interest in Puig and there could be more teams that we don’t know about.

It makes sense for teams to look at Puig. He has 20 plus home run power and has one of if not the best outfield arm in MLB. Also he’ll be a much cheaper option than a free agent like George Springer who is asking for between $25 and $30 million dollars a season.

Do you see Puig signing with one of the five teams that have been reported to have interest in him? Or do you see another team coming in and signing Puig? Let me know who you think Puig will end up signing with.

  1. Puig has had a checkered history with his volatility. I suggest the 5 teams interested in him do some kind of due diligence before signing him to a deal.
    I would also be reluctant on signed an unproven 31 year old pitcher from Japan.


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