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Posted: June 13, 2020 by Sports Time Radio in basketball, sports, Sports Time Radio

I don’t know about you, but I’m tired; just so, so tired. I’m tired of hearing that the Major League Baseball owners sent another proposal to the players. I’m tired of the players and their union immediately turning that proposal down because it includes a reduction in their salaries. I’m tired of listening the the media be it on television, online or on social media about a team not releasing a statement on the current situation in America. Did they honestly think that a team was going to come out and condone what is going on right now? Do we really need another generic statement from a team? I’m also tired of someone who decided to leave his job because he didn’t agree with what the company he was working for made changes he didn’t agree with getting destroyed for it. The last time I checked we’re allowed to have differing opinions in this country. I can already tell that the new thing I’m going to get tired of very, very quickly is NBA and NHL players complaining about having to go back to work.

Now it looked like the NHL and the NBA had their plans in place to get their seasons restarted, but now some of the players have started to question if they want to or should return. Now I’m not surprised by the NBA players doing this since they’re easily the biggest bunch of crybabies in professional sports.

It’s being reported that the NBA players had a conference call and Kyrie Irving was the main voice on the call. Irving ask if a popular adult beverage would be available to players; before insisting that he had indeed was simply sharing an example and he also wondered what food might be provided to players under league partnerships. I can cut him some slack on the food question, but does the league really need to supply the players with alcohol?

Irving did have some questions of merit. He asked as an injured player if he would be allowed to travel with the his Brooklyn Nets teammates to the bubble in Orlando and if he was allowed to be their would he be counted as one of the 35 allotted people the team can bring. Irving also asked if he did travel with the team if he would be allowed to use the sit in the stands to cheer on his teammates and if he would be allowed to use the sauna for his rehabilitation. These seem to be more legitimate questions than the food and drink ones.

Irving also asked a question about the NBA sponsors on campus, and whether they would be supplying players with products. Now he didn’t go into any specific items, but it made me curious on why players who make quite a bit of money would need handouts from a sponsor.

The call itself lasted about 90 minutes and their where about 100 players in on the call. After asking his question Irving went on to appeal to his fellow NBA players on the call that they should sit out the season and not report to Orlando. There where players on the call that said they’d be willing to sit out the restarted season, but I’m not sure if they would gain anything from it. It is interesting that Irving is the one pushing players to sit out. Remember he won’t be able to play because of a shoulder injury; so it’s an easy decision for him to sit out.

Oddly this also puts Irving on the opposite side of the restart issues with his former teammate LeBron James. James along with quite a few of other NBA superstars have supported the league return to play idea. Now remember it’s easy for a player on a team that has a good chance to win the championship to want to return, but if you’re on a borderline team that is being put into the playoffs by the new system the NBA install for this format you might have some more questions.

After the call it seemed a little unclear if the NBA would be restarting their season, but it appears as though they have enough support from the players to do so including the top players in the game. Now the question is when will the restart the season.

Now Irving has always been seen as a disruptor while in the NBA. Remember he wanted out of Cleveland because he thought that he could be the #1 player on a team and wanted to be out of LeBron’s shadow. He got his wish and was traded to the Boston Celtics, but didn’t win a championship during his two seasons with Boston. Then he took the microphone before the start of one of his two seasons with the Celtics and talked about he planned on staying their long term, but he seem to forget he mentioned that as he backpedaled very quickly from that statement and in the end he left Boston and signed with Brooklyn as a free agent.

I’m curious if Irving is just looking for a fight or if he’s upset or maybe disappointed that he won’t be able to play in Orlando. I’m not sure where he actually fits right now, but we’re talking about a guy who’s won an NBA championship and an All-Star game MVP; plus he’s one of the NBPA’s six elected vice presidents; so that will give him some credibility with some of the other NBA players. I’m not sure if Irving can get enough support to stop the NBA’s plan to restart the season, but he might be able to get a few players to not report to their teams when the time comes. Now the NBA has said that they won’t punish any player who doesn’t want to participate in Orlando and I don’t think it’s the NBA those payers would have to worry about; it would be their teammates that might have the issue with them.

How do you think this works out?

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  1. That was a bizarre 90 minute interview with Irving but he did bring up a few very salient points. Now I’m wondering if resuming the NBA is still a—(wait for it!) slam dunk! Now, I’m not as a confident as I was before and this also includes the NHL. As for MLB? Forget about it, they’ll be no baseball in 2020.


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