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Just when it was looking like there was going to be no sports news or anything sports related to talk about the NFL comes along and saves the day.

The new NFL year starts today, but interestingly there where a large number of sportswriters be it on television or through social media saying that the needed to push free agency along with tags being assigned to players franchise or otherwise, but I didn’t understand why they where pushing so hard for that.

With the Covid-19 shutting everything down I can understand there being concern about it getting spread, but it’s not like players, agents and teams actually have to meet face to face to get thee things done; so I don’t understand why the media wanted it pushed back.

Luckily the NFL didn’t listen and they went ahead and started free agency and there have been quite a few players headed to new teams.

Of course the biggest free agent move everyone is waiting to become official is Tom Brady becoming a member of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

Yesterday Brady posted a goodbye on social media to the New England Patriots fans. Bill Belichick along with some of Brady’s former teammate responded with the memories and their own goodbye’s on social media as well.

It’s reported that Brady will receive a multi-year deal worth roughly $30 million dollars a year.

Once Ryan Tannehill signed his new deal with the Tennessee Titans and Philip Rivers joined the Indianapolis Colts it appeared to come down to just the Los Angeles Chargers and the Buccaneers. Then last night the it was reported that the Chargers believed they where out of the running for Brady. Right after that announcement Brady had an agreement in principle with the Buccaneers.

Brady inherits and offense that finished 3rd in total yards and scoring last season. Tampa Bay does have a quality set of weapons for Brady to work with. Mike Evans and Chris Godwin posted 1000 yard season at the wide receiver position. O.J. Howard is a former 1st round pick and Tampa Bay has been hoping he’d breakout at the tight end position. Cameron Brate is the Buccaneers second tight end on the roster and has shown he can catch the football. Ronald Jones was the Buccaneers leading rusher last season with 724 yards and it looks like he’ll be Tampa Bay’s #1 running back.

Brady is coming off a down season for him. Even in a down season he threw for 4057 yards and 24 touchdowns. More importantly for Tampa Bay Brady threw just 8 interceptions compared to the 30 interceptions Jameis Winston threw last season. Now Brady did have his lowest completion percentage and touchdowns since 2013, but it appears as though Tampa Bay has better offensive weapons that New England did last season.

With Brady finalizing his agreement to join the Buccaneers it leaves a couple of questions. Where will Winston end up? Will he be a starting quarterback next season? And finally who will be the Patriots quarterback?

Now it doesn’t appear with his gunslinger style that Winston would be a good fit for the Josh McDaniels run Patriots offense, but there are some other quarterback options out there for New England. With the Carolina Panthers agreeing to a deal with Teddy Bridgewater they’ve allowed Cam Newton to look for a trade. The Cincinnati Bengals have made it clear that they’d be willing to trade Andy Dalton. It could also be possible that the Patriots could re-acquire Jacoby Brissett from the Colts now that they’ve inked Rivers to a deal. There doesn’t appear to be a lot of quarterback choices left on the free agent market besides Winston, but if New England can’t work out a trade they could turn to Winston.

Now there is a chance that the Patriots just go with Jarrett Stidham as their quarterback. New England drafted Stidham in the 4th round of last years draft. He played n three games last season. He completed 2 of the 4 passes he attempted for 14 yards and threw 1 interception.

Of course the Patriots do have another option. Just like Stidham last year and Brady back in the 2000 draft New England could find their quarterback that way. I’m not sure if they would trade up in the draft to select a Joe Burrow or a Tua Tagovailoa, but there are some other quarterbacks that might be available for New England in the draft. Justin Herbert is expected to be drafted in the 1st round, but he’s another quarterback New England would have to trade up to get. The Patriots have the 23rd pick in the first round of the upcoming draft and if they don’t move up in the draft to acquire a quarterback it’s possible that Jordan Love could be available.

What do you think the Patriots will do with their quarterback position. Will they make a trade? Sign a free agent? Or draft a quarterback?

Now that Brady has found a new home will the media attention on NFL free agency die down. The focus has really been on what Brady was going to do and now that he’s off the free agent board; who’s the top remaining free agent target out there.

With Brady joining the Buccaneers and Bridgewater joining the Panthers how will the NFC South play out. Drew Brees resigned with the New Orleans Saints and Matt Ryan will still be quarterbacking the Atlanta Falcons. Brees and the Saints have controlled the division the last few seasons, but with a couple of new quarterbacks in the division will that continue? Who do you have as the early favorite to win the NFC South? Do you like the Saints to repeat? Or can Brady or Bridgewater lead their new team to a division title? Of course don’t forget about Ryan and the Falcons who aren’t that far removed from a Super Bowl appearance.

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  1. I think New England will acquire a new QB via free agency. They won’t be satisfied until they get someone who can at least adequately replace Brady if that’s even possible.
    I heard about his deal with Tampa but I’m not sure how many years it’s for.


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