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Not surprisingly there are still a out of Tom Brady rumors out there, but for some reason the one that seems to be picking up some momentum has him going to the San Francisco 49ers.

Now San Francisco is coming off of a season where they just went 13-3 and made it to the Super Bowl. They did end up losing in the Super Bowl 31-20 to the Kansas City Chiefs, but all in all it was a big improvement from the 2018 season when they went 4-12.

Going into the 2018 season Jimmy Garoppolo was going to be San Francisco’s staring quarterback and he was for three games until he was injured. It was the first time in his career that Garoppolo was named a teams starting quarterback. In 2019 Garoppolo came back healthy and started and played in all 16 regular season games plus the three 49ers playoff games. Garoppolo had a good season and there was some talk early in the year that he could win MVP. He ended up throwing for 3978 yards with 27 touchdowns and 13 interceptions while completing 69.1% of his passes.

It seems that most of the people who are talking about Brady replacing Garoppolo has to do with the playoff numbers Garoppolo put up. In three playoff games Garoppolo completed just 63.8% of his passes for 427 yards with 2 touchdowns and 3 interceptions. It will also be pointed out that not only did Garoppolo struggle in the Super Bowl against a low rated regular season defense, but in the NFC Championship game he only had 8 passing attempts. Garoppolo’s Super Bowl numbers where solid, but everyone is going to point to the 2 interceptions that he threw.

So you might be able to see that there’s a reason to see San Francisco making a change at quarterback, but are they really in that bad of a position at quarterback and the big question is; would Brady really be that big of an upgrade?

While Garoppolo is never going to be mistaken for a running quarterback his mobility is much better than what a 43 year old Brady has. Garoppolo was only sacked 1 time in the Super Bowl.

It seems that most people think that Brady had issues last season because he didn’t have any weapons to throw to on offense. Would the situation be any better with San Francisco?

San Francisco does have one of the best tight ends in the NFL on their roster in George Kittle, but who’s their best wide receiver?

San Francisco traded for Emmanuel Sanders to try and upgrade the wide receiver core last season. Sanders caught 36 passes with 3 touchdown receptions in the 10 games he played for San Francisco, but he’s a free agent; so they’ll have to make a decision on if they’ll try to re-sign him. Deebo Samuel was San Francisco’s leader in receptions for wide receivers with 57 and yards with 802. Kendrick Bourne led all San Francisco wide receivers in touchdowns receptions with 5. Samuel will be 24 years old and Bourne will be 25 years old heading into next season; so it looks like the 49ers have a couple of young wide receivers to try and develop, but I don’t think you can consider them weapons just yet.

San Francisco’s running game is very similar to the New England Patriots running game. Neither team relies on just one running back as the main ball carrier, but they use multiple players in certain situations. Would having Brady at quarterback open up the running game?

It would be interesting to see what San Francisco would try to do with Garoppolo if they did sign Brady. Garoppolo has three years left in his contract. He has a base salary of $23.8 million dollars this coming season. In 2021 his base salary jumps to $24.1 million dollars and then in 2022 his salary increases just slightly to $24.2 million dollars.

Now there are a lot of teams out their looking for a quarterback, but would Garoppolo be of any interest to them and what would San Francisco want in return for him. It seems obvious, but you’d have to think that San Francisco would have to trade Garoppolo before signing Brady otherwise it would kill any trade value Garoppolo might have.

The people who are backing the Brady to San Francisco rumors seem to think that New England would step right up and be ready to take Garoppolo back. When it comes to New England you can never be sure of anything. The Patriots always seem to be above or maybe ahead would be a better word than the other NFL teams and if Brady signs somewhere else New England may already have a plan in place.

So what do you think. Do you see Brady signing with San Francisco? If you do have brady joining the 49ers; where do you see Garoppolo playing next season? Also let me know if you don’t think any of this will happen.

With the draft coming up teams are going to start looking at their rosters and try to make decisions on what they want to do with the current players they have. Will see which teams use the franchise tag on which players, but will also see some trades. Which we did yesterday.

The Jacksonville Jaquars sent cornerback A.J. Bouye to the Denver Broncos. In return for Bouye the Jaquars will receive a 4th round pick in the upcoming 2020 draft. Now this trade can’t become official until the new league year starts on March 18th.

Bouye has two years remaining on his contract with a base salary of $13 million dollars in both seasons.

The Broncos weren’t the only team that showed interest in trading for Bouye, but Denver was a preferred landing spot for Bouye; so it seems as though Jacksonville obliged with that request.

The trade for Bouye appears to mean that the Broncos will move on from cornerback Chris Harris who is a free agent. Harris has been with the Broncos since they signed him as undrafted free agent in 2011.

Harris will join a group of notable cornerbacks that are headed into free agency. Josh Norman, James Bradberry, Logan Ryan and Byron Jones are some of the cornerbacks that Harris will be on the free agent market with.

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  1. If San Francisco does sign Brady, the Bears should make a concerted effort to get Garropolo and pull the plug on Mitch.


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