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The Seattle Mariners finished the 2018 season with a record of 89-73. They ended up finishing 8 games out of a wild card spot after contending for it most of the season. Now it looks as though the Mariners will be the next team to go through a tear down and rebuild.

On Monday the Mariners got started down this road as they sent starting pitcher James Paxton to the New York Yankees for three minor leaguers.

The Mariners picked up Justus Sheffield who was the Yankees top pitching prospect. Sheffield started the season in Double-A, but pitched more in Triple-A. Sheffield made 20 appearances with 15 of those being starts in Triple-A. He went 6-4 with a 2.56 ERA. Sheffield did make 3 appearances at the major league level last season with 2 of those being starts, but they didn’t go so well. He pitched just 2 2/3rd innings and had an ERA of 10.13. Sheffield doesn’t turn 23 until May of 2019; so there’s no rush to get him to the majors.

The Mariners also got 25 year old right handed pitcher Erik Swanson. He pitched at three minor league levels last season Class-A, Class-AA and like Sheffield spent most of his time at the Triple-A level. Swanson made 14 appearances at Triple-A with 13 of those being starts. He went 3-2 with a 3.86 ERA, but he did throw a complete game. Swanson should compete for a spot in the starting rotation this spring.

The third player the Mariners got in this deal was 23 year old centerfielder Dom Thompson-Williams. He played 100 games between two Class-A levels last season with 90 of those games being played at High Class-A. For the season he hit .299 with 22 home runs and 74 RBI’s. He also stole 20 bases, but struck out 102 times. Since Thompson-Williams hasn’t played above the Class-A level it will be a few seasons before he might make it to the majors.

There are also some reports out there that the Mariners have engaged the San Diego Padres in trade talks centering around Will Myers. Now there are conflicting reports on how far along this type of a deal might be. There are reports that have this deal as on the table and other reports that say it’s not anywhere close to being done.

The actually trade as of now would see the Mariners send Jean Segura and Mike Leake to San Diego for Myers. Both Segura and Leake have full no trade clauses in their contracts; so that would have to be worked out before the deal could happen. Segura is signed through 2024 while Leake’s contract runs through the 2022 season.

With talk of Segura and Leake possibly being dealt you have to wonder how long before we’ll start to hear rumors about some of the other Mariners with bigger contracts. You’d have to think that Seattle would be interested in moving players like Kyle Seager and Dee Gordon. Another guy who they might like to move is Robinson Cano, but he still has 6 years left in his contract and he’ll be 41 by the time that contract comes to an end. I doubt there would be much interest in him unless a contender has an serious injury and Seattle would probably still have to pick up a very, very large chunk of that remaining contract.

Of course there’s also “The King” Felix Hernandez. Now Hernandez is in the final year of his contract, but he’s had his struggles the last couple of seasons. Hernandez was actually taken out of the starting rotation last season, but due to injury he only made one relief appearance. Hernandez made 28 starts and had a record of 8-14 with an ERA of 5.55. That was the highest ERA Hernandez has ever had in a season. He has also missed starts in the last three seasons due to injuries. Hernandez is just 32 years old, but will be starting his 15 major league season in 2019. As you can guess Hernandez is the Mariners all-time leader in every major category for starting pitchers.

Now with a salary of $25 million dollars for this coming season if Hernandez gets off to a good start and is looking more like his old self than he has the past couple of seasons could he be traded? You have to think that’s it’s possible in the final year of his contract that a contender might be interested in a pitcher like Hernandez.

While it would be sad to see Hernandez go and strange to see him in another uniform he might have a chance to add a World Series ring to his resume that should have him as a borderline Hall of Fame player.

Well if you where looking for some offense; you got it out of the Monday Night game as the Los Angeles Rams beat the Kansas City Chiefs 54-51.

Now interestingly I heard someone reviewing the game in Tuesday morning and they where going on and on about how Patrick Mahomes had the greatest game in the history of the NFL for a quarterback. Now Mahomes was 33 of 46 while throwing for 478 yards and 6 touchdowns. Now those are great numbers and that’s what this guy was really pumping up on television. Now what he forgot to mention was the fact that Mahomes threw 3 interceptions; lost 2 fumbles and I think more importantly his team came out on the losing end. The question I have for everyone is; can this be considered the greatest game ever for a quarterback when your team doesn’t win?

Now with my work schedule I didn’t get to see as much of this game as I would’ve like to have. I’m sure it was fun to watch and it seems as though everyone thinks that this is the way the NFL is going to go. Is this the style of NFL game you’d like to see played? I do enjoy seeing good defense payed, but with the new rules that are set to try and limit injuries it’s difficult to play good defense and against teams like this it’s even more difficult. I guess will have to wait nd see if and or how the league tries to react to what’s going on; until just enjoy the offense.

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