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We’re 3 rounds into the 2018 NFL draft. Do you like the moves your favorite team has made or the players they’ve picked? Let’s face it you can rank these guys in any order you want, but we actually won’t know if they can play until we see them on the field. It’s impossible to measure a players heart or his work ethic: so a lot of times a team doesn’t know what kind of player they have until they see him in a game type situation. For right now let’s just hope that your favorite team hit on all the picks they made.

I actually enjoy the draft, but with the way the television networks cover it I can’t watch it. Since the draft is now a made for TV event it’s stretched out way too long and it takes them to long to get from pick to pick. I understand that they want to give you inside analysis of the player your favorite team just picked, but they seem to go to far and take way, way too long. I think last night they told you everything about the player picked including what he had for lunch. The coverage has really turned me off and all I do now is turn the draft and catch up by reading the crawler. I am the only one who feels this way?

I have to tell you that I did enjoy the fact that every mock draft that was put out was so wrong I felt like I wasted my time looking at it. No one had Baker Mayfield going #1 and if they did that person went I and changed their mock draft right before the draft started. I read multiple mock drafts and didn’t see any of them with Mayfield being the 1st pick.

Not only was everyone wrong about the first pick, but a lot of people had the New York Giants taking a quarterback with the 2nd pick. Why did the Giants need a quarterback? They of course didn’t take one and went with running back Saquion Barkley who was rated the top player in this draft.

Now just about every mock draft had 5 quarterbacks going in the 1st round, but I don’t think they went in the order most mock drafts had them. Also most of the mock drafts had them going in the Top 5 and while four of them did go in the Top 10 they weren’t really close with where they had them being picked.

Don’t forget that just about ever mock draft had the Buffalo Bills giving away most if not all of their future to move up to get a quarterback. Luckily the Bills where smarter than the people doing the mock drafts, They waited out the draft and when the quarterbacks didn’t come flying off the board like predicted they gave the Tampa Bay Buccaneers two 2d round draft picks to move up to #7 and select Josh Allen. The Arizona Cardinals also decided to move up to get a quarterback as they traded with the Oakland Raiders  and selected Josh Rosen with the 10th pick. The 5th quarterback that everyone had coming off the board in the 1st round was Lamar Jackson. Now just about every mock draft had Jackson going in the middle of the 1st round. Now Jackson did end up being picked in the 1st round, but he was the final player selected in the 1st round #32. He also went to a team that no one had him going to as the Baltimore Ravens traded back into the bottom of the 1st round to grab Jackson. So more or less all they got right was that there would be 5 quarterbacks taken in the 1st round.

One question I did have coming out of the 1st round was; did the Cleveland Browns make a mistake?

Now I’ve only seen highlights of Baker Mayfield play; so I have no idea what kind of NFL quarterback he’ll end up being. What I am wondering is could the Browns have waited and taken Saquion Barkley at #1 and then grabbed Mayfield with the 4th pick. Now with the way the draft ended up going it appears as though Cleveland could’ve done that, but of course hindsight is 20/20.

With the 4th pick Cleveland went with the best cornerback in the draft Denzel Ward. Now the Browns did have two picks at the top of the 2nd round and they used to draft running back Nick Chubb. Again we won’t know how any of this actually works out until we see these guys play.

I’m not sure if this has happened in baseball before, but it’s an interested stat. Matt Davidson of the Chicago White Sox has 9 home runs this season. I’m sure you’re wondering what’s interesting about that. Well 7 of Davidson’s 9 home runs have came against the Kansas City Royals and they’ve all been hit in Kaufman Stadium.

Now Kaufman Stadium isn’t looked at as a home run hitters paradise like some ballparks are, but this is Davison’s 3rd multi-home run game of the season there. Davidson’s second home run last night was a three run shot in the Top of the 11th inning that helped the White Sox to an 7-4 victory.

Davidson now owns the record for home runs in a season by an opposing hitter and it’s only April 28th. Davidson started hit home run barrage in Kansas City on opening day when he went deep three time. The White Sox won that game 14-7. On Thursday night Davidson had his second multi-home run game in Kaufman Stadium hitting two bombs in a 6-3 White Sox win. Then last night Davidson added two more home runs to get his total to 7.

Davidson has three more chances to add to his home run total this weekend. The White Sox and the Royals play a split doubleheader today and then wrap up this 5-game series with a game on Sunday afternoon. After this series the White Sox don’t return to Kaufman Stadium until September 10th, 11th and 12th.

Do you think that Davidson will add to his  home run total over these next three games?

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