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While we’re waiting for the top starting pitchers to sign as free agents the top closer on the market has signed a new deal. Wade Davis inked a three year deal with the Colorado Rockies.

Davis will be paid $52 million dollars for those three seasons, but the contract has a vesting options for a fourth year that would make the total value of his deal $66 million dollars. Davis will earn $16 million dollars for the 2018 season. His salary goes up to $18 million dollars for the 2019 season and then drop down to $17 million dollars for the 2020 season. The fourth year option in Davis’ contract would be worth $15 million dollars for the 2021 season if it kicks in. The deal also includes a $1 million dollar assignment bonus of Davis is traded. Interestingly if Davis is traded one time he will then have a full no trade rights.

After spending his entire career in the American League Davis pitched for the Chicago Cubs in 2017. Davis went 4-2 with an E.R.A. of 2.30 while saving 32 games. Davis pitched 58 2/3rd innings striking out 79 batters while walking 28. Davis did give up 6 home runs last season and that was the most he had ever giving up as a reliever in a season. We’ll have to see how he does closing the majority of his games in Colorado, but he was clearly the best closer on the free agent market this off season.

With the signing of Davis it would appear that the Rockies won’t be bringing Greg Holland back. Holland served as the Rockies closer for the 2017 season and even thought he had some struggles in the second half of the season he still had good numbers for them,

Holland missed all of the 2016 season after having Tommy John surgery, but bounced back to pitch in 61 games for Colorado covering 57 1/3rd innings. Holland was 3-6 with an E.R.A. of 3.61 while saving 41 games last season. Those 41 saves tied Holland with Kenley Jansen of the Los Angeles Dodgers for the National League lead. Holland struck out 70 batters while walking 26 last season, but of course pitching in Colorado he gave up a career high 7 home runs.

Holland declined the $15 million dollar option in his contract for the 2018 season and he also turned down the $17.4 million dollar qualifying off the Rockies offered him. Davis also rejected a 2018 qualifying offer; so he’ll cost the Rockies a pick in the 2018 draft with his signing.

Since the Rockies have never seemed to have success bringing in top starting pitchers they’re going to stick with their plan of building a strong bullpen which helped get them into the wild card game last season.

Davis will be added to a Colorado bullpen that also added set up man Bryan Shaw on a three year $25 million dollar deal with an option for a fourth year. The Rockies also brought back left hander Jake McGee who has pitched for them the past two seasons. McGee also signed a three year deal worth $25 million dollars with a fourth year option to stay with the Rockies. Don’t forget that the Rockies still have Mike Dunn who they signed last season to a three year $18 million dollar deal with a fourth year option when he was a free agent last off season.

While it looks like the Rockies bullpen will be solid and since they do play 81 games in Colorado their offense should also be good, but they question always is, do they have good enough starting pitching to win? Colorado got into the wild card game last season; so will see if they can find there way back into the playoffs in 2018.

We’re headed into the last week final week of the NFL’s regular season and I’m sure you’ve been wondering how we’re doing with our picks since I haven’t mentioned in a while. Here’s what it looks like for us heading into Week 17.

Dan the Man is in the lead at 164-76 and unless he just completely collapses should win this season. Mr. Fantasy is in 2nd place with a record of 159-81. I am currently holding on to 3rd place with a record of 154-86, but Schaumburg Stu is just two games behind me at 152-88. While it doesn’t look like any one will catch Dan the Man the other three spots are still up for grabs.

Very much like the NFL does we will wipe the slate clean next week as we head into the playoffs; so everybody gets a fresh start.

While it most of the playoff spots are locked down there are still openings for one more wild card team in each Conference. There could also be some juggling of the seeds in the NFC depending on the outcome of some of the games, but it’s going to take a well played out scenario for that to happen. Let’s just focus on those two last wild card spots.

In the AFC all the Tennessee Titans have to do is win and they’re in. The Titans, Los Angeles Chargers and Buffalo Bills are all 8-7 going into the final week of the season, but the Titans hold the tiebreaker over those two teams due to having the better winning percentage in conference games.

Tennessee is facing the Jacksonville Jaquars tomorrow, but the Jaquars are already locked into the #3 seed; so will have to see if they’ll rest players or if they try to keep the Titans out of the playoffs. Way back in Week 3 the Titans beat the Jaquars 37-16; so maybe Jacksonville wants some revenge.

If the Titans do lose the Chargers would be the next team ion line for that wild card spot. The Chargers hold the tiebreaker over the Bills since they beat them in their Week 11 match up 54-24. The Chargers are facing the Oakland Raiders this week.

Now for the Bills to get that wild card spot they would need some help. They’d need both the Titans and the Chargers to lose their games and then Buffalo would need to get a win over the Miami Dolphins. While I doubt it had any affect on where these teams are now it is kind of humorous that the Bills started Nathan Peterman in that Week 11 match up the Chargers and he threw 5 interceptions before halftime in that loss.

There are two teams in the NFC looking to claim that last wild card spot. It’s down to the Atlanta Falcons and the Seattle Seahawks with the Falcons being the team that controls their own destiny.

Atlanta faces the Carolina Panthers in Week 17 and if they win they’re in. Now Carolina is part of that odd scenario that could see them end up as the #2 seed and receive a 1st round bye; so they are playing for something. That along with the fact that Carolina can still win the NFC South. With all of this playing out you have to figure that the Panthers won’t be resting players and this will be a competitive game. In week 8 the Panthers beat the Falcons 20-17.

The Seahawks will need that Atlanta loss and a win over the Arizona Cardinals to get into the playoffs as a wild card team. Atlanta holds the tiebreaker over the Seahawks; so If they end up with the same record the Falcons get in. The Seahawks beat the Cardinals 22-16 back in Week 9.

While there aren’t a ton of reasons to watch the final week of the NFL season there are a few teams that still have something to play for.

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