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Posted: October 2, 2015 by Sports Time Radio in football
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The Dallas Cowboys are 2-1 and in sole possession of 1st place in the NFC East going into their Week 4 game against the 0-3 3 New Orleans Saints. You’d think a team that was in 1st place wouldn’t have to many more concerns other than winning games, but the Cowboys are in a unique situation. Dez Bryant was injured in Game 1 of the season and isn’t expected back for 4-6 more weeks, but there are some experts saying he might be done for the season. Even though it was an injury to one of the top wide receivers in all of the NFL; well it’s the NFL and injuries happen. The in the 2nd game of the season Tony Romo goes down with a broken clavicle. Romo needed surgery and is scheduled to return Week 11 against the Miami Dolphins. So now the Cowboys top 2 offensive players are injured and out for quite a few games. How does the team stay afloat in what is shaping up to be a winnable division even without Bryant and Romo. Terrance Williams and Cole Beasley will be expected to step up and fill the void left by Bryant at wide receiver. The Cowboys traded for Brice Butler to help at receiver, but he hasn’t appeared in a game since being acquired; so he doesn’t look like he’ll be able to help fill in for the injured Bryant. Now you can still piece together a solid receiving core with what the Cowboys have and with some good performances from tight ends Jason Witten and Gavin Escobar. Maybe there’s a chance they add a veteran like Wes Welker or Hakeem Nicks; who are still out on the free agent market. While this group could never replace a receiver like Bryant they could help the team tread water until Bryant can get healthy and return. Now the void that Romo created with his injury is more difficult to fill. Brandon Weeden was the back up quarterback coming out of training camp and made the start Week 3 a 39-28 loss to the Atlanta Falcons. The Cowboys did send a draft pick to the Buffalo Bills for quarterback Matt Cassel. Cassel is in his 11th season and most people remember him as the quarterback who filled in for Tom Brady in 2008 and went 10-5 as their starting quarterback. Cassel has 72 career starts at quarterback and may be a better option under center than Weeden once he learns the Cowboys offensive scheme. I’m not sure if the Cowboys or anyone else in the NFL know what they have in Weeden. Weeden is in his 4th NFL season, but is almost 32 years old. He’s a former 1st round draft pick; 22nd overall by the Cleveland Browns in the 2012 draft. He started 15 games for Cleveland that season. Dallas signed Weeden as a free agent in 2014 and he played in 5 games, starting 1. No announcement has been made; so it looks as though Weeden will be the starter against New Orleans this week. Too be fair Weeden played well in the loss against Atlanta. He went 22 of 26 for 232 with 0 touchdowns and 1 interception. Weeden seemed to mostly be throwing check downs  routes which seemed to be the Cowboys game plan with him. Running back Lance Dunbar led the team in receptions wit 10 for 100 yards. Weeden is not the most mobile quarterback and even behind what is considered a great offensive line he was sacked twice by Atlanta. With the Cowboys quarterback position in a bit of flux maybe they should turn to the running game with that great offensive line they have. Remember DeMarco Murray was allowed to leave in free agency this past off season and the Cowboys signing to help replace him at running back was Darren McFadden. McFadden has always been injury prone, but last season he did play in all 16 games for the Oakland Raiders, but he wasn’t there #1 running back. At one point in time McFadden was considered a #1 running back and even topped a 100 yards rushing in 2010, but he doesn’t look like the answer in the backfield and has really been the Cowboys #2 running back with Joseph Randle getting the bulk of the carries with Dunbar coming in on passing downs. Now Randle has put up pretty good numbers trough 3 games behind that Cowboys offensive line. Randle has 48 carries for 203 yards and 3 rushing touchdowns. He has also caught 6 passes for 74 yards. The question is; can Randle handle the load a #1 running back is expected to? and carry the team while Bryant and Romo recover from there injuries? Now I’m not sure who’s sold on Randle as that guy and who’s not, but what really matters is are the Cowboys sold on him? Now there may be some help out there in the form of a top running back if the Cowboys where interested in making a deal. Is it time for te Cowboys to pick up the telephone and place a call to the 0-3 Chicago Bears and see what it would take to get Matt Forte in a Cowboys uniform. If you noticed this week the Bears sent Jared Allen to the Carolina Panthers for a draft pick and Jon Bostic was dealt to the New England Patriots also for a draft pick. The Bears are clearly in rebuilding mode and while no one in their right mind would take Jay Cutler and his bad, bad contract the Cowboys should be talking a look at his best weapon; Forte. If the Cowboys came to the Bears with an offer of a 2nd round pick, a 5th round pick and a player like McFadden; so the Bears aren’t short handed in there backfield; would that be enough? That’s pretty good value in the NFL as far as trades are and looking at the Bears by the time the team is ready to contend again Forte might be at the end of his career.Forte is one of the top running backs in the game both rushing and receiving. He’s even managed to average 4.7 yards per carry this season behind a terrible Bears offensive line and let’s not forget he had 102 receptions last season to go with 1038 rushing yards. Now Dallas may have to try to make some other moves to get a player like Forte under there salary cap and that may actual be the biggest hold up to a deal like this happening. If the Cowboys could find takers for players like Randle and Dunbar that would assist in this deal. While you think that might hurt the Dallas backfield; Forte is an every down back and the Cowboys did trade for Christine Micheal before the season started. Forte is definitely  the player who could keep the Cowboys contending in the NFC East while Bryant and Romo get healthy. Looking at the NFC East the Philadelphia Eagles looked better last week, but they still don’t seem to have that Chip Kelly offense under control yet. The New York Giants are still the dumbest team in the NFL and dumb teams find ways to lose games not win them. The Washington Redskins are well the Washington Redskins and while they looked good in their 1 win they reverted to form last week and aren’t expected to contend. Just think of the numbers Forte would put up running the football behind that Cowboys offensive line. He’d be a perfect check down guy for either Weeden or Cassel which ever one is playing quarterback and then imagine the weapon he’d be with Romo under center and Bryant out at wide receiver. Can or will the Cowboys find a way to make this move and would Matt Forte save the Cowboys season.

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