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The NFL draft is Thursday and we always take a look back 5 years to see who teams selected then. You’ll hear coaches and front office people say it takes 5 years to know if a draft was good; so let’s look and see who’s good and who’s not.

The St. Louis Rams had the 1st pick and they took Sam Bradford, Quarterback, Oklahoma. I think it’s safe to say this pick was a bust for the Rams. In 5 seasons with the Rams Bradford only played in 49 games because of injuries. He went 18-30-1 in those games and the Rams dealt him this off season to the Philadelphia Eagles.

With the 2nd pick the Detroit Lions took Ndamukong Suh, DT, Nebraska. Suh has made 4 Pro Bowls and 3 first team All-Pro selections in his 5 seasons. He has 36 career sacks and 181 tackles. While those aren’t huge numbers remember that he’s a defensive tackle not a push rushing end. Suh is the best defensive tackle in the NFL and the Miami Dolphins pais him like that this off season. Suh signed for 6 years and $114,375,000 million dollars with almost $60 million dollars guaranteed.

At #3 the Tampa bay Buccaneers selected Gerald McCoy, DT, Oklahoma. McCoy has been voted to 3 Pro Bowls and 1 All-Pro team so far. He has missed a few games with injury issues, but still has 27 career sacks and 117 tackles. McCoy has been a good pick for Tampa Bay and he needs to stay healthy for them.

With the 4th pick the Washington Redskins picked Trent Williams, OT, Oklahoma. Williams was the 3rd Oklahoma player taken in the first 4 picks. Williams has been voted to the Pro Bowl the last 3 seasons. Williams has made 70 out of a possible 80 starts since being drafted. Left tackles always go high in drafts and Williams has been solid for Washington.

The Kansas City Chiefs had the 5th pick and took Eric Berry, Safety, Tennessee. Even though Berry has missed quite a bit of time with injuries and last season dealing with Hodgkin lymphoma he has still contributed when he’s on the field. Berry has played in 54 games and is a 3 time Pro Bowler and has made 1 All-Pro team. Berry has 8 career interceptions and has returned 3 for touchdowns. He has 5 1/2 career sacks and 250 tackles.

At #6 the Seattle Seahawks selected Russell Okung, OT, Oklahoma State. Due to injuries Okung has never played a full season for Seattle. He’s played in and started 59 out of a possible 80 games over 5 seasons. Okung has been voted to 1 Pro Bowl. Another building block left tackle who needs to stay healthy for his team.

With the 7th pick the Cleveland Browns took Joe Haden, Cornerback, Florida. Haden has made back to back Pro Bowl teams in 2013 and 14. He has 16 career interceptions and has returned 1 for a touchdown plus 2 sacks and 244 tackles. Haden has played in 72 career games and has started 63 of them. Haden is considered a shutdown corner for the Browns.

The Oakland Raiders had the 8th pick and selected Rolando McClain, Linebacker, Alabama. This pick didn’t work out for the Raiders and McClain actually missed the entire 2013 season because he was retired. He did return in 2014 with the Dallas Cowboys. McClain has 7 1/2 career sacks and 242 tackles along with 3 career interceptions. McClain was resigned by the Cowboys; so we’ll see how he does in 2015.

At #9 the Buffalo Bills took the first running back by selecting C.J. Spiller from Clemson. Spiller did make a Pro Bowl for the Bills, but never did turn into the elite type of running back Buffalo had hoped for. Spiller played in 70 games, but only started 36 of them. He did average 5.0 yards per carry and caught 204 passes for Buffalo. Spiller has 20 career touchdowns, 12 rushing, 6 receiving and 2 on kickoff returns. Spiller signed with the New Orleans Saints this off season.

With the 10th pick the Jacksonville Jaquars selected Tyson Alualu, DT, California. Since being drafted Alualu has played in all 80 games for Jacksonville and until last season had started everyone. He has 13 career sacks and 131 tackles and has played both defensive end spots and inside at defensive tackle for the Jaquars.

The San Francisco 49ers had the 11th pick and used it to take Anthony Davis, OT, Rutgers. Since being drafted Davis has been San Francisco’s right tackle. Until he was injured last season Davis had started every game since being drafted. Davis missed 9 games last season due to injury, but has started the other 71 games for San Francisco.

At #12 the San Diego Chargers selected Ryan Matthews, Running Back, Fresno State. Matthews has pretty much been the poster boy for injury prone in his career. Matthews has played in 63 games out of a possible 80 and has started 53 of them. Matthews had two 1000 yards seasons and made 1 Pro Bowl. He has 4061 career rushing yards and 23 touchdowns along with 146 receptions, 1110 yards and 1 touchdown. Matthews signed with the Philadelphia Eagles as a free agent this off season.

With the 13th pick the Philadelphia Eagles took Brandon Graham, DE, Michigan. Graham’s career started off with some injuries, but he has played in every game the last 3 seasons. Graham is considered a pass rush specialist and has 17 career sacks to go along with 99 tackles. As a stand up outside linebacker last season he tied his career high in sacks with 5 1/2.

The Seattle Seahawks had the 14th pick; their 2nd of this round and took Earl Thomas, Safety, Texas. Thomas is a 4 time Pro Bowler and 3 time All-Pro pick so far. He is considered one of the top Safeties in the game. Thomas has played in and started all 80 games since being drafted. Thomas has 16 career interceptions and has returned 1 for a touchdown. Thomas also has 341 career tackles.

At #15 the New York Giants selected Jason Pierre-Paul, DE, South Florida. Pierre-Paul has played in 75 out of a possible 80 games since being drafted and has started 49 games. He has 42 career sacks with a career high of 16 1/2 coming in 2011. Pierre-Paul also has 2 interceptions and they’ve both been returned for touchdowns. He is a 2 time Pro Bowl and has made 1 All-Pro team.

With the 16th pick the Tennessee Titans took Derrick Morgan, DE, Georgia Tech. The Titans where hoping for a double digit sack guy when they drafted Morgan and while he’s never had that many sacks in a season he did tie his carrer high last season getting 6 1/2 sacks. He has 23 career sacks and 132 career tackles. Morgan has played in 66 games for Tennessee starting 56 of them.

 The San Francisco 49ers had the 17th pick and selected Mike Iupati, OG, Idaho. This was the 49ers second 1st round pick and also their second offensive lineman drafted. Iupati has been to 3 Pro Bowls and has made 1 All-Pro team. Iupati has played in and started 75 out of a possible 80 games for San Francisco since being drafted. 

At #18 the Pittsburgh Steelers selected Maurkice Pouncey, C, Florida. Pouncey has made 4 Pro Bowls and has been voted to 2 All-Pro teams. His only non Pro Bowl season was 2013 when he only played in 1 game due to injury. Pouncey has played in and started 62 games since being drafted by Pittsburgh.

With the 19th pick the Atlanta falcons picked Sean Weatherspoon, Linebacker, Missouri. Weatherspoon has played in just 47 games since being drafted due to injuries. He did start 41 of those games, but he didn’t play all last season because he was injured. Weatherspoon has 8 career sacks and 216 tackles; he also has 2 career interceptions and returned 1 for a touchdown.

The Houston Texans had the 20th pick and they took Kareem Jackson, Conerback, Alabama. Jackson has played in 74 games for Houston starting 71 of them. He has 10 career interceptions with 1 being returned for a touchdown. Jackson also has 241 career tackles. 

At #21 the Cincinnati Bengals selected Jermaine Gresham, Tight End, Oklahoma. Gresham has made 2 Pro Bowls, but I’m not sure he’s turned into the type of game breaking tight end the Bengals thought he would. Gresham has played in 74 games; starting 67 of them. He has 280 career receptions and has caught 24 touchdown passes. 

With the 22nd pick the Denver Broncos took Demaryius Thomas, Wide Receiver, Georgia Tech. Thomas has made the last 3 Pro Bowls and has turned into one of the top receiving threats in the NFL. He had his first 100 catch season last season grabbing 111 passes. He has also caught double digit touchdown passes the last 3 seasons along with going over 1000 yards receiving. Thomas has 351 career receptions, 5317 career yards and 41 career touchdowns.

The Green Bay Packers had the 23rd pick and they selected  Bryan Bulaga, OT, Iowa. Bulaga has battled injuries his entire career and hasn’t played a full season since his rookie year. He missed all of the 2013 season due to injury. Bulaga has played in just 52 out of a possible 80 games since being drafted and has started 48 of those games.

At #24 the Dallas Cowboys picked Dez Bryant, Wide Receiver, Oklahoma State. There where some issues with Bryant coming out of college; so he fell in this draft and the Cowboys where the team that benefited from that. Bryant has been a very good pro making the Pro Bowl and last 2 seasons and the All-Pro team last season. Bryant led the NFL in receiving touchdowns last season with 16. Bryant has 381 career receptions, 5424 career yards and 56 career touchdowns. Bryant also returned 2 kickoffs for touchdowns as a rookie.

With the 25th pick the Denver Broncos selected Tim Tebow, Quarterback, Florida. What can you say about Tebow. He started 16 games in his NFL career; so far. Remember he was signed by the Philadelphia Eagles this off season to a 1 year deal. He threw 17 touchdown passes and 9 interceptions in his career. Tebow did rush for 12 touchdowns during his career and even took the Broncos to the playoffs in 2011.

The Arizona Cardinals used the 26th pick on Dan Williams, DT, Tennessee. Williams didn’t turn into the run stopper the Cardinals had hoped he would, but he does have 113 career tackles and 2 sacks. Williams has missed some time due to injuries as he’s played in 70 of a possible 80 games and has started 40 of those games.

At #27 the New England Patriots selected Devin McCourty, Conerback, Rutgers. McCourty made the Pro Bowl as a rookie and even though he hasn’t been back he’s still a important member of the Super Bowl champions defense. McCourty has played in and started 77 out of 80 games since New England drafted him. He has 17 career interceptions, 303 career tackles and 1 career sack.

With the 28th pick the Miami Dolphins picked  Jared Odrick, DT, Penn State. Odrick has played in 65 games for the Dolphins starting 41 of them. He was their starter for all 16 games last season. He has a career 16 1/2 sacks and 104 tackles and even has 1 interception. Odrick has played 3 different spots for the Dolphins. He’s been inside at Defensive tackle, on the outside as an end and even played some linebacker for Miami.

The New York Jets had the 29th pick and they used it to take Kyle Wilson, Conerback, Boise State. Wilson has played in all 80 games since being drafted, but he’s started just 28 of those games. Wilson has been used mostly in nickel and dime coverage. He has 3 career interceptions to go along with 139 tackles and even recorded his 1st career sack last season.

At #30 the Detroit Lions selected Jahvid Best, Running Back, California. Best only played in 22 games because of concussion issues. He had 945 career rushing yards with 6 touchdowns as well as 85 career receptions for 774 yards and 3 receiving touchdowns. 

With the 31st pick the Indianapolis Colts selected Jerry Hughes, DE, TCU. Hughes spent just 3 seasons with the Colts before moving to the Buffalo Bills. Hughes has had back to back seasons of 10 sacks and has 25 for his career. Sadly for Indianapolis those numbers cane with the Bills. Hughes has played in 72 games; starting 24 of them and again sadly for the Colts 16 of those starts came with Buffalo last season.

The New Orleans Saints had the 32nd and last pick of the 1st round. New Orleans used that pick to take Patrick Robinson, Conerback, Florida State. Robinson has played in 58 of 80 games in his career; starting 33 of those games. He has 9 career interceptions with 1 being returned for a touchdown. Robinson has made 150 career tackles and has 1 sack in his career.

Here are some other names you might know from this draft. In the 6th round with pick #195 the Steelers took Antonio Brown. Also in the 6th round the Carolina Panthers used pick #175 on Greg Hardy. In the 5th round with pick #133 the Seahawks took  Kam Chancellor. Also in the 5th round the Bengals found Geno Atkins with the 120th pick.

How did your team ed up doing in the 2010 draft?

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