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Posted: February 28, 2015 by Sports Time Radio in baseball, basketball, hockey, sports
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It was a bit of a tough week to be a hockey or basketball fan in Chicago. On Tuesday the Chicago Blackhawks Patrick Kane was crossed checked and fell awkwardly into the boards. He didn’t return to the game and had surgery a couple of days later for what was being reported as a broken clavicle. The NHL doesn’t report what is injured on a player, but here in Chicago they’re reporting broken clavicle and Kane will be out about 12 weeks. The Blackhawks would have to go deep into the playoffs for Kane to return and without him that will be tough for them to do. Kane was being mentioned as a candidate for MVP and was among the top scorers in the NHL Kane has 27 goals and 37 assists for 64 points this season in 61 games for the Blackhawks. The same day Kane’s injury was announced the Chicago Bulls announced that Derrick Rose needed another knee surgery to repair a torn meniscus ligament. Rose had his surgery yesterday (Friday) and at a press conference the Bulls said he’d be out 4 to 6 weeks. I think this is a bit of an accelerated time line for Rose to come back. Russell Westbrook had this same type of surgery and was out 8 weeks. Now most Bulls fans will remember the first time Rose had knee surgery there where reports that he’d be returning and then he wouldn’t. What happens if we get to the Bulls announced 6 week mark and Rose isn’t ready to play. With Rose’s injury history when I heard he was injured again I just figured he was done for the season. If Rose is out the 6 weeks he’ll return with 3 regular season games left. Is that enough time for him to get ready to help the Bulls make a playoff run? Even though both teams have winning records; both teams have been disappointing this season. The Blackhawks are 37-21-5 and in 3rd place in the Central division of the Western conference with 79 points. Even without Kane they should get into the playoffs, but at the beginning of the season this team was considered a Stanley Cup contender and I’m not sure many people think that now.  The Bulls are 37-22 and hold a 1/2 game lead over the Cleveland Cavaliers in the Central Division of the Eastern conference. Even if the Bulls can’t hold off the Cavaliers and win the Central division they’ll still make the playoffs. At the start of the season there was a lot of talk that the Bulls would represent the Eastern conference in the N.B.A. finals and some experts where even picking them to win it all, but right now are they a threat to even get out of the 1st round of the playoffs. I did actually hear a couple of Chicago blaming Tom Thibodeau for Derrick Rose’s injury. Thibodeau appears to be on the hot seat in Chicago as reports have come out that the front office team of Gar Foreman and John Paxson don’t like Thibodeau and his coaching style; so it was looking like he would be fired at the end of the season anyway. If anyone on the Bulls organization is blaming Thibodeau for Rose getting hurt you’d have to figure this is just another nail in his Bulls coaching coffin. Luckily for Chicago fans there’s a lot of hope for the upcoming baseball season. That’s a good thing as I wouldn’t be surprised if both the Bulls and the Blackhawks get knocked out of their respective playoffs very early or even in the 1st round.

If you’re a Bay area sports fan last night (Friday) was a good night to listen to Sports Time Radio. Nick Hjeltness from GoldenGateSports was on the podcast with us. Nick covered everything San Francisco Giants wise and stuck around with us to talk some Oakland Raiders and San Francisco 49ers football. We didn’t get into the Golden State Warriors, but Mr. Fantasy isn’t the biggest basketball fan; so we stayed away from that team. We  have quite a few interviews on the podcast and it’s not like your normal radio interview where the guests answers 2 or 3 questions and then they’re let go. We keep our guests on with us for almost a full 30 minutes and last night Nick stayed on the podcast with us for an hour to cover all the topics we wanted to discuss with him. We’re doing what we can to get someone from all 30 Major League Baseball teams to get previews for the upcoming season. I typed we’re, but it’s actually Dan the Man who schedules all the interviews for Sports Time Radio. If there’s a guest you’d like us to try to get on the podcast e-mail us and will see if they’re willing to come on and talk to us.

Are the St. Louis Cardinals losing their grip on the NL Central? Adam Wainwright had to miss a few days of spring training already with what was being reported as an abdominal strain. Wainwright was given a few days off and has resumed his spring training workouts, but don’t forget he is also coming off surgery to clean up his throwing elbow.  Wainwright is the ace of the Cardinals pitching staff and they can’t afford to lose him for any long period of time. You do have to wonder if this abdominal injury will linger into the start of the season and cause issues. Yader Molina also missed quite a few regular season games with a thumb injury. While Molina did return for the playoffs, but went 5 for 22 in 6 playoff games. There are other questions with the Cardinals starting rotation besides Wainwright’s health. Lance Lynn is solid as a #2, but what can the Cardinals expect out of Michael Wacha and John Lackey as their 3rd and 4th starters. Then who gets the 5th spot in the rotation? Jaime GarciaMarco Gonzales or Carlos Martinez. While I do feel that St. Louis is still the best team in the NL Central I think the gap is starting to close. The Pittsburgh Pirates have been there the last couple of seasons, the Chicago Cubs look like an improved team and remember the Milwaukee Brewers where in 1st place in this division for the better part of 2014. Sorry Cincinnati Reds fans; I think you may end up in the cellar of this division.

So how was your week?

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  1. Andre Boyd says:

    The good thing to look at is that the Rose injury does not seem to be as serious as we may think.With an estimated return of 4-6 weeks he can still be pretty effective within the rotation.Just not as explosive.


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