This Old Stub: Chicago Bears preseason

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It’s opening day for the NFL and as I sit here watching the Bears vs Bills at Soldier Field. it takes me way back for a throwback thursday if you will, to just a couple weeks ago, when I was able to go to the Jacksonville Jaguars vs Da Bears. Yes that is grammatically correct, anytime you put da in front of bears, they are automatically capitalized like so, Da Bears! Now, just because I know a season ticket holder but that doesn’t mean he just throws me the tickets all season long, I wish, but he did give me a set of preseaon tickets that had a face value of approximately $100 per ticket. For Preason! Sadly seeing what it costs to go to a Bears game, I will probably never go to regular season game. Something the Big Jack and I have discussed numerous times on Sports Time Radio. When I looked online, the seats I sat in two rows higher were going for about $350 a piece. If I were to have purchased these tickets, it would be more than my mortgage for the month. The Big Jack and I have talked about today and it being so much easier and cheaper to just stay home and watch on your big screen tv. I have a 55in. Its not a 70in but it still a great view. I have a bathroom close by and theres almost always never a line. I can buy a six pack for the price of one beer. Although I enjoy all the conveniences of home, there still is nothing like go to a live sporting event. Look at this view.


I had four tickets, one for me and of course my wife, she could care less what we are going to see as long as there is some good food. She prefers the live version than sitting on the couch. She loves a Super Bowl party, where I would rather watch the game at home. Two more tickets left but its a no brainer, I called my dad and my sister, to ask if my nephew could go? Check and Check. First thing you must know when going to a Bears game, is where to park. It’s the NFL, its not the MLB, so don’t drive down and look for parking. Be prepared, go to http://soldierfieldparking.comand buy your parking in advance. My seats were by the North Gate and there is a north gate parking lot which was $50 but it was sold out. Parking by the Planetarium was $100, I’m sure this is where the serious tailgaters are set up. There was a parking lot south of Mc Cormick Place for about $40. You could tailgate there and bring alcohol. There are shuttles to take you to the tunnel that goes under Lake Shore Drive and brings you to the South Gate. I chose the $50 family parking, which was a parking lot near 18th street. The parking lot allows tailgating but no alcohol but no shuttle bus needed because the lot is where the shuttle bus drops off and picks up. Either way your going to do some walking. My suggestion when you’ve decided on parking no which way to go. If you picked the Planetarium, North lot or 18th street, take Lake Shore Drive North. If your going to the south lots. Go south and follow the signs.

My wife works in the loop of downtown Chicago, and she came to the game with a few co-workers and even received free drinks at the bar before the game. Our seats were great, on the aisle and only four rows from the tunnel to the seats. My dad and my nephew went down to the field seats but were unable to snag any autographs. My wife arrived just before the national anthem. It was exiting to be apart of the ceremonial introductions. It seems to go by much quicker when you are there. Before you know it, it’s kickoff and the game is on. It’s very hard to get a whole lot out of a preseason game. Cutler and his offense were out there for a little bit and to be honest, it was the Cutler we’ve seen year after year. It was all about the experience of being at Soldier Field and watching the game. We got a good look at back up running back, Shaun Draughn. Also, Blake Bortles was pretty impressive against the second string defense. Through out the game my wife, father and I had to take my nephew to tour Soldier Field. My nephew surprisingly didn’t want anything from the gift shops. My father, on the other hand, came back from his turn with a t-shirt for my mom. All I went home with was the souvenir cup that went with my hot dog, which my dad bought. Thanks Dad.

Even though it was pre season, it was still a great experience. My dad hadn’t been to game in over 10 years, and it was the first game for my wife, nephew and I. One day, I may have throw away income to spend thousands of dollars for one day watching Da Bears live. That or I will be the proud buyer of season tickets to the Chicago Bears. Which I still have trouble deciding weather or not to sell the whole season as a package or try to sell all but one game to make enough money to pay for the game I attend. Either way, it will be a while before This Old Stub documents my experience at Soldier Field. Unless of course, I am given these tickets again next year.


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