How was your Week? (6/8/13)

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It’s baseball season, so we obviously spend a lot of time talking about that on the show. Earlier in the week Mr. Fantasy and I made a trade in a money league we’re in together. We traded Washington Nationals outfielder Bryce Harper for Arizona Diamondbacks pitcher Patrick Corbin. My warning to any fantasy owner out there who has Corbin is trade him now. Mr. Fantasy and I have such bad, bad luck with pitchers that there is a chance Corbin won’t win another game this season. The really sad part about that is I’m not kidding. For whatever reason we just kill pitchers; hopefully Corbin will be our exception. Corbin is 9 – 0 in 12 starts this season. Harper has 12 home runs this season and is hitting .287, but is injured and is scheduled to see Dr. James Andrews next week to have his knee looked at. Hopefully this deal works out for us as we can use some good pitching.
Friday nights broadcast: It’s Time. It’s Time.

Can you believe the Boston Bruins swept the Pittsburgh Penguins out of the Eastern Conference finals. Pittsburgh had been the best team in the NHL through the first few rounds of the playoff and Boston barely got by the Toronto Maple Leafs in the first round, but here they are in the Stanley Cup finals waiting for the winner of the Chicago Blackhawks/Los Angles Kings series. The Blackhawks have a 3 games to 1 lead in the series and can close it out tonight at home. Tuukka Rask is the hot goaltender right now; so will see if he can win the Stanley Cup for the Bruins. Rask stopped all but two shots in the series against the Penguins; so will see if he can continue that impressive feat in the Cup finals. The Bruins might find out who their facing tonight.
Wednesday nights broadcast: Weird & Wild

Oh my! The Miami Heat lost game 1 of the NBA finals. And the world didn’t end. Well, it did if you’re a frequent viewer of ESPN like I am. Sadly it was all they talked about yesterday and it’s weird how they never want to admit that they got beat. There’s always an excuse for a Heat loss and this one was fatigue from the Indiana series. I thought maybe they lost because Chris Bosh was terrible shooting the basketball but I guess that was just me. Do you remember before Bosh signed with Miami and he was considered one of the top players in the NBA. I know he got his championship last season but I wonder if he regrets his decision to sign there. He has a chance to opt out of his contract if not after these playoffs then after next season and I think it would be smart if he took his talents out of South Beach. Miami has the extra day off before game two so they can get over their fatigue and I expect they’ll get a win in game two at home over the San Antonio Spurs. The Spurs are a veteran team and with the way Tony Parker has been playing he’ll have a lot to say about how this series plays out. I wonder how ESPN would react if the Spurs actually win this series.
Sunday nights broadcast: Sunday Fun Day

Here’s a special Sports Time Radio happy birthday to Mr. Fantasy.

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