Heisman Trophy; who ya got?

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If you’ve listened to the show you know Dan the Man and I don’t talk much college football. That doesn’t mean that I haven’t been paying attention to what goes on in the sport. It’s the time of year when all the talk turns to the Heisman Trophy and who should win it. It might as well be my turn; so who ya got?

The award is supposed to go to the best player in college football. Not the best offensive player in college football, but the best PLAYER in college football. I’m sure you can see where I’m going with this as the best player in college football this season has been Manti Te’o. I know defensive players don’t win this award. The last defensive player to win the award was Charles Woodson in 1997; so I think it’s time for this to happen again. Manti Te’o would get my vote for the Heisman Trophy.

Johnny Manziel would be the second name I’d put on my ballot. He put up huge numbers, but you have to wonder if it’s the system he’s in. He did break records set by Cam Newton and Tim Tebow; so that’s an impressive feat in itself. They call Manziel; Johnny Football and with good reason. He’s second in NCAA total offensive stats; he’s only behind Nick Florence of Baylor. There will be a lot of voters who won’t cast a vote for Manziel because he’s a freshman. I believe he belongs on the ballot, but in the second spot.

Marqise Lee from The University of Southern California (USC) is third on my ballot. 112 receptions and 1680 yards and 14 receiving touchdowns. USC didn’t have the kind of season they were predicted to have, but Lee still put up great offensive numbers for them. Lee also averaged a little over 28 yards a kick return and took 1 in for a touchdown. Only a sophomore Lee and Manzell could battle for this award for the next couple of seasons if they stay in school.

Ka”Deem Carey running back University of Arizona is in the fourth spot on my ballot. He’s the leading rusher in the NCAA with 1757 rushing yards and averaged almost 6.4 yards per carry. I believe if you’re the best running back in college football you should get a vote for the Heisman Trophy. Okay maybe he’s not considered the best running back in college football, but he’s put up the numbers to deserve a vote. He also scored 20 rushing touchdowns this season.

Let’s have some fun with the last spot on my ballot. I’m going to go with Rakeem Cato the sophomore quarterback from Marshall University.He threw for 37 touchdowns and 4201 yards this season. This is just me, but I always try to find guy no one will think of who deserves he award and this season for me it’s Cato. In 584 passing attempts he threw 11 interceptions and completed passes at almost 70%.

There you are my five; so who ya got?

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