Fantasy Football Firsts

Posted: September 18, 2012 by Sports Time Radio in football, sports, Uncategorized
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Reggie Bush

The NFL is wrapping up the second week of football and in this second week I was able to crush my opponent and pull out my first win of the season. This is my first time ever doing a fantasy league. I can say its probably easiest to start with football because of the schedule. I joined Mr. Fantasy and Big Jack’s Yahoo league. It is free to join and it has a companion app for droid or apple. I’m an apple guy So you know I have the app on my iPad and iPhone. It definitely makes it easier than running to check everything on the pc(no Mac yet). I also downloaded Bleacher Report and Rotowire.
My first week was a bust but I was able to come back strong in the second week and not even give my opponent a chance. This fantasy thing is very similar to gambling I would say, it’s all about luck and timing. This week I had a couple guys get hurt and I was able to fill those positions and gain huge points like my TE from the Jets Dustin Kellar was out and I was able to replace by thursday or so with SD’s Dante Rosario. I took a chance on him because he was questionable but it worked out with him scoring 3td’s and giving me 26.55 points. Now I lost on WAS Pierre Garçon and the three WRs I had barely scored 15 points combined but Good ole Reggie Bush was the man Sunday scoring me over 40 points. I felt that when I chose him, he was on a New team, The Heismann trophy situation was over along with the Kardishian BS. Hopefully he continues to score like he did this Sunday.
When I first heard of fantasy I just thought there was way to much time involved to do it or it would be to complicated but with modern technology and the NFL having really one day of games, it’s pretty easy and it makes that other game after the Bears game more exciting along with the national game. Depending on how well I do this year, maybe I’ll do a money league but then again I don’t want to push my luck. Until next week or whenever I decide to blog again.


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