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I think the Cy Young races in both leagues are very close and this could change at any time, but right now if I had a vote I think I’d go this way.

It’s a tough choice to put one pitcher at #1, but I’d vote for David Price as the American League Cy Young award winner. 17-5 right now with an E.R.A. of 2.54 and 175 strikeouts. He’s the shut down guy ever staff needs and he’s kept Tampa Bay in the race all year. Jered Weaver slots in at second on my ballot. Injuries have cost him some starts this season and maybe the Cy Young. He has 16 wins in the starts he’s made, but he was skipped his last start because of a shoulder injury and will see if this lingers the rest of the season. Third and fourth could be flipped flopped for me, but right now I’m putting Chris Sale 3rd and Justin Verlander 4th. Both pitchers are the ace’s of their staffs and are battling to win the American League Central. Sale has a few more wins and a little better E.R.A. Verlander has a big lead in strikeouts and has pitched more innings. The 5th spot on my ballot goes to Matt Harrison of the Texas Rangers. The Rangers are the best team in the American League and Harrison has been the best pitcher on their staff. I could’ve dropped Felix Hernandez in the fifth spot, but I believe Harrison deserves a mention as he gets the fifth spot on my ballot.

The National League award will be very interesting to see how it goes. There are quite a few pitchers who could walk away with the award, but this is who I got.

Johnny Cueto wins the National League Cy Young for me. He’s the reason the Cincinnati reds have the big division lead they have right now and should win the National League Central. Cueto has 17 wins right now and should pick up a couple more before the seasons ends. Second on my ballot would be Gio Gonzalez. Yes; a Washington Nationals pitcher that’s not Steven Strasburg. Gonzalez has 18 wins, 185 strikeouts and doesn’t have to worry about being shutdown. Craig Kimbrel gets the third spot on my ballot. I know there are people out their who say relievers shouldn’t win the Cy Young award, but why not? They’re pitchers right; Kimbrel’s E.R.A. is 1.18 right now. He’s converted 35 of 38 save chances and has help keep Atlanta in the lead for the wild card in the National League. If you didn’t like my third pick you won’t like my fourth pick either. Aroldis Chapman is my fourth place pitcher; yes another reliever. 118 strikeouts as a closer; he did make a few starts early for the Reds, but he’s been lights out since moving to the bullpen. I don’t think you can fill out a Cy Young ballot and not include R.A. Dickey. Dickey is tied for the National League lead in wins at 18 with Gonzalez. He has 195 strikeouts and has only walked 45 batters; which for a knuckleballer is fantastic.

With a few starts left for each of these pitchers this could all change as close as these races are, but right now this is Who I got.

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