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So in our leagues the outfielders are position specific; so I’m going to try and focus on the guys who will play that outfield spot.

The Best; Michael Brantley, Cleveland Indians. There are two camps on Brantley heading into this season. You’re either in the camp that last season was a breakout year and he’ll continue to play at a high level. Then there’s the group that believes that last season was a fluke and he’ll drop way off in 2015. I’m not sure that Brantley will hit .327 this season, but if he can get close to .300 that’s fine. There’s a chance if Cleveland has improved that his RBI’s will go up from the 97 last season. Brantley has good enough power to stay at the 20 homer level as well. I’m in on him this season; so while I may not believe he’ll be a star for years to come I think he’s the best for 2015.

Underrated: Khris Davis, Milwaukee Brewers. While Davis didn’t hit for a high average last season .244 he did have 22 home runs, 69 RBI’s and added 37 doubles. The Brewers have a very solid line up; so Davis isn’t called upon to carry the team and that helps him put up his numbers. Davis hit .279 in limited action in 2013; so if his batting average could meet somewhere in the middle it will make him a quality fantasy player especially in bigger leagues. If his average can come up a little his other numbers should come with it. It wouldn’t take much improvement to get to 25 home runs and 75 RBI’s

Bounce Back; Bryce Harper, Washington Nationals. Harper’s games played have dropped every year since his rookie season. He played in just 100 games last season. If he can just stay healthy he should have a bounce back season. I’m not sure if Harper will show the power some people are predicting for him this season. He has a career high of 22 home runs, but I’ve heard some experts say he’ll hit 30 or 35 home runs in 2015. I’d like to see Harper get his batting average closer to .300; he’s a career .272 hitter. If Harper could find his way close to .300 with 25 home runs and 75 RBI’s I think most fantasy owners would take that from him. The question is; can he stay healthy enough to do it.

Stay Away from; Alejandro De Aza, Baltimore Orioles. For whatever reason managers like to put De Aza in the lead off spot. His career high in steals is 26, he’s never walked more than 50 times in a season and he’ll strikeout 100 plus times a season. I’m not sure it’s the bat you want at the top of the order. He’s a career .268 hitter and probably won’t get to double digits in home runs. Even in a position specific like yours there are plenty of other outfielders ahead of De Aza.