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Posted: January 22, 2023 by Sports Time Radio in sports

Well, as it turned out it was another set of predictions that ended up at the .500 mark for me. Yesterday I had the winners of both games correct, but I was way, way off on betting the spread of those games.

In Saturday’s opening divisional playoff game, the Kansas City Chiefs had a tougher time getting past the Jacksonville Jaquars than I thought they would. Kansas City ended up picking up a 27-20 victory. Patrick Mahomes injured his ankle in the game, but I don’t know how much affect that had on the final score as Jacksonville found ways to stay in the game and it appeared had chances to tie or maybe even find a way to get win, but two late turnovers cost them.

The divisional round night playoff game wasn’t anywhere bear as close as the first one was, The Philadelphia Eagles cruised past the New York Giants by a score of 38-7. Philadelphia had a 14-0 lead after the 1st quarter and never looked back. The Eagles were up 28-0 by the time the Giants scored their touchdown in the 3rd quarter. The Eagles added 10 4th quarter points just to extend the final score.

So, we move on to today’s games and the AFC has the first game on the schedule today as the Buffalo Bills host the Cincinnati Bengals.

Last season Cincinnati made a run through the playoffs and represented the AFC in the Super Bowl, but they didn’t have to face the Bills on that run. The other interesting fallout from this game is that if Cincinnati wins, they’ll play the AFC championship game in Kansas City, but if Buffalo wins the game will be played at a neutral sire which is Atlanta. I don’t think that the weather will be too big of a factor in this game and Buffalo is currently a 6-point favorite. This is probably the toughest game of the weekend for me to pick, but I’m going to go with Buffalo and I’m going to lay the points.

The divisional round playoffs wrap up with the San Francisco 49ers hosting the Dallas Cowboys. I’ve heard a lot of the sports personalities on ESPN complaining that the 49ers have an unfair advantage coming into this game since they had two extra days rest. I guess these people didn’t notice that the Cowboys played the Tampa Bay Buccaneers on the network they work for on super wild card Monday, and it was probably at the request of that network. I guess they were setting up an excuse for the Cowboys if they lose which I think they will.

San Francisco is currently a 4-point favorite for today’s game. It will be interesting to see how Brock Purdy plays against the Cowboys defense, but I believe that he’ll do enough for the 49ers to win and to cover the 4-point spread.

Now I understand that with the way baseball is looked at now through sabermetrics and analytics that winning a batting title is no longer considered what it used to be, but I still think it’s a pretty impressive feat. You’ll have to let me know your feelings about that in the comments.

Anyway, Luis Arraez of the Minnesota Twins won the American League batting title with a .316 average. Arraez played in 144 games last season and had 547 at bats, so it’s not like he backed into the batting title.

Well yesterday Arraez is now a member of the Miami Marlins as he was dealt along with two minor leaguers for right-handed pitcher Pablo Lopez and two minor leaguers.

There had been a lot of rumors that the Marlins would trade one of their starting pitchers this off season and that Lopez was the most likely candidate to be dealt.

On the surface this might not be a blockbuster trade, but what I thought was interesting about it was this is the second time since 1979 that the winner of the American League batting title has been traded and oddly it was the Twins who were involved in that deal as well.

After winning the American league batting title in 1978 Rod Carew was traded by the Twins to the then California Angels for four players.

Who knows if Arraez will go on to have the same type of career that Carew did and to be fair it’s doubtful, but as for now they have this little odd tidbit in common involving the Twins and winning a batting title.

Well, it’s that time again. Let me know who your picks for the two NFL playoff games we’ve got going on today and also include if you think your picks will cover the point spread.

Remember to look me up on Twitter, I’m @Burketime.

  1. I’m more confident in San Francisco winning their game than I am in the Cincinnati- Buffalo encounter. That one could go either way and I’ll take a chance and pick the Bengals in a upset.
    That was an interesting trade by the Twins who gave up a lot to get a top notch pitcher. I think they’ll be in the hunt for the AL Central title.
    When Bill Madlock played for the Cubs, he won the NL batting title two years in a row. But the cheapskate Cubs refused to pay him what he was worth and traded him after those two great years.


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