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Posted: December 25, 2022 by Sports Time Radio in sports

Due to Major League Baseball rules we’ll never know what the issue is that are concerning teams about Carlos Correa, but isn’t everyone wondering. There are reports that the concern has to do with his surgically repaired lower right leg.

Correa originally signed a 13-year $350 million dollar contract to join the San Francisco Giants earlier this off season. Then there was that the Giants had over something that came up during Correa’s physical and San Francisco decided it was better to void his deal.

Even though the Giants showed some concern the New York Mets swept right in and agreed to a 12-year $315 million dollar deal right after the San Francisco voided their deal with Correa. As of right now it appears as that Correa will still be a member of the Mets and will have a long-term deal, but there are reports that there were attempts to rework his contract.

It’s unclear right now if a re-worked contract would still be for the same number of years and the same amount of money, but what the Mets are apparently looking for is some sort of protection if Correa misses any length of time due to that surgically repaired lower right leg.

Correa played in 136 games last season as a member of the Minnesota Twins and had the opportunity to stay with the Twins but chose to opt out and become a free agent. Interestingly when signing with Minnesota last off season, we didn’t hear anything about his surgically repaired lower right leg, but now there are two teams that seem to have a concern with it.

What brings even a little more intrigue to this is that the leg injury that teams now seem to have a concern with, is an injury that happened back in 2014 when Correa was playing in High Class-A for the Houston Astros. Correa suffered a fractured right fibula and sustained minor ligament damage then but has never been placed on the Injury List at the major league level due to this injury. Correa has missed time with thumb, back and rib issues over his eight-year career, but he’s never missed time because of a leg issue.

It really makes you wonder what teams are seeing during these physicals that are making them have concern about Correa long term. It’s possible that this is something that might not affect Correa until down the road in his career and that’s why the Mets and the Giants had issues since the contract Correa signed was for such a long period of time. It could also explain why nothing came up with the Twins last off season since his deal with them was very short term and ended up lasting just one season.

Don’t forget that just a few seasons ago the Mets drafted Kumar Rocker and then ended up pulling out of the deal they had with him because of concerns that they had with his physical. Rocker was the 10th overall draft pick and had agreed to a $6 million dollar signing bonus.

Now there’s a big difference between backing out of a $6 million dollar signing bonus with a draft pick and a $315 million-dollar long term contract with a player like Correa are two very different things.

Mets owner Stev Cohen addressed the situation and said, “We needed one more thing and this is it” It’s unclear what the one thing the Mets needed was, but from all reports it seems as though when it’s all said and done Correa will still be with the Mets.

Let me know what you think. I believe that Correa will be with the Mets. Do you see it that way? Or do you think that he’ll be back out on the free agent market?

Alright I hope that you’ve had a safe and Merry Christmas.

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  1. I think that he’ll stick with the Mets. But it really bothers me what the Mets are doing in free agency. They’re just making a mockery of the rules and it’s really unfair to the rest of the teams, especially the ones in the smaller markets like KC, etc.

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