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Posted: December 11, 2022 by Sports Time Radio in sports

The Major League Baseball winter meetings wrapped up and there was quite a bit of action. Even though there’s still a lot of down time before spring training gets started there was enough that went on to talk about until then. Plus, there are still a few name players out there that still have signed.

With a lot of money and a lot of years being handed out I did notice one thing about these meetings. It seems as though it’s the same teams that are pursuing the top free agents that are on the market. Obviously, you hear the reports that just about every team is interested, but when it comes down to it it’s the same teams that are spending the money and giving out the years to top players.

It seems as though both New York teams the Mets and the Yankees, the Philadelphia Phillies, the San Diego Padres, the Los Angeles Dodgers and the Texas Rangers seem to be the teams that are always involved with whatever top free agent is available.

There are exceptions to this rule every now and then as the St. Louis Cardinals signed the best available free agent catcher and last year the Colorado Rockies handed out a big contract, but for the most part and especially this off season it seems as though those six teams were talked about offering all of the bigger free agents’ large contracts.

While this is obviously good for the players as they’re getting their money you have to wonder if it’s good for the game of baseball. Now there are always going to be smaller market teams that aren’t going to give out large contracts, but there are quite a few teams that could’ve been involved in signing a big-name free agent that just never seemed to even make an offer and these teams have holes to fill.

If this type of a situation continues it will start to look as only five or six teams will have a chance to win the World Series every year. Of course, every now and then a young team or a team that gets hot at the right time would grab a World Series title, but more often than not it will be those teams that are loading up with talent winning.

Signing a talented free agent doesn’t mean that player development isn’t important for teams it just means that they’re adding to a position that might be a little down in their minor league system or they might just add a top player in the game. It seems as though if this trend continues will end up with a big separation between the teams.

What I do find curious is to why some of the bigger market teams stayed away from a lot of the top free agents this off season. The Dodgers had mentioned that they wanted to be more luxury tax friendly this season, so that may have precluded them from handing out another big contract, but even without making a big signing they’ll still be a top team in 2023. The other teams however never really gave a reason for either not making an offer to a free agent or not trying to sign them.

Humorously here in Chicago, the Cubs have been telling fans that they would be big players in the free agent market this off season and even mentioned that they might sign multiple free agents. I guess to be fair the Cubs did make two free agent signings they signed pitcher Jameson Taillon and outfielder and former National League Most Valuable Player Cody Bellinger. I’m not sure that these were the two big signings Cubs fans were looking for especially since there was a report that came out earlier this week that the Cubs would be involved in trying to sign both Xander Bogaerts and Dansby Swanson. Now it’s possible that the Cubs might still sign Swanson, but Bogaerts signed an 11-year $280 million dollar contract with the Padres.

Now I’m sure other fans from other teams have heard the same reports about the team in their area and then had nothing had happened. I just happen to live in the Chicago area, so the Cubs and the White Sox are reported on more heavily than other teams.

Of course, in the end baseball is a business, but if you’re a fan of a team that isn’t or doesn’t get involved in the free agent market will it make it harder for you to watch them or even harder to go to games if you’re looking at a team that doesn’t appear to have a chance to win. Now there are a couple of bigger name free agents left on the market, but do you honestly see the team you root for singing them?

I’d be interested to know what you thought of your favorite baseball teams off season so far. Have they made a big signing? Or are they one of the teams that seem to be on the outside looking in this of season?

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  1. Oddly enough, I was thinking about the same thing earlier this morning. Are the same big market teams going to be in the playoffs year after year because they spend more money than the smaller market teams? Isn’t that unfair? Sometimes, the smaller market teams will find a great player in their minor league system, develop him, bring him up to the majors where he’ll develop into a superstar. And then, when he becomes eligible for free agency, the big market high spending team will swoop him up and sign him to a long term contract.
    Is this ultimately going to ruin MLB? i applauded the Curt Flood ruling but the currently situation doesn’t set well with me.
    Hey, Cubs management, think positive thoughts! You don’t have to worry about signing Senga anymore!


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