Let’s call it Wednesday

Posted: November 9, 2022 by Sports Time Radio in sports

You have to think that just about every fan of the Buffalo Bills is holding their breath right now as they wait to see if quarterback Josh Allen practices today or if there’s any other news on his injury.

Allen was injured in the Bills loss last Sunday to the New York Jets. Allen was diagnosed with an ulnar collateral ligament injury. Now if he was a pitcher, he’d probably need surgery and miss an entire season, but it’s unclear what will happen with Allen as of now.

There was some talk yesterday that it’s possible that Allen would miss the next four Bills games. Now Buffalo has already had their bye week, so if this were the case Allen would miss this week’s game against the Minnesota Vikings. Allen would also miss week 11’s game against the Cleveland Browns, week 12’s game against the Detroit Lions and week 13’s game against the New England Patriots. If Allen were to miss these four games, there are people who believe that the Bills could go 3-1 or 2-2 without Allen.

If Allen does end up missing some games Buffalo would turn to reliable veteran Case Keenum at quarterback.

Keenum is in his 10th season and Buffalo is his 7th team. He’s played in two games this season for the Bills, but neither of those have been starts. In his career Keenum has made 64 starts at quarterback and has a record of 29-35 in those starts. Keenum has thrown for 78 touchdowns in his career and has been intercepted 48 times. Keenum has a career completion percentage of 62.3%.

If Allen is going to miss some games the Bills would have to sign another quarterback as only Allen and Keenum are currently on the Bills roster.

Buffalo is 6-2 and is in 1st place in the AFC East, but the division is very close. The Jets and the Miami Dolphins trail the Bills by just a half of a game as both of those teams are 6-3 while the Patriots are in the division race as well with a 5-4 record.

The Bills were looked at as one of the favorites to represent the AFC in the Super Bowl this season, but if Allen misses time or if he tries to play with this injury and struggles will it hurt the Bills chances at making the Super Bowl?

Buffalo is seemingly keeping tight lipped about what is going on with Allen and his injury status, but we hopefully will know a little more after their practice today. Will have to see if Allen practices at all or if he does practice and is limited. That might tell us either how he is or which the that the Bills are leaning at the quarterback position for this week’s game against Minnesota.

Now obviously Allen’s injury would affect the Bills chances to make the Super Bowl, but what it might also have an effect on is if the Bills could get home field advantage through the playoffs.

Buffalo is currently tied with the Kansas City Chiefs for the best record in the AFC, but like I mentioned before the Jets and Dolphins are just a half of a game behind plus the Baltimore Ravens are in the mix as they have a 6-3 record as well.

Having to make the trip to Bufalo for a playoff game in the winter would probably be a whole different experience than it would be having to play in one of those other cities.

We also had our first coaching change of this NFL season as the Indianapolis Colts fired Frank Reich after a 3-5-1 start to this season.

Now it may not have been a big surprise that the Colts decided to move on from Reich, but the interim head coaching hire they made seems to have surprised everyone. Indianapolis decided to hire one of their former players as Jeff Saturday will be the Colts new interim head coach.

The 47-year-old Saturday spent all but the final season of his 14-year playing career in Indianapolis, earning a total of six Pro Bowl nods. A member of the team’s Ring of Honor, he has since worked as a consultant with them, along with a role as an ESPN analyst.

Saturday’s only head coaching experience is at the high school level, so it will be interesting to see how the remainder of the season plays out for Indianapolis and if Saturday will stick around for more than just the remainder of this season. I guess Saturday has a nine-game tryout as a head coach before Colts owner Jim Irsay would have to make a decision on if Saturday would stay on as head coach or if Indianapolis will look for another head coach this coming off season.

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  1. I have a bad feeling that Allen’s injury is a lot more serious than what’s been reported on recently. But I don’t think it will affect the Bill’s too much over the next four games as their competition isn’t all that powerful. But,down the road, and into the playoffs it might doom their chances to advance to the latter rounds.


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