Let’s call it Wednesday

Posted: September 14, 2022 by Sports Time Radio in sports

Well, Week 1 of the NFL season is in the books and it’s time for the media to start overreacting to how things played out.

Teams like the Los Angeles Rams, Green Bay Packers, Dallas Cowboys and others didn’t look like a lot of people thought they would be coming out of pre-season, but it’s just one game. If we get three or four weeks into the season and these teams still look like they did in Week 1 then it’s a cause for concern.

It’s very possible that the Cowboys could start off the season 0 and whatever with their starting quarterback Dak Prescott on the shelf with a broken thumb. Prescott had surgery yesterday and original reports expected him to be out six to eight weeks, but Cowboys owner Jerry Jones said he thinks Prescott will return in just four weeks. Now it’s very possible that the Cowboys could be 0-5 if Prescott returns under Jones’ timeline, but they could also be 0-9 if Prescott ends up out for eight weeks.

The media was also very quick to jump all over the New England Patriots since they lost to the Miami Dolphins 20-7, but this is nothing new. Any time the Patriots seem to have an issue the media is all over it, but again it’s just one week.

Now there is also the reaction in the other directions when it comes to teams that won and might not have been expected to win.

I’ve mentioned before that I live in the Chicagoland area and when I got to work on Monday morning everyone, I ran into had some type of Chicago Bears gear on since they picked up an upset win over the San Francisco 49ers 19-10 in a rain-soaked game.

Obviously, you’d rather have the team that you root for get a win in Week 1 than a loss, but you can’t get too carried away because like I’ve mentioned a couple of times it’s just Week 1.

This week the Bears who were a surprise winner in Week 1 will travel to Green Bay to take on the Packers who were one of the teams that didn’t perform well in Week 1. You’d think after the way both teams played in Week 1 that the betting odds on this game might be close, but they’re really not. Yesterday I saw two betting lines on the game, one had the Packers as a 10-point favorite and the other one had them as a 9 1/2-point favorite. Interesting since the Bears come into the game 1-0 while the Packers come into the game 0-1.

The other game like that is the Seattle Seahawks vs. The San Francisco 49ers. Seattle picked up a Week 1 upset win over the Denver Broncos 17-16 while the 49ers were on the losing end of their game to the Bears.

San Francisco’s young quarterback Trey Lance didn’t look very good against the Bears, but maybe the rain had something to do with that, but you’d think that the betting line on this game wouldn’t be too big after the way they both played in Week 1. Well, the latest line has San Francisco as a 10-point favorite.

All this pretty much tells me is that the people who set the betting lines aren’t overreacting to the losses that Green Bay and San Francisco suffered in Week 1.

So, let me know what you think about Week 1 of the NFL season? Are you all in on the way your favorite team played? Or are you concerned with the way your favorite team played?

Now Week 1 was pretty exciting as there were seven games that were decided by a field goal or less and one of those games ended in a tie. I don’t know about you, but I think it’s more enjoyable to watch a close game than nit is to watch a blowout, well unless the team winning the blowout is the team you root for.

Will see what Week 2 holds for football fans starting tomorrow. Two teams that each won their first games of the season face off as the Kansas City Chiefs host the Los Angeles Chargers. Not only is this a matchup of two teams that most people expect to make the playoffs, but it two teams that are in the same division the AFC West.

Jumping back into those betting lines, Kansas City is currently a 4-point favorite which isn’t a huge surprise especially since they’re at home for this game.

I expect the Chiefs to the win tomorrow night, but let me know who you’ve got winning this game.

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  1. New England sometimes gets off to a slow start, but I think that they’ll rebound as the season progresses. But I fear that the Cowboys are in deep trouble now.
    Seattle is usually very difficult to beat at home whether they’re a contender or not.
    As we all know, Green Bay usually dominates the Bears especially at home and I fear that this Sunday night will be no exception. But I can dream, right!


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