Let’s call it Wednesday

Posted: September 7, 2022 by Sports Time Radio in sports

We’re just one day away from the start of the National Football League season starting. That means most of the fantasy drafts are done and hopefully you were able to land the majority of the players you had targeted. Now I’m sure there are a few leagues out there that haven’t drafted as they’re waiting to the last minute to get as much information as they can, but those drafts will probably happen tonight.

As for me we’ve had two long time leagues that we do. Now they’re just a couple of free leagues that we’ve run through Yahoo for quite a few years. Well until this year.

These leagues are 20 team leagues with one being a traditional snake style draft and the other league being an auction style league. On Friday we had our snake style draft and there were no issues whatsoever. On Saturday just kind of out of the blue the e-mails started coming in. All of a sudden there were multiple players who had joined the auction league that started complaining about it being an auction league and that they either didn’t want to play or wouldn’t draft and manage their team if they weren’t removed from the league. Now the league had been set up for over a month by this time and these people had been signed up for quite some time, but the day of the draft they decided to start complaining about it. Now I don’t know about you, but before I sign up for any fantasy league I go through and read the set-up of the league, but I guess a month wasn’t enough time for these people to take the time to do that.

Now I had to work Saturday morning, so I didn’t see these e-mails until a few hours before the draft was going to start. There was no way that I could replace all of the people that wanted out of the league, so after all of these years I ended up deleting the league and it’s doubtful I’ll reinstate it next year.

I was a little surprised with the affect that this has had on me. I normally very excited for the start of every fantasy season no matter what sport it is, but sadly that feeling seems to be gone. Now I do still have the team that I drafted on Friday, and I made sure to check the lineup to make sure if I have anyone playing tomorrow that they’d either be in or out of my lineup depending on who it is, but I’m just really not interested in playing fantasy football this season.

Now I’m not sure why this is bothering me so much, but I’m having a real problem just dealing with the fact that all these people waited until the actual day of the draft to decide they wanted out of this league. I almost feel like they sabotaged the league even though I doubts that’s true and believe it or not we’ve had people sabotage leagues on us before.

Now the humorous thing about the entire situation is that these leagues are free. We don’t charge people to play, and we used to use the league as a segment on the podcast when we used to do that. Now the league is just for bragging rights. So, I had multiple people complaining about a league that didn’t cost them anything to join or play in. Now I’m also in a “money” where we pay an entry fee to play in and try to win money and if there was something I didn’t like in that league I’d bring it up, but I’m paying to play in that league this one is free.

So, for the first time in I can’t even remember when I don’t care about the fantasy football season starting and I think that’s kind of sad since I was looking forward to it until all of this came up. Oh well!

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  1. All that disagreement and animosity from a free fantasy league! I’m wondering if all the various Twitters and other accounts have changed things for the worst in our every deteriorating society!
    The mind boggles!!


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