Let’s call it Wednesday

Posted: August 24, 2022 by Sports Time Radio in sports

Now I’ve never been a fan of jumping on a team’s bandwagon really early in a season, but the media seems to love to do it and then they’ll slowly back away from any statements they made or just flat out deny making them.

If you can remember back to the start of the Major League Baseball season the New York Yankees got off to a great start and were able to continue that run until almost the All-Star break. Well, this had the media going out of their minds and they were going on and on about how great the Yankees were and how they’d easily win the World Series. Now I find it surprising how little the media has mentioned the Yankees or their record now.

At one point the Yankees had the best record in Major League Baseball. The Yankees no longer have that as the Los Angeles Dodgers have the best record. Since it’s not mentioned that often the Yankees don’t even have the best record in the American League as the Houston Astros have that. Believe it or not the Yankees actually have the fourth best record in baseball as they’re not only behind the Dodgers and the Astros, but their crosstown rival the New York Mets currently have a better record than the Yankees.

Now don’t get the idea that I think that the Yankees are a bad team because I don’t and they’re not. What always bothers me is when the media hands out a championship or award within the first month of the season. You can’t and never have been able to win the World Series in April and while it is important to get the season off to a good start there’s always a lot of baseball to play after that.

Now I wouldn’t be surprised at all if the Yankees did win the World Series or represented the American League in the World Series, but it’s not the runaway that the media made it out to be at the beginning of the season.

Everyone seemed to forget just how poorly the Atlanta Braves played the first half of the 2021 season before getting on track. The Braves where the hot team heading into the playoffs last season, and they ended up winning the World Series.

The Yankees had lost seven of eight games until they just swept a short two game series against the Mets. It’s possible that those two games against the Mets could be what gets the Yankees back on track and out of the funk they’ve been in.

Will see how it goes for the Yankees as they head out on the road for 10 games. The Yankees have four games against the Oakland A’s starting tomorrow. Then the Yankees have three games against the Los Angeles Angles before wrapping up their road trip with three games in Tampa Bay against the Rays.

The A’s have the worst record in the American League and the second worst record in all of baseball and the Angels are in the midst of another disappointing season. This gives the Yankees the opportunity to pick up some wins before heading into what should be a tough three game series against a division rival.

The Yankees like every team are dealing with some injuries, but what may be more important to their success is getting their closer role figured out.

It looks like Aroldis Chapman’s time as a dominant closer is over and for a while it appeared as though Clay Holmes was going to be able to step into the closers role and perform, but he had a lot of trouble closing games before going on the Injured List. With bullpens being as important as they are in today’s game the Yankees will have to have this worked out by the time the playoffs roll around.

So, here’s where we are. Do you have the Yankees as the favorite in the American League? Or is there another team you like? If you like the Yankees to come out of the American League and go to the World Series, do you have them winning it? If not which team, do you have winning the World Series?

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  1. I think the Yankees went through their protracted slump, but their sweep of the Mets will certainly get them back on track. I still think they’ll wind up beating Houston for the AL title but will have a hard time getting past the Dodgers in the W/S.
    Growing up in the late 40’s and early 50’s it seemed every W/S was between those teams with the exception of the 1951 NY Giants.


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