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Posted: June 4, 2022 by Sports Time Radio in sports

We’re a little over 50 games into the Major League Baseball season and out of the 30 teams there are only 11 of them that are over .500 going into today’s games. I’m not sure if it’s parity in baseball or if it’s something else, but at this point it’s possible that we might see a team with a losing record in one of the wild card play off spots.

There could be a variety of reasons why there are so many teams below .500. I’m sure a lot of people will point to the late start and missed month of spring training due to the lockout. There are also quite a few teams that have had to deal with multiple injuries to top players and that can have an effect. It’s also possible that teams that were thought to be good just aren’t.

This wouldn’t be the first and I doubt it will be the last were a team is looked at and thought that they had a chance to make it into the playoffs and possibly go to the World Series and they don’t even make the playoffs.

Now since there are still well over 100 games left in the regular season there’s plenty of time for teams to get on the right track and get back over .500 and back into the playoff race. Of course, that also means there’s a chance that it’s just going to be a down season for certain teams and their slide will continue. I guess will have to keep paying attention and see if there are any teams that can get back on track and make a run.

Now, the Philadelphia Phillies are one of the teams that have gotten off to a disappointing start to the season. Even with their win last night the Phillies are 23-29 and find themselves 11 games behind the New York Mets in the National League East.

After the start they had the Phillies decided it was time to make a change, so they fired manager Joe Girardi. This was Girardi’s 3rd season as the Phillies manager. He had a record of 132-141. Girardi’s first season with the Phillies was the Covid-19 shortened season, but in his first full season 2021 Philadelphia went 82-80 and finished eight games out of the playoffs.

Before taking the Phillies job it had been three years since Girardi managed, but he was coming off a successful run as manager of the New York Yankees. Girardi spent 10 seasons as the Yankees manager. He compiled a record of 910-710 while making six playoff appearances and winning one World Series.

With Girardi out as manager Rob Thomson takes over on an interim basis as manager. Philadelphia did announce that Thomson will manage the team the rest of the season.

What do you think of the Girardi firing? Philadelphia did win their first game with Thomson as manager. Will the change give the Phillies a little boost?

  1. I don’t think the Girardi firing will do much for Philadelphia although they still might squeak in as one of the wild card teams. I saw where Schwarber hit his 13th homer of the season last night. But does that compensate for a average below .200?


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