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Posted: May 21, 2022 by Sports Time Radio in sports

One of golf’s majors is this weekend as the PGA Championship is currently going on.

Of course, the biggest news in this tournament is that Tiger Woods is playing. It’s difficult to think that Woods could actually win this tournament, but the fact that he’s playing is a big event.

In his 1st round on Thursday Woods had his struggles and shot 74. It looked like there was a chance that he would miss the cut and not get to play this weekend, but Woods bounced back on Friday shooting 69 and easily making the cut.

Woods 3rd round is currently underway and unfortunately, he’s not having a good day. Woods has played 11 holes today and is 8 over par on the day and 11 over par for the tournament. Woods is currently 78th out of 79 golfers that made the cut.

Even though Woods isn’t playing well today he’s still very important to this tournament and the tour itself. If you’ve watched any of the coverage on ESPN, I’m sure you’ve noticed that good or bad they’ll show you even shot that Woods hits. This afternoon and tomorrow afternoon the coverage switches over to CBS, but you have to figure that they’ll follow Woods just as closely even though he’s way out of the running to win.

This is the second tournament that Woods has played since his car accident, he also played The Masters early this season. It’s unclear if and or when Woods will play in his next tournament, but he has mentioned The Bristish Open. I guess will have to wait and see if that’s Woods next tournament.

While the Eastern conference finals is even at one game apiece last night the Golden State Warriors came back to take a 2-0 lead in the Western conference finals over the Dallas Mavericks.

At multiple times in the 2nd quarter the Mavericks had a 19-point lead but were unable to find a way to put the Warriors away.

With 2:21 left in the 2nd quarter Jalen Brunson split a pair of free throws to give the Mavericks a 67-48 lead. That was the last time that Dallas had a 19-point lead in the game. It also means that Golden State outscored Dallas 79 to 50 in the rest of the game.

Steph Curry led the way for Golden State with 32 points, but the Warriors had five other players reach double digits in scoring included two players off of the bench. Luka Doncic was the game’s leading scorer with 42 points and the Mavericks also got 31 points from Brunson, but that wasn’t enough to hold back the Golden State comeback.

I’m sure you’ve heard the line that ” a series doesn’t start until the home team loses a game”. The Warriors held serve at home winning the first two games and now the series heads to Dallas to see if the Mavericks can get a win on their home court.

Over in the Eastern conference I guess the series has started as the Boston Celtics won Game 2 over the Miami Heat in Miami. The series shifts to Boston for the next two games starting with Game 3 tonight.

My only question for you today is, have you been watching the NBA playoffs?

  1. I watched quite a bit of the first half but very little of the 2nd half as G/S ground their way to the expected victory. If G/S splits in Dallas, they’ll have no trouble advancing to the finals.
    The public loves a good comeback story, especially in golf. I’m sure the ratings were higher because they were concentrating on Tiger’s round with the actual leaderboard being an afterthought.


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